Warmonger and Neocon Max Boot humiliates himself again



…by Jonas E. Alexis


Jewish Neocon Max Boot, the man who never gets tired of perpetual wars in the Middle East,[1] essentially admitted last month that he got his butt kicked by Tucker Carlson when he went on the show to discuss, well, the Russia thing.

Boot kept propounding ad nauseam that Russia must pay for allegedly hacking the election, but Boot had no qualm about the NSA eavesdropping on virtually every single American and most nations around the world! In his own word, we all have to “stay calm and let the NSA do its job.”[2]

When the Washington Post and the Guardian themselves reported that the NSA was illegally snooping on Americans, Boot was defensive, saying that “the Guardian and Washington Post are compromising our national security by telling our enemies about our intelligence-gathering capabilities.”[3]

Boot could not explain why the NSA was snooping on even Angela Merkel of Germany.[4] In fact, he could not explain why the NSA was and perhaps still is “spying on computers around the world.”[5] But Boot wants to walk around with an iron fist saying that Russia made a serious mistake for allegedly hacking the US election.[6]

But here is the interesting thing: Boot does believe that it is necessary to make alliance with terrorist regimes like Saudi Arabia. Here is his explanation:

“In the lawless jungle that is the international system, nations seldom have the luxury of choosing good over evil. Usually, it is a matter of choosing a lesser evil over a greater evil. So it was in World War II, when we allied with Stalin to stop Hitler, and so it is today in the case of Saudi Arabia versus Iran.

“The two countries are in a contest for power and influence across the Middle East. Both are human-rights violators, but we should make no mistake that Iran is far worse from the American perspective: not only morally but also strategically.”[7]

Saudi Arabia was even an accomplice in the 9/11 attack![8] Saudi Arabia, as the Independent itself puts it, “executes ‘a person every two days.’”[9] How Boot can defend Saudi Arabia while his head does not explode is beyond me.

Saudi Arabia is in cahoots with the Israeli regime,[10] therefore Boot has no choice but to support the terrorist regime. If the Saudis suddenly dumps Israel, it is pretty safe to say that Boot would dump the Saudis as well.

Carlson actually confronted Boot and asked him to provide serious evidence for the claim that Russia hacked the US election. Boot was just hemming and hawing, desperately trying to summon one lie after another. After the debate, he later wrote:

“We all make mistakes. My most recent one was agreeing to go on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on July 12 to discuss—I thought—President Trump and U.S. policy toward Russia. Instead, I got the equivalent of a barrel of raw sewage dumped on my head.”[11]

Carlson, to his credit, did a fairly good job by dethroning one of the warmongers in the Neoconservative establishment and strip him of his political pedestal. Boot, of course, was certainly upset. Carlson argued that Boot has been persistently wrong about the Middle East, and this is why, says Carlson, “nobody takes you seriously.”

Boot responded by saying, “If no one takes me seriously, why was I invited on his show?”[12] Well, maybe they want to morally and intellectually show that your position is really dumb and is against the United States?

Boot gets offended because Carlson says that some of his responses are “childish.” I too think that Boot’s responses were childish and sophomoric. We will play the entire clip at the end of this article, and you be the judge.

Carlson declares that Boot’s “judgment has been clouded by ideology.” Again, this is certainly true. Numerous writers, as Boot himself has said, admitted that Boot got his butt kicked by Carlson. Peter Beinart declared that “Carlson is doing something extraordinary: He’s challenging the Republican Party’s hawkish orthodoxy in ways anti-war progressives have been begging cable hosts to do for years.” Curt Mills of National Interest called Boot’s position “dumb” and “totally mediocre.” Boot ignores that and says:

“I don’t doubt that Carlson has embraced a Rand Paul view of the world that sees American intervention as the biggest threat to peace and that advocates making deals with adversaries such as Russia and Iran rather than confronting them.”[13]

Well, isn’t that what the Founding Fathers of American had envisioned? George Washington declared: “The great rule of conduct for us…is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible.” Thomas Jefferson said: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.” John Quincy Adams stated that America “does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy.”

Isn’t it safe to say that those who are ontologically beating the war drum are against the United States of America? As Halper and Clarke themselves put it, the neoconservative movement is “in complete contrast…to the general cast of the American temperament as embodied by the Declaration of Independence.”[14]

The neoconservative persuasion is horrible in the sense that much of the war in the Middle East has been based on colossal hoaxes and fabrications.[15] This point became more interesting when it was discovered that Israel has maintained covert operations against the U.S. on multiple levels, including smuggling illegal weapons for years,[16] while the neoconservative machine says nothing about this issue and keeps propounding that Israel is a model of Western values in the Middle East.

Israel has been spying on the United States for years using various Israeli or Jewish individuals, including key Jewish neoconservative figures such as Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, who were under investigation for passing classified documents to Israel. The FBI has numerous documents tracing Israel’s espionage in the U.S.,[17] but no one has come forward and declared it explicitly in the media because most value their careers and lives.

Boot has never discussed these issues in his books, and there is no sign that he will do so in the future. We all know why by now.


[1] By 2014, 11 years after the Iraq debacle, Boot admitted that “there was a puzzling lack of preparation at the White House, Defense Department, Central Command, and other agencies for running Iraq after Saddam Hussein’s downfall.” Max Boot, The Savage Wars of Peace (New York: ), 339. What Boot could not tell his readers is that the Iraq war, which was based on one categorical lie after another, was propounded by Jewish Neocons like Boot in the first place. Boot never even mentioned the Israelis pushing the US into a bloody conflict in Iraq. Boot strongly believes that US military operations throughout much of the world “produced results.” Ibid., pp. 360-361.

US operations in places like Samoa, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, etc., “achieved immediate American objectives—keeping the Europeans out, creating stability, protecting foreign lives and property, furthering free trade, and safeguarding strategically important real estate such as the approaches of the Panama Canal.” This is again a categorical lie, one which is congruent with the Neoconservative ideology. Boot didn’t provide any evidence for this nonsense. The only people who will pay for perpetual wars throughout the world are decent Americans who are trying to put food on the table.

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  1. ‘……. but we should make no mistake that Iran is far worse from the American perspective: not only morally but also strategically.”[7]’

    … an American moral perspective….linked with its strategic perspective ? Very interesting…. To borrow a quip by esteemed Mung on Uncommondescent.com, I wonder if a sat-nav system could trace its lineaments..? The strategic morality of geopolitics. What a wonderful, pseudo-scientific discipline that would make !

  2. “Usually, it is a matter of choosing a lesser evil over a greater evil. So it was in World War II, when we allied with Stalin to stop Hitler, and so it is today in the case of Saudi Arabia versus Iran.”

    So, what is the criteria for determining who the “greater evil” is? Because clearly, Stalin was responsible for far more deaths than Hitler, both at home and abroad. Between Hitler and Stalin, the latter was by far the greater evil. Such is also the case with Iran and Saudi Arabia. The latter being arguably the most despotic and oppressive tyranny on earth, where public decapitations are still a regularly occurring punishment for political dissidents. In my opinion, the only other government that compares to Saudi Arabia in terms of brutality, is the apartheid, Marxist state of khazarian imposters, Israel.

    “You told us we should’ve done more to depose Gadaffi because Libya would be a better place. And then to hear you say we need to knock off the Assad regime and things will be better in Syria, you sort of wonder like, maybe you should choose another profession? Selling insurance, house painting, something you’re good at..”

    Carlson-“You say Iran is a primary threat to us? Tell me, how many Americans have been murdered by Iranian backed terrorists since 9/11?”

    Boot-“Oh, so you’re taking the pro-Iranian line essentially.”

    Carlson-“Is it pro-Iranian to ask a question? You’re humiliating yourself Max. Why don’t you answer the question?”

    • Max Boot is a total fool. He just got his arse thoroughly handed to him by Tucker Carlson. Boot is clearly a warmongering traitor who presents a clear threat to global security. He spews the most dangerous rhetoric and attempts to back it up with insults and ridicule. The world would be a much safer place without beady-eyed, parasitic tapeworms like Max Boot making decisions.

      The CFR needs to be shattered into a million pieces, but not before their headquarters is raided and any computers/documents are seized. Official lists of it’s members need to be compiled, so it can be determined which foreign nations, banks, weapons manufacturers and multinational corporations they’re all working for, so they can then be charged with conspiracy and treason.

      Hey Max, is it Russia’s fault that America is by far the most hated nation on earth? Nope, it’s because degenerate, soulless dirt pigs like yourself have infested the ranks of the American government, like an infectious and terminal autoimmune disease.

    • Again, someone please give me a heads up when the “hang a neocon” raffle tickets go on sale, so I can buy my tickets and order it live on PPV.

  3. It’s always amusing to watch these neocons, who never tire of admiring the work of their fellow “intellectual giants”, when they are questioned by someone who has a decent grasp on reality. Invariably, the neocons come off looking like delusional halfwits, which is what they are. Yep, I’d agree with medicis that listening to the demented ravings of Boot and his ilk is worse than going under the dentist’s drill.

    I have no doubt that some who voted for Trump hoped or believed that he could put an end to neocon scheming, but the swamp on the Potomac is littered with think tanks, foundations, institutes, and corporations from which neocons – and neoliberals – spout their deranged dogma. Draining that swamp will require similar resources.

    The Saker recently wrote an excellent article titled “The Neocons Are Pushing the USA and the Rest of the World Towards a Dangerous Crisis”. It has been published in several places, including Unz review and Truthseeker. The Saker notes that while billions of people are sick and tired of neocons / neolibs, but taking them down would be almost as painful as letting them stay. However, that could change quickly if more wars or expanded wars become part of the equation. Interesting times….

  4. I have to agree with both “medicis” and “JohnZ”–medicis providing a justification for our rationale (as listening to Boot’s neo-con blather is worse that having a root canal done without local anesthesia) and, of course, JohnZ offers a thoroughly “Constitutional” response. My confusion lies in the question of how this guy gets published? Certainly, the publishing houses must be just as psychologically disturbed as is “The Boot!”

    • 95%of the mainstream media is owned by 6 corporations who in turn are either owned and or controlled by the zionistas. The CMMM (Controlled Mass Mainstream media) is nothing more than a psyop.

  5. Watching, listening to Max Boot is worse than a Dentist drilling. Irrationally pushing the Zio death agenda. All must accept and pay homage to the Khazarian Mafia.

  6. Max Boot needs a boot in the a** …..all the way out the door of Washington.
    The neo-cons never fail to embarrass themselves with one lie after another. Kristol being the worst of the lot; a pathological liar and possibly a psychopath himself, his brain is incapable of the truth as all zionist neo-cons are, has managed to disgrace himself time and again just as Boot and the rest of these cockroaches have done.
    Trump is now under zionist control …or has he always been?
    The great swamp/cess pool that is Washington continues to spread so that it threatens to engulfed the entire planet or until a certain number of countries decide that enough is enough. Then Washington will no longer be a swamp as it will no longer exist.

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