False Flag Weekly News breaks down Charlottesville, Barcelona and more


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Every now and then, editors say nice things about my work. For instance, this just in from a colleague at American Free Press (possibly the last newspaper in America that’s still printing the truth on dead trees):


Dear Dr. Barrett:

I wanted to commend you for your article for AFP this week: Gladio, Cointelpro Meet in Charlottesville.

It should be required reading for every American citizen on both the left and right and anywhere in the middle.

It says it all.




Maybe it should be required reading. And maybe False Flag Weekly News should be required viewing. But the censors are working overtime to make this stuff required UNVIEWING and required UNREADING, as Professor Tony Hall and I explained during the opening segment of the show.

So we all need to step up our efforts to spread the word. Please share good alternative information extra-hard on social media to make up for Google’s tweaked anti-alt algorithms! Push this episode of False Flag Weekly News to the edges of the known universe and beyond! Share it on social media, and tell your friends about  it in the real world!



  1. It is not interesting for me to know that after 300 (Bank of England 1694, Fed 1913) years of running the world’s greatest Ponzi scheme, the Uni Bank owns everything: Banks, Military Industrial Congressional Complex,naturally Propaganda Media Outlets, dominate the education system through the curricula and professorial appointments, the list goes on. Usury “was something that came out of the Middle East, more like a big bowl of spaghetti” and it goes hand in hand with slavery. Slavery has been rebranded “Black Lives matter’, but no-one is talking about the Caste System in India, or Irish Indentured Slave Labour after the Irish Genocide of 1845 (Disraeli opposed Repeal of Corn Laws) and heavy jewish involvment in slave shipping and sale Out of Africa.Teaching is a Vocation and not a Profession and you guys are great – keep it up.

  2. Hope the Court Case is going OK. Just maybe the situation has turned the corner – but it’s a bit like climbing a mountain. Every time you get onto another ridge there is another peak. Especially when you guys are taking on such an ultimately high peak.

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