The Ramming of the McCain

USS McCain
USS McCain

My preliminary conclusion on Monday’s incident is reflected in the title. Of course, as with any intelligence analysis, my conclusion may need to be revised as further evidence becomes available.

I am well aware that a number of distinguished commentators take the view that the collision between the 50,000 ton Liberian-registered tanker MV Alnic MC and the USS John S. McCain (DDG-56) was down to poor watch-keeping on the part of the McCain. A nice four-star admiral, whose opinions I respect (i.e. not Admiral Clapper) emailed me to the same effect.

However, with respect to those taking the contrary view, I’m not buying.

What we know so far

SOUTH CHINA SEA (Aug. 21, 2017) The crew of the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) arrives in Singapore to provide support to the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) following a collision in the Straits of Malacca. America, part of the America Amphibious Ready Group, with the embarked 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (15th MEU), is operating in the Indo-Asia Pacific region to strengthen partnerships and serve as a ready-response force for any type of contingency. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Alexander A. Ventura II/Released)

The USS McCain had just completed a successful FONOP (Freedom of Navigation Operation) in waters illegally and arrogantly claimed by communist China in the South China Sea. (The boys in Peking have yet to grasp that just because a sea contains the word ‘China’ in the title, doesn’t mean it belongs to China, any more than the Tasman Sea belongs to Tasmania.)

The Alnic was carrying 12,000 tons of oil from Taiwan to Singapore, somewhat oddly, since Taiwan isn’t an oil producer. Her capacity was well above 12,000 tons. No one has explained why she was so light, which would of course have increased her speed.

In the early hours of the morning, without explanation, she diverted 90 degrees from track, to port, ramming the McCain aft, bows on, to judge from the damage. It is unclear whether her running lights were on. They probably weren’t.

In October 2011, at a time when they were putting intense pressure on Wellington, PLA-Navy intelligence arranged for a large container ship, the MV Rena, to ram Astrolabe Reef off the North Island of New Zealand, causing significant environmental damage. The incident was blamed on out of date paper charts, but the Rena was a modern vessel, with electronic charts and navigation aids. (I was in New Zealand at the time and ran the facts past a Kiwi intelligence contact.)

China is an aggressor state. She currently occupies a chunk of India and has waged or sponsored wars of aggression or terrorist campaigns against most of her neighbours. She is currently engaged in an imperialist policy of expansion in the South China Sea, part of which involves a spurious claim to the Spratly Islands, which are of course British. Her economy is being built up with the help of German-controled trading programs, an aggressive trade policy and systematic theft of Western intellectual property.

China is currently engaged in an undeclared cyber-war against the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Taiwan. Almost certainly China has stolen the plans of the Arleigh Burke class DDGs, of which the McCain is one.

China only pays attention to international law when it suits her. The Chinese media, which is state-controlled, used the incident to bash the US Navy, the only sure guarantor of freedom of the seas in the South China Sea.

On June 17th, another 7th Fleet destroyer, the Fitzgerald (DDG-62) was rammed, this time by a container ship, the ACX Crystal, killing seven US sailors. Ten were murdered aboard the McCain.

The Pentagon’s line

Vice-Admiral Aucoin

Right from the start, the Pentagon assumed that the collision was the USS McCain’s fault. Vice-Admiral Aucoin, 7th Fleet C-in-C, was relieved of his command without a Board of Inquiry. The media have followed suit, blaming the US Navy, faithfully towing the Peking line.

I have been aboard the bridge of an American warship at sea and observed at first hand the high standard of watch-keeping. I am a former member of the US Naval Institute and I yield to no-one in my admiration of the professionalism of the US Navy.

I am aware that sailors killed aboard the mighty USS Iowa (BB-61) in 1989 were murdered in a DVD sabotage operation. I’m also aware that the DVD were involved in a series of other post-war attacks on American warships, including the carriers Forrestal (CV-59) and Oriskany (CV-34) during the Vietnam War and the USS New Jersey(BB-62) off Lebanon.

In the latter case Correa/COREA Group assets inside the Pentagon made sure the New Jersey sailed with stale cordite bags, ensuring that her main battery undershot, with unhappy consequences.

The notorious German spy Vice-Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter had earlier had a hand in setting up poor Captain Brown in the 1950 Missouri (BB-63) grounding incident. At the time the Missouri was the only US battlewagon in commission. She posed a major threat to the North Korean Navy.

Put shortly, the DVD have been involved in a sustained campaign against the US Navy for over 65 years. The Chinese Communist Party is a German front organisation, which is why you get pro-German members of Congress backing Peking.

The Pentagon have a history of blaming individual officers and wrecking their careers for political reasons. They are also committed to appeasing China.

Although the US military operate to a far higher ethical standard than civilian law enforcement, confidence in American military justice was severely shaken by the 2010 show trial of Lt-Col Terry Lakin. Readers will recall the case: in 2008, a Kenyan/Indonesian citizen, fraudulently claiming to be a US Citizen born in one of two locations in Honolulu, named Barack Hussein Obama, was elected President of the United States. He later supported his claim with a crudely forged, long-form Hawai’ian birth certificate, which contained no fewer than eight different typewriter fonts.

Although the CIA, DIA and DNI were well aware that a 2008 DNA test had ruled out Barack Obama’s claimed maternity, taking his claim to US citizenship down with it, the Pentagon suppressed the results of this test, and other material evidence, from the defense and the court. The trial was a screaming farce and Lt-Col Lakin’s distinguished career as a military doctor was ended, unjustly.


The Administration’s position


President Trump lost control of his administration last week, sadly. His few remaining allies are being cleared out one by one, with the excellent Sebastian Gorka being forced out this week.

US foreign policy is now effectively being determined by Dr Henry Kissinger, who is advising both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. President Trump’s policy towards China is indistinguishable from President George H W Bush’s, i.e. it’s appeasement, Munich-style, all the way.

I like Henry Kissinger by the way. Our admittedly limited personal dealings have been entirely cordial, indeed he even agreed to have lunch with me at one point, albeit that the lunch, in New York, was canceled, as he got held up in Dubai talking to some Iranians. I do not however agree with Henry over the ChiComs, indeed I’m not sure that we agree much about anything, except maybe the desirability of bombing Cambodia.

President Trump has very properly expressed his sorrow over the loss of American life, but he’s not going to do anything about it. He can’t, unless he fires both Jared Kushner and that house-trained idiot Rex Tillerson, no offense intended, over at State. State won’t even let President Trump bomb Cambodia.

The McCain was rammed

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (File photo)

I’m not buying a word of this tripe. Not for one moment do I believe that the watch-keeping on the McCain was not up to the usual high standards of the US Navy. She was rammed, fair and square, or, to be more precise, unfair and square.

After the Fitzgerald was rammed the 7th Fleet’s Rules of Engagement should have been altered to permit commanders of US warships threatened with ramming to respond with gunfire, initially over the bows of the attacking vessel. Commander Chad Graham (I believe I have his name right), a highly competent naval officer, should have been allowed to rake the Alnic with rapid, sustained 5”/54 cal. gunfire, until she either struck her colors and permitted herself to be boarded, or she fireballed.

President Trump with respect is going to have to take a stand on this one. If that means war with Liberia, so be it.

The skipper of the Alnic is keeping a low profile and I don’t blame him. I imagine that he will be whacked by some nice Navy SEALS one of these fine days; but I would much prefer the sailors on board the McCain who gave their lives to be avenged openly.

Tillerson and Kushner are going to have to go. My expectations of them are low, but very frankly I was expecting more of a SecDef nicknamed Mad Dog.

When is General Mattis going to get mad? No offense, but he needs to behave more like a general than a politician, and start smacking the State Department and the Chinese about some. What is the world coming to when we have a four-star American general who doesn’t want to kill commies?

In his defense, the last boat he was on was probably the Staten Island ferry, but I am sure that the ONI have studied the SATINT and looked closely at the Alnic’s track. Merchant ships don’t divert from their course without good reason. She wasn’t a tramp steamer and there wasn’t a typhoon.

USS McCain

Vice-Admiral John McCain

The USS John S. McCain is unusual in being one of only three American warships named after a German spy, or, in her case, two German spies.

It’s also unusual for a warship to be named after an admiral who played a key role in losing a battle, in the case of John S. McCain Snr, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

The first was of course the USS Forrestal, named after Defense Secretary James Forrestal, who was played a key role in the capture and execution of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in 1937 and was very properly executed by ONI on May 22nd 1949. He should have been fried in World War II, the bastard.

Ironically, and possibly not by coincidence, the Forrestal was the carrier later targeted for sinking off the Vietnamese coast by John S McCain Jnr. Thankfully she survived the plan to fireball her by starting a major fire on her crowded flight deck.

The second was the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. General Eisenhower was an Abwehr agent promoted by fellow Abwehr operative General George C. Marshall well beyond his somewhat limited military abilities.

Since Marshall wanted Eisenhower to lose battles, his lack of combat experience and tactical acumen didn’t matter of course. Eisenhower later became the first German agent since Herbert Hoover to be elected president, whereupon he screwed up the Korean War.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio

Although President Trump is not being permitted to govern America nor conduct American foreign policy, he does have some remaining powers, including the power of pardon. He used that power wisely this week, to pardon the greatest American lawman since Wyatt Earp, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona.

The Sheriff, now in his 80s, had been convicted in a malicious federal prosecution, if that is not a tautology with respect, conducted wholly in bad faith by corrupt Obama holdovers at the Justice Department.

It is entirely right that the presidential power of pardon be used to correct abuses of the criminal justice system of this sort. Hopefully Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby will be next.

No doubt the holdovers were unhappy that the Sheriff’s cold case posse, who were sensible enough with respect to consult me, had uncovered President Obama’s fraud over his alleged citizenship. Anger at uncovering fraud in the White House is no grounds for prosecuting an honest lawman, however.

I am aware that the prosecutors laid a trumpery charge and claimed that the Sheriff was guilty of a crime, but Soviet state prosecutors said the same in Stalin’s time and the CPS said the same about me!

The Sheriff’s sentencing hearing will no doubt now be vacated from the calendar. The learned judge might even want to spend some court time dealing with real criminals.


Battle of Trafalgar – French ship Redoutable dismasted and sinking on 21st October 1805 during the Napoleonic Wars (Picture by Auguste Mayer)

My reading this week

Napoleon Bonaparte

This has included Trafalgar: The Biography of a Battle (Abacus, 2005) by respected military historian Roy Adkins. This is a very readable account of the great battle, where we (the Good Guys) whupped the Frogs and the Spaniard (the Bad Guys).

Not being a Napoleonic Wars specialist I learnt things about the battle I didn’t know, such as the short action fought a few days later to intercept a fleeing French squadron.

Our community partner Napoleon knew how to win battles on land, although he eventually met his Waterloo, but he was naive when it came to naval warfare. As Adkins explains, Boney was a control freak, who issued a stream of impracticable and sometimes conflicting orders to his admirals, rather like the Pentagon does today.

I did NOT know that Admiral Villeneuve had actually been relieved before the battle – the French postal system was even more inefficient then that it is now and the orders never reached him. Napoleon later had him whacked, of course.

This is a very good primer and I recommend it. You will be able to read all about Gordon Duff’s illustrious ancestor, Captain George Duff of HMS Mars, who sadly gave his life during the battle. He knocked off a few Frenchies before he went down however, so his life was not lost in vain.


Jerry Lewis (1926 – 2017)

I was sorry to learn of Jerry Lewis’s passing. He was a brilliant comedian, at his best in my view when teamed up with the late, great Dean Martin, who whilst not being an alcoholic, was fond of the odd drink or two.

Jerry Lewis, far from being a fool, was a genius. Being a bit of a genius myself (and modest, with it, which is the nice thing) I am little more sympathetic than some to the difficulties he had in relating with people. Dealing with idiots can be very trying.

Like many great comics, he created more laughs in life for other people than he had himself. That was a shame – I wish that he had enjoyed life more. He enriched the lives of many however with his outrageous talent and comic wit.


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  3. OF COURSE it wasn’t an accident ! What would you expect ?
    If you bully a giant panda, no wonder if it turns into a giant dragon…
    China won’t digest the US medling with this sovereignty regarding Taïwan and that is the Achille’s heel of China. In this regards, China is the bully. But being the word bully, the US can’t complain about the deed…
    The bully being bullied !

  4. is for all kinds of volunteers to help in time of disaster in the US. There is a place for everyone, atheists included.

  5. China copied many things from America, specially in the IT World, Huawei Co copy almost everything from Cisco. I’ve use both on daily basis so i can say that. Huawei network devices CLI were copied from Cisco.

    • jjc1984: U.S. also stole much from the Nazis/Germans. Does that count?

      Brits & Yanks compromised multi-generations of Chinese with Opium. Does that count?

      Not for Sheriff Shrimpy, who thinks that you can never kill enough ‘ChiComs’ & Germans!

      Kinda reminds me of Sheriff Joe, who killed only Hispanics & Blacks… Maybe a few Sephardics too. 😉

  6. ‘Why would we give publicity to a piece of scum like Arpaio? The evidence against him is overwhelming, so much so that there is zero doubt about what he is – a racist piece of scum. Case closed.’

    Steady on ! No need to flatter Arpaio.

    But seriously, I thought Trump would have had sharper political sense than to do that. Why should presidents have such a power. It presupposes that close ties with criminals* is a normal, even desirable characteristic of Presidents. It’s the only explanation I can think of.

    * I mean, outside Congress and the Senate.

  7. JS is correct – it’s 4, not 3, but the other one is named after a live German spy, and I am constrained by English libel laws, even for printing the truth!

    Sheriff Joe is no more a racist than President Trump or Oprah Winfrey.

    And no, the US Navy is not racist – it’s racially well integrated, with a huge number of black and Hispanic sailors and officers. No comment on the gay thing!

    • Sheriff Shrimpy: You say “Sheriff Joe is no more a racist than President Trump or Oprah Winfrey.”

      Trump & you may or may not be racists, but you’re both white supremacists — including your favor for the Ashke-Nazi Jews. ‘Right’? I kinda like the Sephardics… Is that OK? 😉

      Arpaio unconstitutionally & illegally targeted & killed only Hispanics & Blacks — no Sephardic Jews. Is that OK? Or, to earn your favor, do Trump & ‘we’ also need to target & kill Sephardic Jews? Israeli PMs DID target & kill Sephardic Jews (with U.S. help). Is that too OK with you?

      If/Since you too/2+ believe in white supremacism, then it is No Wonder that you both+ favored the Arpaio pardon. ‘Your Boy’ President ‘Bier Tweet’ is going down in flames (not up). Care to join him? 😉

    • Sheriff Shrimpy: Just so that you know that the mass murder of Sephardic kids by Israeli PMs & U.S. is NO joke, see “Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Jewish Children” by Barry Chamish (a recently-deceased, very Israeli & very Jewish friend) at (“Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Sefardi Jewish Children”).

      Sheriff Joe didn’t kill 100K+ Hispanics & Blacks, ‘right’? So, Arpaio can’t be racist, ‘right’?

      If Arpaio, Trump & you are ‘only’ white supremacist murderers & enablers, do ya all prefer lethal injection? Or a ‘Bier’? 😉

    • The comment about Oprah Winfrey reminds me… Everybody loves Oprah. I would support the idea of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates (and only them, due to the extra strict requirements for the offices) submitting DNA samples of themselves and their parents to the Congress, to prove they are who they say they are, and aren’t blackmailed or blackmailable on the basis of whether they are a “love child” of the Rockefellers (for example) or not.

  8. I am going to leave Obama alone today, as he’s really busy, raising funds for the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Kenyan/Indonesian Embassy. I think the idea of a black President is just great, and I said so to Obama’s people when they arrived campaigning at my door. I understand it’s required that he’s American, and natural born, and I leave it up to the Congress to check that out, since nobody bothered before the election. But for anyone who thinks he’s the 1st black POTUS, I have news for you. We had a black President long before him, and he’s still with us – Jimmy Carter, through his mother Lillian Gordy. My info says she was also related to Berry Gordy of Motown fame. I think it’s great news, and I think Jimmy shouldn’t wait for his memoirs to discuss this. Now, I am fully aware that white racists and black racists alike might have their noses out of joint when they find out, but so what? Who cares about them? It’s time for adults in the US to grow up.

    • Carter and his mother were white, but I think you know that and you’re just trying to make some asinine point. Your latent racism is very clear to see however, no wonder you like Trump and Arpaio, they are racists too.

    • The info about Pres. Carter’s ancestry is serious, and has been hiding in plain sight. I tripped over the info while looking for something else. Everyone has a story or two in their family tree. It’s Jimmy’s business if he wants to talk about it or not. I just happen to think that he should, in his old age.

    • Carter’s family tree is irrelevant. There are probably few white or black people in the south who don’t have some of the other colour in their ancestry. Only racists care about such things.

  9. I actually did make a mistake, which apparently nobody caught. Some little devil made me call Fritz an admiral, but he was Waffen SS, and he didn’t die, just like Canaris didn’t die. Of course, if newer intel says he did die, I would reconsider.

  10. David Stockman, who was Pres. Reagan’s Director of OMB, pointed out yesterday that Goldman Sachs, the biggest holder of Venezuelan bonds, has been exempted from the ban on the trading of Venezuelan bonds. Goldman Sucks really does suck. It’s time for Cohn to go, especially after bitching openly about Trump at a restaurant, and then following that up with his interview in the Financial Times.

  11. In case there is doubt, I appreciate the fine work that Ian is doing regarding the International stage, esp. with regard to Putin. But the US, indeed the New World, Turtle Island, this is where all my ancestors are from. There are no grandparents overseas to give me citizenship elsewhere. I will defend Turtle Island as I see fit. My allegiance is to the truth. In that spirit, I invite VT, perhaps Truth Jihad, to talk to the devil himself and ask him some questions. The devil of the hour seems to be Joe Arpaio. Instead of talking about him, get him on a show sometime, and ask him questions for yourselves. I would think that after the sentencing hearing has been canceled, with the investigations over, he should be free to talk about why he ran his jails the way he did. And he has already handed over his Cold Case Posse evidence to the Congress, so he might NOT be able to talk about that, but I hope that he could.

    • Why would we give publicity to a piece of scum like Arpaio? The evidence against him is overwhelming, so much so that there is zero doubt about what he is – a racist piece of scum. Case closed.

    • No, we already know more than enough about Arpaio to know we want nothing to do with him, the man is scum, racist scum and your support of him reflects very badly on you.

    • I assume you mean pretendian like Fauxcahontas. Yeah, it’s pretty funny, what some people will do to get onto the Harvard faculty. But hey, it worked for her.

    • JS, you used the term Turtle Island as if to insinuate that you are Native American. I have been to Arizona quite thoroughly, and the complaining I hear is all racism based. Compare your state to Ny where tons of people flood in from all over the world. We do fine. It is sheer ignorance for Arizona residents to whine like they do. Arpaio would be laughed out of NY and most likely wouldn’t have gotten the job in the first place. Mexico is a better friend to the US than people like you. The people are far kinder, open minded, giving, loving, humble, intelligent and hard working. I have labored with many.
      Your value system compared to the average Mexican, or Native American is low brow.
      Maybe you should travel more.

    • David, I am indeed Native American. I have said so before, here in VT and elsewhere. Was involved in many orgs. in the past. My very first fulltime job, while going to college part time, was research on land claims. I’m not gonna say what I found, as not all of it has been published yet.

  12. With Bush men and now Kissinger right in there giving “advice”, Trump is almost surrounded by the Berlin Wall. Ivanka and Jared are idiots, at best. But I think it’s worse than idiots. Jared Kushner is Kid 666, named after the 666 street address of his building in NYC, that he and his family own. 666 is normally a cheap address to buy, because it’s generally hated by Christians. And what anyone with smarts does, is that they then change the address, to something like 664 1/2, 668, or whatever. But his family actually kept 666, which means to me that they are probably illuminists or satanists, and they are in-your-face about it, bragging about it.

    • In case there is doubt, far from getting it cheap, Kushner actually overpaid for 666, and even for 2007 it was too much. And he did NOT change the address, which means limited option for renting out offices, except to satanists, hellfire club, and so on. Somebody want want to check the list of renters in that building. I did once. Very interesting list, of both owners and renters. Carlyle Group, for example. Kissinger is doing more than giving Kushner advice. He has Kushner by the short hairs, and it’s time the world knew it.

    • And Mr Shrimpton might say that Kissinger is polite and all, but that counts for nothing with me. He can afford to be polite, as he is quietly shoving a shiv into your back. That German s.o.b. and his mentor before him (Fritz the German admiral ) has been running the US, indeed the world, into the ground since before he even arrived here. Time to put a stop to it.

  13. Mr Shrimpton might want to make that 4 American warships named after spies. I won’t explain that one, guys, so don’t even ask. The 1st Amendment is terrific, but even so… As for the issue of Presidential pardons, I think it would be perfectly fitting to pardon Dr. Terry Lakin. When the military court convicted him deliberately, they might have thought they were kicking the problem down the road. But what they really did, was to turn most of the lights of the 4th Reich. They haven’t finished the job yet, which is why they have turned on the full force of the press against Trump. I judge a man by his enemies, which is why I still like Trump. But once the WaPo and the NYT, for example, start praising him effusively, I will know that the Trump Presidency is finished. Trump was hired by the American people, to save America from both the extreme left and the extreme right. The people are smarter than the papers think! Let the man do his job!

    • Dear god, you just made yourself look incredibly foolish with what you wrote. You still like Trump? What is it you like – the constant lying, the blatant corruption & criminality, the insane provocation of foreign powers, the racism? What kind of man has his lawyers look into whether a President can pardon himself? The only answer is a criminal who knows he is soon to be brought to justice. Trump was not ‘hired by the American people’ he was placed in power by Israel, the Israeli lobby and the Russian Mafia, they interfered with the vote along with other dirty tricks in order to install Trump. You just proved the people are not so smart, especially if you are representative of the average. We can but hope and pray the majority are not so dumb.

    • I judge a man by his enemies. Trump still has the right enemies. When those enemies start praising him, I will dump Trump. It’s that simple.

    • Like I said, you’re plain dumb and we can only hope and pray the majority are not so dumb.

    • JS , Judging by enemies, may be a decent factor to consider, but perhaps the friends should be considered as well. If that doesn’t get you there, then maybe you should begin small, like by attempting to sneak into empty phone booths.

  14. It was the DVD that done it! Those lousy Germans forced Trump to pardon Arpaio and then secretly hacked into the software of the Alnic forcing it to ram the McCain!
    China, an aggressor state? So what does that make the U.S.? Boy scouts? Really Shrimpy, have you looked in a mirror lately. How about one of your favorite little liars in your own miserable little country, Tony Blair?
    The only thing you manage to prove time and again is how you manage to come up with such outlandish ideas. Is it the idea of a New World Odor/ one world government that has you all excited and turned on? Because it’s obvious you favor the idea. As for Sheriff Joe, you have no clue what he has done to people. No clue at all.
    Time for you to take a leave. You’ve already taken leave of your senses.

    • Can you imagine what the geopolitical picture of the world would have looked like today, if China’s leaders had been as hell-bent on violence, conquest and pillage as the leaders of the US and their puppeteers ? The whole of the Far East might well have been conquered and colonised ; and they have a large enough population to police it, with plenty of personnel to spare.

  15. Shrimpy: Your defense of Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio because Arpaio was “the greatest American lawman since Wyatt Earp” is a joke, right? Under Arpaio, violent crimes in his county were among the highest in U.S. Thus, your lawman was NOT a good lawman. Maricopa County voters agreed — and finally voted Trump ass-clown Arpaio out of office.

    White supremacist Arpaio unconstitutionally targeted Hispanic U.S. citizens, and refused to stop — even when ordered to do so by a U.S. judge, who then found Arpaio to be in criminal contempt of court.

    Trump & you pardoned & excused Arpaio for violating the U.S. Constitution, U.S. laws and U.S. court orders, because Obama appointed some of the federal judges. Such BS. Neither U.S. laws nor U.S. Constitution are law solely due to Obama & Dummycrooks. Arpaio also admitted that he did it, because Arpaio doesn’t think that the U.S. Constitution & U.S. laws should protect Hispanic U.S. citizens.

    Shrimpy, you’re like the +/-25% of Americans who would pardon Trump for murdering an innocent person in New York City (if you didn’t like the dead guy). That’s OK. We still love you, Shrimpy! 😉

    You may still want to glance thru VT’s “Trump & the Arpaio Pardon: Flush of the Turd Reich?” Trump’s & your acceptance of white supremacist words & deeds will soon lead to Trump’s & your comeuppance…

    • White supremacist Arpaio himself described his jail as a “Concentration Camp” — segregated by ethnicity, with only Hispanics subjected to electrified fence confinement.

      A Black woman suffered a miscarriage and lost her baby when Arpaio’s goons refused to attend to her pregnancy — despite her plaintive cries. A prisoner ‘baked’ to death in his cell when Arpaio’s concentration camp temperatures rose to 109+ degrees Fahrenheit. No wonder that Arpaio’s ‘prisoner meals’ cost only 15 cents per day!

      Prisoners in Arpaio’s self-described concentration camps often died — with NO explanation. A paraplegic inmate who needed & asked for a catheter had his neck broken by a Shrimpy/Trump-excused Arpaio concentration camp goon.

      Earp-like Arpaio botched hundreds if not thousands of sex-crime investigations of Arpaio-favored perverts accused of doing horrible, rotten, nasty stuff to little girls. Was Arpaio also blackmailing Trump? 😉 And oh, by the way, one of Arpaio’s duly-deputized goons was indicted for child pornography. Hmmm… Now, we may understand why Arpaio botched the investigations.

      A jury ordered Arpaio and/or Maricopa County to pay the Arpaio-disfavored “Phoenix New Times” co-founders $3.75 million dollars for False Arrests – one of many judge & jury verdicts for taxpayers to pay.

      Oh, and one of white supremacist Joe’s duly-deputized goons killed an unarmed puppy during a botched SWAT raid. Does that count? I don’t know whether the puppy was Black or spoke Spanish. 😉

    • It’s rather obvious Shrimpy has no clue about Arpaio’s treatment of people. But then again he appears to favor how prisoners were treated. Shrimpy is a racist , following in the foot steps of his hero: a fat, stupid, drunken degenerate little weasel named Churchill.
      Shrimpy, you’ve gone off the deep end. Suggest you get a check on your moral compass along with your mental health.
      Your nuts.

    • Abu and Ian, you might want to consider getting out of your rooms and actually traveling to Arizona, instead of believing everything the German-owned papers say about him. The “white supremacist” tag of Arpaio won’t wash, for the simple reason that ALL prisoners, of EVERY race, were made to wear pink underwear, because psychologists say the color pink is calming. Now Arizona is a desert, and is indeed blazing hot in summer, and freezing cold in winter. With those climate conditions, it’s a well-known fact that poor people often commit fairly minor offences on purpose, just in time to get a nice climate-controlled jail cell with good food (pork chops, steak, beef hamburger, stuff I can’t afford) free TV, etc. What Sheriff Joe figured out, was that if you make jailtime annoying, people will not WANT to come back, hence fewer prisoners in future. Yes, the economy sucked, and still sucks, but the solution is NOT to force the poor into thinking that jail would be a cushier life, is it? There are some of us who are working on education options for the poor. That used to be one of my jobs, and it is now my hobby, as I am a volunteer now.

    • Wow, what an ill-informed and stupid comment. So the federal government and other legal bodies were wrong on many occasions and Arpaio wasn’t guilty of racially profiling? Nor did he organise illegal roundups of immigrants?

      Bottom line, Arpaio is utter scum, a racist criminal and defending him makes you look incredibly foolish.

    • Ian, ad hominem comments are not befitting an Editor. I have to live here; you don’t. And because I live here, I am the one in danger. Yet I tell the truth.

    • So you support Arpaio? That would make you a racist too then as only a racist with no compassion for their fellow man could support such a scumbag as Arpaio.

    • While i agree ad hominem attack isn’t constructive in an argument i do think Arpaiao deserved his sentence. Perhaps I am ill informed in the real situation as you can see since I’m not from Arizona however any information i got from the web point him as biased if not racist. Occasionally i do stumbles in why he may did so however the contents of the source mostly biased against immigrants in particular Hispanic and black.
      Perhaps there is more to this yes but I’m not going to be convinced unless there’s also the victims account to be compared.
      Yes mister JS we mostly covered it via web and mister JS maybe could do some real investigative work for this topics to be covered in full.

  16. First thing first i think the matter about Barrack Obama birthplace has been resolved though it seems you believed it was not. I have no idea if there’s an evidence to claim he’s not American but i probably less informed about it.
    Second yes the USS McCain was rammed fair and square not otherwise. Any kind of software glitches or even a hack does no excuse for something like that to happen.

    • Yes, you are correct, Obama was born in Hawaii, a US citizen, this was a non-issue from day one, fake news. The McCain can only have been rammed because it had lost power, so was a sitting duck, therefore we should be looking at this as a repeat of the type of incident we saw in the Black Sea with the Donald Cook – was this the Chinese showing the US that it too, has the technology to shutdown any US ship or aircraft or missile, just as the Russians do?

    • So we’re assuming that the tanker were hacked beforehand maybe via software or data spoof in a good coordination with the disabling EW attacks on the McCain ? How come they don’t reported it to the public and rather punished their own ?

    • Of course they won’t let the public know, that would be admitting that their ships are vulnerable, virtual sitting ducks.

    • Ian, with respect, is dead wrong about Obama birthplace. Nowhere near Hawaii. Tip to VT editors who really want the truth: Get the former Governor of Hawaii on a Skype interview, ask him some tough questions, and then watch his lying eyes as he tries to weasel out of answering them. But do it fast. Like the former Hawaii Health dept official who somehow was the ONLY person to drown in a small plane crash in shallow off the coast of Hawaii, even though the plane was full of people, the former Gov. might croak on you.

    • Oh dear, if you really believe the birth certificate nonsense then you’re hopelessly dumb I’m afraid, Arpaio lied and flat out fabricated half of his so-called ‘evidence’, it’s all a bunch of nonsense, Obama is a US citizen, end of story. Besides, regardless of where he was born, he qualifies as a US citizen because his mother was a US citizen, something that Arpaio should have known.

    • The evidence isn’t concrete enough to claim otherwise. As of now it’s only as big as ruissiagate claim (means it draws a connection from source vaguely pointed as one). Till there’s a clear evidence he isn’t American he will be American. As of now evidence claimed he isn’t is a dead end.

    • I want to raise some points in regard of the hacking possibility.
      First we do know that the US always made their hardware design with a manual non digital control or at least some form of it as a last resort back up. Why in case of total blackouts it can’t do some evasive maneuver at least to align the ship so it wasn’t hit on the side ?
      Secondly a total blackouts should alerted the whole crew into action but why the crew fail to notice a tanker incoming ?
      Third just like this article say in cases the tanker failed to respond the warnings (presumably they did sent one to the tanker) why it wasn’t hit by a warning shot or any form of defensive action ?

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