Part 2: The West is Disintegrating


By Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

Cover of Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West first published in 1918. Many denied that Spengler’s prediction was true. This work is in the Public domain

Democracy and freedom of expression are under attack. There is blood in the streets. How did it get that way? Where did it come from, what are its sources and what continues to drive it?

This four part series will look at the origin of those sources and unlock connections that when understood should open doors of perception that have been locked shut for far too long.


“Tensions between Russia and the U.S. are again on the rise and the risk of a trans-Atlantic trade war is greater than ever, which would have devastating consequences for the global economy. The West as an entity, it would seem, is disintegrating.” – Der Spiegel Magazine – June 30, 2017


On the eve of the 2017 G-20 summit in Hamburg the view of the United States from Germany is grim. Europe is overrun with refugees from NATO’s wars in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa while President Trump makes impossible demands and offers nothing in return.

In a scene reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s, angry masses riot in the streets of Hamburg protesting austerity and economic inequality. Like 18th century French Royals, the European Union’s detached and disaffected ruling elites struggle to deal with events beyond their control.

The lessons of the past go unlearned, the classic mistakes of the ages repeated.

The EU, a post-World War II project of the CIA is broken. America’s role as a Unipower has ended in bitterness and without ceremony. The post-war world order held together for better or worse by the perception of American omnipotence and the ideology of casino capitalism is disintegrating fast and with it “The West as an entity.”


Decline of the West

Trump depicted in German advertisement as sleeping

The end did not come suddenly. As disappointing as it may be to the fulminating anti-Trump political sphere, the “Culture” of Western civilization has been in a state of confusion over its decline for some time. It is only befitting a cosmic joke that an American hotel/casino owner should bring down the curtain on it.

One hundred years ago, in the run up to World War I the visionary historian/philosopher Oswald Spengler produced a radical analysis of civilization and culture entitled The Decline of the West, Form and Actuality. Written before the war, but published in 1918 in the aftermath of German defeat, the book became an immediate success and has for nearly one hundred years been challenging successive generations of geopoliticians to come to terms with it.

In Decline of the West, Spengler defines “cultures” as an organic whole which evolve through a life cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter and then fade away. The final and death phase of this cultural evolution Spengler defines as “Civilization” itself or the rule of the rational where only “the brain rules because the soul has abdicated.” As demonstrated throughout history, civilizations come and go and by World War I, Europe had achieved the high point in this cyclical experience and had no place to go but down.

As an inspiration to the young James Burnham, Spengler divided the existence of all things into a duality of the formal and the real, between the thinkers and the doers, the “sword side” and the “spindle side” which at the end of its endless cycle returns to formlessness. To Spengler and to Burnham, the final phase of civilization comes as democracy gives way to what Burnham called the Oligarchy, but Spengler referred to as Caesarism. It is a place in which the once vibrant institutions of civilization have become spiritually dead, money has become valueless, and all the wars are cruel private wars waged by tyrants for the private possession of the world.

Between the Hamburg crowd’s protest under the banner of Welcome to Hell, and Donald Trump’s challenge to the Europeans whether the West had the “Will to Survive” the time has come for Americans to ask themselves some important questions; what then is this entity called the West that is disintegrating? Could this miserable ending have been avoided? And who and what exactly are responsible for bringing us to these gates of hell?


At or near the “top”, are they all the same? James Carville, Leon Panetta, William Kristol

To Spengler, Western civilization was always a Faustian bargain. “In the poetry of the West, Faustian Man figures, first as Parzeval or Tristan, then (modified always into harmony with the epoch) as Hamlet, Don Quixote, Don Juan and eventually Faust or Werther.” Having already sold his soul to the devil, Western Man has been freed to decide his own fate.

From Spengler to James Burnham to Patrick Buchanan, the school of 20th century conservative and neoconservative/fascist thought has blamed the West’s decline on the betrayal of this contract by “soft” liberal values.

The Third Reich promised to turn the clock back by crushing the communist heresy and returning Germany to its martial glories of the past. Hitler’s invasion of Russia was named Operation Barbarossa after Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa’s 12th century Crusade. But instead of a German renewal, Hitler’s scheme to thwart the end only brought it nearer.

The post-Vietnam rise of Ronald Reagan and the new right promised an ideological revival as well, a return to core conservative values and a new morning in America. In practice Reagan’s anti-government policies, his massive and unnecessary defense buildup and reckless trickle-down economics hastened its decline by decades, and in the end destroyed the fabric of American society.

As it was in the past and remains now, the Right’s use of Machiavellian tactics to turn the tide in its favor almost always works, and in the end invariably winds up bringing down the house. The bitter philosophical conflict between idealism (form) and reality and what constitutes a just society goes back to the origin of Western thought and has produced profound political contradictions throughout the centuries.

The late Jeane Kirkpatrick

The arch neoconservative Jeane Kirkpatrick argued back in 1979 in an essay regarding the emerging New Class in American politics,

“The goal of the new-class reformer—whether of Left or Right—is to bring the real into conformity with the ideal (that is, with an idea of reality), [which] manifests a broader belief that social institutions can and should conform to and serve abstract principles. The most serious problems with this rationalist approach were recognized by Aristotle, who criticized Plato’s blueprint for the ideal state… Aristotle also argued that experience and law were better guides than reason alone to the good society and that Plato’s proposal would sacrifice real goods to illusory ideals.”

Kirkpatrick’s essay on the dangers of idealism should stand as a textbook study for James Burnham’s Machiavellians. Kirkpatrick would soon become the Reagan administration’s spokeswoman at the UN for the new neoconservative class with its emphasis on “illusory ideals” of a worldwide democratic revolution and service to abstract principles over experience and the law.

But, as laid out by James Burnham in his Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, the new Machiavellians must delude the masses with lies and outright fraud, if necessary, to maintain control.

Kirkpatrick’s “idea of reality” was shaped by a hybrid neoconservative/fascist ideology whose roots lay in the social chaos of the early 20th century – World War I, the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Trotskyist schism within Marxist/Leninism.

Supported by the Pentagon’s top brass from World War II forward and then brewed together by the CIA with Europe’s leftover fascist elites, Lenin’s followers metastasized from Trotskyist intellectuals into Defense Intellectuals. From the 1970s onward, they would become a self-perpetuating force for war inside both Democratic and Republican parties and a fifth column for undermining any thought of normal diplomatic relations with Russia.

Ronald Reagan

The Reagan administration provided a platform for this new class of former Trotskyist who were willing to sacrifice anything real or imagined for their illusory ideals. But the ultimate success of their rise to power relied on more than just a Marxist dialectic of infiltration and subversion.

The neoconservative political takeover of the 1970s was made possible by a network of old right-wing European and American interests dedicated to overthrowing Western democracies and replacing them with a new class of fascist transnational elites. These elites, currently referred to as globalists but prior to World War II as Synarchists, have long plotted the overthrow of the nation state, and promoted rule by a one world government.

But none of it could have happened without the covert assistance of rogue right-wing factions of the West’s intelligence services and a brutal but sophisticated propaganda campaign backed by the CIA, to control the West’s perceptions of what that world would look like.


Join us for Part 3 as we look at the synarchy of fascist organizations vying for power and influence prior to World War II and their revival and consolidation under an exclusive Cold War circle of corporate power aimed at eliminating the nation state and democracy.

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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould are the authors of Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story, Crossing Zero The AfPak War at the Turning Point of American Empire and The Voice. Visit their websites at invisiblehistory and grailwerk


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  1. So now we have perhaps a number of groups are disaffected in this company and by extension State , who might act with willful negligence , especially when there is money to be made . Or who might just decide not to give a shit , and in a corrupt military state singling your self out can bring on disaster . Best to just smile an be silent , as long as it doesn’t affect you personally .
    In PC MC West even to think of this scenario is considered evil .
    There seems to have developed an anti-reason logic . That if I deny the root of a social problem ( because it contravenes PC ideology and some group ), then the problem will just go away , at least go out of my sight OR can be a great source of income (vested interests) whilst perpetually applying fixes that you know don’t work because the root of the problems is not address . Like military embezzlement .
    Here is the roots of an evil technological society where citizens become lab rats and to speak truth has been socialized out of the culture . Sounds like a paradise for psychopaths .
    I have deliberately used example to show context . Philosophically its easier to explain.

  2. I believe that the real decline of the West is being driven by multiculturalism and political correctness MC & PC . The argument is simple the more chaotic a state becomes the harder its it to maintain it . Lets think of this like a leaking dam . This is especially true when the MC state is based on elevating low IQ groups into positions of authority throughout ALL organizations and bureaucracies .
    Many (most ) Western States have reached a point of intellectual decrepitude via PC , that even to point out this obvious obvious problem brings howls of anger and protests , from so called intelligent people . Group Think , trained behavior via show trials . Reminds us of the Bolshevik catastrophe .
    Lets consider a microcosm , any company with a PC commissars , just reflect for a moment if you are a person of talent in this company and you are constantly passed over for promotion due to racial and sexual quotas by people obviously less talent and you are not the only one .
    And the unqualified person who is promoted becomes insecure , especially if they have already been university indoctrinated to have a racial chip on their shoulder , they see threats in discussions of things they should but don’t understand , how easy it is to imagine its racist . How easily it becomes to kick down with dirty angry looks and make it known : kiss ass . Whilst promoting your own racial coterie into positions around you , for security .

  3. All roads lead to Rome, the Vatican and the Jesuits, Hillary was to make the circle complete with her Jesuit Kaine by her side, but beyond all odds, Trump thru them a monkey wrench, we know here at VT you are no fans of Trump, especially since his daughter is married to an Ashkenazi and his embilical cord goes right through to Israel but, these anti-fascist as Winston Churchill said are from the Fascist of his day…….
    I think VT should get working on what the alt-left are doing underground, Ayers, Obama, Jarrett, Sunstein, Jones, and the Hillary crowd need a real revolution before the 2018 elections, by all accountants they are all in war room mode 24/7 to accomplish total mayhem. Of course the Neocons will supply them with funds but, still we to expose what will be happening here just as bad as what is happening any place else. So please VT expose the double down of what the deep state and the Jesuits war plan against our nation.

  4. I should add that exceptionalism are short sighted idea of superiority coming from a believe that others were inferior from their own narcissistic perspectives (i.e people who believe themselves to be superior than short African people where in reality they weren’t really too adapted to living in Africa.)

  5. The West originally coming from the European discovery of lands in the far east and Mediterranean which hosted indigenous people who share nothing like them in example their technologies and culture. At the time colonization were a better choice than fighting between them and the far eastern land indigenous people were less technologically advanced than the people of the Europe which make it easier. Afterwards there’s the west who believe to be the best of the humanity who carried both technologies as well as culture (i.e religion law etc)

  6. It´s sure nice to read all that stuff here but we don´t seem to to come any further than to read all that stuff here. We analyse and analyse but somehow don´t seem to learn from it. We endlessly analize the past and never have an idea what to do about it. There is one VT writer who still tries to understand what happened in German politics a hundred years ago. What for? If the Mossad would use our approach to things, Israel would no longer exist.
    And the Mossad shows us very clearly how to do things. Change things through any means – stop at nothing.
    Never mind all the disintegrating talk. Nothing is disintegrating. All what happened during the last few decades is that our governments have been taken over by a bunch of criminals and traitors. Now, we also read that there is a bunch of good guys who want to help us and they seem to wait for the right moment. WHAT MOMENT? There is no right moment, nor do they need a right moment, they can make the right moment themselves.
    First, they have to shut up the media. All of it – before they think of anything else. In case these good guys can not take out a bunch of media offices in the US, then, holy Mary, hire some Mexicans to do it. The old media H A S to go, and, the new one has to be on standby at point Zero. The rest is fun. The snake can not function without it´s head. All the other guys, in the white house, in congress, in Senate, in parties, in wherever, are not relevant anymore without their head.

    • Who allowed the Jews of Europe to control the money? The Jesuits, that’s who ! All done by design, at the same time they came up with Corperncus to convince you the world was a spinning globe, spinning millions of MPH in some universe and the Earth it self was a mere speck in a sea of some galaxy.
      Satan rules.

    • Oh no, not another one of these flat earth idiots. Mankind has known the earth was round for at least 2000 years before Copernicus came along.

  7. Ask the (((Pharisees))). They certainly know. (Not that you’ll ever get a straight answer from them.)

  8. Just try to top the hypocrisy of Leon Panetta: As U.S. Department of Offense Secretary he flew home to California every week, not on a scheduled airline, but in a government U.S. Air Force Private Jet at his disposal in order to “be with is family” over the week end. The jet was parked all week end with U.S. Air Force pilots waiting twiddling their thumbs in case he had to return to the cesspool DC for an emergency. He claimed to have been provided permission from the Chief himself as a condition for accepting this soft job in government as if he were the only special lying lawyer in the world who could have done it. Just try to imagine the cost, the waste of thousands of gallons of fuel and time of Air Force Pilots, and pollution to our environment by a lying insolent arrogant worthless lying lawyer who has received favors all his life having been discharged from the military in 1966 so he did not have to face getting killed in the illegal Viet Nam War. What a worthless expletive deleted piece of human garbage Panetta was and is. I can’t think of better proof than this true story to prove our government has gone down the cesspool.

    • The most likely destruction of America today, is not from a nuclear war, but from a financial self caused melt down because we cannot pay our bills due to blowing trillions of borrowed and printed dollars on illegal wars all over the planet and maintaining military bases all over the planet as if we were still fighting WWII! Let’s stop lying and call our military department the Offense Department because that describes it perfectly. Let’s stop the lying that it is a “defense” department when the corrupt four star generals did not lift a finger to defend our country on 9/11 did they? If they voluntarily stood down or were ordered to do so, either way they are guilty of the crime of treason but not even indicted or convicted by our totally corrupt Injustice Department. A financial melt down is imminent due to the insanity of the whores in Congress to continue to foolishly think they can borrow and print fake money forever. Stock up on survival supplies, guns and ammo and keep ammo dry; it is useless if damp or wet. The inmates have taken over the asylum in our forgotten land, forgotten by the whores we elected in Congress who spend all their time in the red light district having sex all day long. Frankly we deserve our plight into oblivion.

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