Joseph of Arabia (Video)


Throughout my life, I have heard too many weird stories that my mind just couldn’t perceive them all as true. One of the weirdest and most unbelievable of them is the story of Joseph.

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

I could have dismissed it like any other story of the remote past that didn’t necessarily warrant any scrutiny or investigation to validate its historicity, had it not been a biblical story, and had I not been Egyptian.
Any given story should have a general ambiance that sets it apart by a unique dialogue, location and cultural background. That’s what we call the milieu of the story.
The Story of Joseph is an ancient Arabian tale, and everything about it is Arabian: its linguistic, cultural and geographical milieu.

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  2. An interesting anomaly on an aside following this discussion, is that using the 260 day calendar, Jung and Freud were born on the exact same day, but in different decans of the solar year, thus explaining their differences and Freuds obsession with sex. For Joseph, the day would be the fourth day, and the same day of the modern example of Edgar Cayce. Capricorn starts with the dry well, then well management, then the single arrow of plain truth, which is MLK. The reckoning of the books. Josephs 3 days, concerning the dream, are Imox (Judaism) the 11th day and the day of the successful lie (also 9/11), then Iq the 12th day and the day of the cross and the small come and the great go, and 13th day which in Quiche Maya is Aqabal, the cube and the architect , Trumps day, Bernie Sanders day, and John Kasich’s day. The difference is the decans. Check the days. Somebody planned all 3 major Abrahamic religions. And all three are built on a lie and a truth, presented as a lie, pretending to be truth.

  3. Read the Quraan, the Chapter on Joseph. That is my reference, I’ll take it any day of the I-Ching.

    • Khalid, the eleven prostrating before the one is second decan Capricorn. Feminine Cardinal Earth. The entire reason the Gregorian calendar starts on the very first day of that…. (I do not agree it is the best calendar) That much is very plain in all correlations. Do you have an example of the archetype “lying and cheating wife who gets caught ” or is that another mistake ? Also, of Jungs archetypes, if one knows, “the four” (outside) are subtracted and 32 are left, they are doubled and 16 are the number that Myers-Briggs uses for the test. They were not Jungs 36. They are universal and every day more cultures are coming forward with their versions. I care not, what Jung said for the academics and writers. He is not considered an authority on the subject, just a well known persona. The book of Numbers for example is 36 chapters and is the distorted version of 36 decans in story form. Many cultures have this and it is much older than 6,000 years.

  4. It would be helpful if you could share what you might know about mentions of Joseph in the Koran. As I understood Dr Ezzat’s post, it is the historicity of the Biblical account that is challenged, not its truth. Because I do not doubt it is true the way most legends are true. But as Dr Ezzat has pointed out earlier, the place where the story takes place may not have been the land that today is called «Egypt». You also have to consider that 2000 years ago the countries surrounding the Mediterranean had a very different climate from what it is today :

    • Kaho … The Quraan has a chapter named “Joseph”, and for David Odell, it is Chapter 12, seriously. It has 111 verses (11+1 or 12). It starts with Joseph saying: father I had a dream of 11 (there is eleven again) planets and the sun and moon prostrating before me. Then is brethren ask their father’s permission to take Joseph with them on a trip to Egypt to buy grain. Then they drop him in the well. Then the one from Egypt bought him from those travelers who found him. … It is quite a story full of archetypal wisdom.

    • Kaho… you are quiet right, as far as the climate in North Africa, Ibn Khaldun in one of his books, I am not sure, but I think it is the Muqaddimah المقدمة states that a squirrel’s feet would not touch the ground from Palestine to Morroco. In the Delta Nile, there are numerous parishes, if you will, that have names like, the house of the ape, the forest and so on, maybe indicating these animals live in these areas.

  5. Khalid, could you provide more detail about the “archetype” of,..” of the lying and cheating wife getting caught.” , do you have a number, or source of supporting text ? As the discussion is the story of Joseph, I don’t see where that is mentioned. Also, I have never seen that presented as an “archetype” in any culture.

  6. Ezzat, incorrect, He talks about Hebrew (“Ebri” in Arabic) and Arabic (“Arabi” in Arabic) yet he forgets to mention Aramaic which is the origin of both languages, hence the similarities. The Story of Joseph is mentioned in the altered Bible, yet he forgets to mention its source in the Quraan, which has endured almost fifteen hundred years unaltered. Maybe that is bias on his part. Dr. Ezzat is selling to an audience who knows little of the subject matter. He is just rehashing old Western beliefs. He reminds me of those sellers of “authentic Egyptian artifacts” by the pyramids or in Luxor.
    As far as the I-Ching it is 48 “observed” energy patterns.

    • It is sad how people put stock in its “divination powers”. Since from the moment you throw your coins or whatever to get your number and by the time you act (assuming you know all 48 and their lines and don’t have to read anything), the universe has changed and your action based on the divination is misaligned with the ever changing universe.
      As for the archetype and according to Jung a pioneer in archetypal, the moment you affix one meaning to the archetype, it is concretized and has lost its numinous value. You just can’t use the archetype to firm your intuitional “maybe” coincidences.

    • The Story of Joseph is the archetype, among others, of the jealousy and competition for parental approval by siblings; and how that illness leads the siblings to gang up on the “Black Sheep” and banish him from the family. If Dr. Ezzat had used his knowledge of Arabic to read the Quraan, he would have learned that Joseph’s brothers left him by the well so that a passing caravan can take him somewhere far and possibly into slavery. It is also, the archetype of forgiveness of one’s family members’ transgressions against us. Another good one is the archetype of the lying and cheating wife getting caught.

    • The I-Ching is 64 hexagrams. They are listed in detail as descriptors, and those who use the term divination do not know comparative text. It is the same derogatory terms like pagan, infidel, and goyim, and all other things to villianize anything other than blind obedience to pious fraud. I have no idea where you would get 48 from , as that is the first I have ever heard that number. Also, the sons of Jacob are commonly known as 12 Patriarchs, and Jung was informed about the 36 decans, 3 for each patriarch hence 10 day average per decan. That is where he got his education about archetypes , but erred toward psychology instead of the ancient wisdom.

    • DO, don’t discuss Jung and individuation with me. It is the main thrust of Jung. I don’t have enough time to educate you on what apparently you have only skimmed its surface. Just remember you do have the right to your opinion but not to the facts.

  7. At minute marker 1:53 you state “. . . selling of the patriarch Joseph as a slave.”
    Joseph was the youngest of his family, no where near a “patriarch.” Joseph was never considered a Patriarch. So at that point, I turned your story off.

  8. Ezzat, is quite correct, in the analysis of the text as it is. But, I submit, the story of Joseph is easily adaptable to any culture, and that was the very reason it is written the way it was. I look at other key words, as camel skeletons were found in the Southwest of America, and Goat can be easily substituted.
    My key words or points of interest; dry well, 12 brothers, dream interpretation, divination, 2nd in command, the two sons (Ephraim and Manasseh)and the right and left hands, coat of many colors. Check the I-Ching # 12 which correlates to chapter 12 of Genesis, and chapter 48, as the 36 decans go once round and stop at 14 making 50 total. The blessing of Jacob and the confusion of which hand is placed on which grandson, is the key lesson in the 12th decan but is reserved for the 48th chapter where it is most relevant. This lesson is the one of the eldest son vs the youngest son and who should occupy the position of heir. In the case of those born during the 12th decan, if it be the eldest, then the youngest must be chosen if born during a more auspicious time. Reason being, the 12th decan (July 13- 22 approx.) is one which must travel to find their success, and if they are forced to stay home to honor tradition, it will lead to consternation, confusion, and decay of the estate.

    • The archetype of the dry well, is the first decan of Capricorn, and the archetype of the multi-colors (rainbow) and the management of wealth is Lotus, the second decan of Capricorn. Lotus is well known as “the keeper of the well” in ancient text, particularly the I-Ching. The dry well denotes the beginning, the place where the voice is often not refined, or well received. The chapter of this archetype is 27, and is decidedly feminine, and yet undefeatable in business. The modern example is Christine La Garde, and she is born on Jan 1rst. The first day of Lotus decan. The I-Ching is # 48. Rope is the first decan of Capricorn in the Hindu system, Lotus the second, and Archer the third. Distinctly, the “keeper of the well” in modern times would be the keeper and distributer of the money. Go to any bank and check those close to management to see if the birthdates are in January. Look for the slender chin, rigid bone structure, and a position Not in the Front, but directly behind the front. That is your Joseph. The rainbow is only one slice of pie in the wheel of time, and that alone, positively identifies the archetype spoken of.

    • Therefore, in chapter 48 of Genesis, the modern application of the counsel is, For a house who has a business, and the eldest son or daughter is expected to be the heir and management trainee. And that eldest is born during July 13-22nd or nearby and carries the traits of such according to whatever tradition as the trait can also carry to early to mid August. Then I would ask, How is that going ? Not well I imagine. Therefore, do not blame the individual, but adjust your expectations, and facilitate other means to aid in the success of the child, such as travel or commuting to another production related or artistic endeavor. The chapter goes to great lengths to make this very clear, noting the positions of the hands and the desire of the father vs the wisdom of the grandfather. The only precise correlation is in the I-Ching, and that also, is quite clear, and goes to great lengths. The original chapter for the decan July 13-22nd (or so) is also quite clear, “Get you up and move to a place, and allow the intuition to be the guide” or the translation “god will show you the place”. hence, God being the energy of that particular time. The correlations are precise 50 in a row, and at least 6 cultures I have found so far. The Dendera Zodiac included.

    • Correction to the first: the correlation of chapter 12, is Day 12 which is I-Ching #12, but it is the decan which I am speaking of, and it is I-Ching # 32. The 20 days are the first 20 hexagrams and the 36 decans start at 21, with the 12th decan being 32,…it speaks to the issue, “continuance” which addresses blind adherence to tradition as concerns the eldest child, and the exceptions to the rule. Thus the right hand upon the head of Ephraim (or insert name).

  9. The very presence of Islam is alien to Egypt and similar to that of the Hyksos that need to be purged for the land.

  10. The header should not be Joseph of Arabia but Ashraf of Fantssia. Three years of studying history and he is an expert on the ME, the bedrock, not of one civilization but a dozen. My axvice to you Dr. Ezzat is sttay clear of attacking the authenticity of the storie found in the Books Don”t be another Salman Rushdi who turned out to be anything but a scholar.
    It is fashionsble tgese days to be part of the revolutionary creative destruction, it pays well but that is all it does. I love the story of Joseph, it is timelwss. If you read Dr. Carl Jung’s worjk you would knoe that mythology and fiction are not the same thing. Oh! I forgot since your an MD you must be an expert in every subject and field of knowledge.

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