Trump & the Arpaio Pardon: Flush of the Turd Reich?


Trump & the Arpaio Pardon: Flush of the Turd Reich?

by Thomas J. Mattingly

U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s Phoenix campaign rally speech was the greatest speech since Adolf Hitler’s demagoguery in the “Bier Hall Putsch,” which initiated the Third Reich. For Hitler, the Munich ‘Bier Hall’ is known as the site of Hitler’s rise to power. For Trump, the Phoenix ‘Bier Hall’ will be known as the site where Trump ‘Crossed the Rubicon’ – Trump’s point of no return, not the rise of a 4th Reich but the flush of a turd Reich.

In Phoenix, at a veritable ‘Bier’ (English for funeral pyre, German for beer), Trump irreparably torched his presidency. U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and others now openly question whether Trump can save his presidency. Probably not. Trump and his attorneys know this. Thus, Trump & Co. are now preparing for the Endgame (e.g., Nixon/Agnew-like resignations, with sustainable pardons for Trump and Trump’s friends & family).

With his Phoenix ‘Bier,’ a power-drunk Trump virtually promised to pardon Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a white supremacist who had unconstitutionally targeted and killed numerous Hispanics and persons of colour in the streets and prisons of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Sheriff Joe & President Bier Tweet: Together Again!

On Friday night, during a hurricane of Trump-type and other news, Trump hammered the final nail into his presidential coffin or crematorium: Trump pardoned “Sheriff Joe.”
Arizona’s two Republican Senators, Arizona’s GOP, most Republicans nationwide, virtually all Democrats and most others were appalled, given Trump’s open disdain for the U.S. Constitution and voters of colour – and a veritable invitation to potential Trump/Russia witnesses of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ‘Shut up, and wait for a Trump pardon.’

Hate in America can be part of a Divide-&-Rule or Divide-&-Conquer strategy

As per well connected friends & associates in Washington DC, Republicans in Congress are already getting together at the Metropolitan Club and elsewhere to plan for resignation, impeachment and/or removal scenarios.

For a change, Republithugs, Dummycrooks and others will do the right thing: Flush!

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  1. Dr. Susta: You say “Except for money laundering with the [Russian & other] Kosher Nostra, Trump could never win the nomination, much less win the Electoral College in 2016.”

    Trump/Russia Special ‘Prosecutor’ Robert Mueller knows what you say — as do Congressional Intel Committee gals & dudes and some/many R/D Congress critters. But Bibi, the Kosher Nostra & AIPAC are very ‘sensitive’ to criticism about their crimes… so, Congress critters & Mueller need to ‘tread lightly’ — so Bibi & AIPAC don’t call them names… Yeah, right! 😉

    Since Trump/Russia acquiescent-but-not-fully-complicit Putin & Russia also know this (and know that they have been used as ‘patsies’ & ‘fall guys’), Putin & Russia will ensure that Mueller & Congress get ‘The Right Stuff’ to ‘Just Do It!’ — which is… … … Flush!

  2. Cynthia MacCioli: You ask “Who is this Mattingly fellow?” When you find out, let me know! 😉

    All seriousness aside, “this Mattingly fellow” wrote VT’s “Beavis & Butt-head ‘Do’ Iran – and World War 3,” which gives you an indication that he might be part of a clandestine community.

    He was also involved with Dan Ellsberg before the “Pentagon Papers,” the release of which dumped the blame for Vietnam etc. on the U.S. military & veterans — instead of spreading the blame to CIA, Kissinger and big corporations etc. (with whom Dan had worked).

    ‘This fellow’ was also involved with most of the initial ‘luminaries’ of the so-called ‘9/11 Truth Movement,’ which the 9/11 Cover-Up Perps had infiltrated from the beginning.

    VT editors and the Syrian govt. also invited ‘this fellow’ to Syria with VT editors and others from the U.S. mil/intel community, and he very much looks forward to returning to help the people of Syria. ‘Nuf said?

  3. Cynthia: The Republicans will only do the right thing because it is in their self-interest to do so: They do not want to lose power and lose elections in 2018 & 2020. For Republicans, this fear is very real. The only reasons that Republicans have not already joined Democrats in dumping Trump is that Republican super-donors still want big tax cuts for the super-rich, and Bibi & Rotten-Child still want WW3.

    Trump is now a very weak U.S. president. Thus, Trump is much more susceptible to control by Bibi & Co. and by the Kosher Nostra of Russia, Israel & U.S. who were the deciding factors in enabling a Trump presidency. Except for money laundering with the Kosher Nostra, Trump could never win the nomination, much less win the Electoral College in 2016.

  4. Turd Polish is flying off the shelves in DC so if anyone wants some, get yours today while supplies last. The biggest hurtle for the donkeys and elephants at the circus is muzzling the clown, and protecting the ringleaders. The elephant is no longer the animal for the red team, it is the Hyena. Any semblance of support for Trump is a sure loss in the upcoming senate races/juggling acts. All the trapeze artists insist on nets, and with the clown union gone rogue, elephants permanently removed, and cotton candy no longer served, the financial sustainability of the safety nets may be in jeopardy. Turd Polish and dark colored pants is the only answer. If we can’t get a third ring in the circus, then we deserve what comes.

    • David: Yes. However, we only have a one (1) party system now. Another two or more would be good — especially given that both ‘wings’ of the Big Bird Party (or big turd party) are flippin’ us ‘the bird.’

      If/Since the Dummycrook ‘left’ wing of the War-Money Party supported Hillary, and If/Since the Republithug ‘right’ wing of the War-Money Party united behind now-Prez ‘Big Bird Turd,’ what good is the flippin’ Bird if he/she can’t fly — to deliver what we really need? Which is certainly not more war & more money for the super-rich (which both wings ALWAYS deliver).

      We need a new bird — preferably more than one. If it/they straighten up & fly ‘right’ (and ‘left,’ IF that makes a difference), then I’ll be glad to take care of him/her/them for a long, long time.

      P.S. Am sorry for mixing metaphors without a license. 😉

  5. Arpaio’s treatment of people is beyond appalling but that’s what one should expect from the state of Aridzona. Mostly ignorant rednecks, the like of which continue to support Johnny Rotten MCCain along with Hopalong Cassidy Arpaio.
    Not surprising the orange buffoon in the White House would pardon Arpaio as Trump continues to drag America further into the swamp.Does it really matter if Trump’s days are numbered anyway? Yes. He can continue to wreak havoc and possibly start a nuclear war or at least a conventional war with North Korea.
    That according to a recent poll, Trump still garners a 43% approval rating indicate just how many ignorant and retarded people there are. The again there were a number of die hard Bush supporters.
    I suspect that there are a certain number of Americans who secretly harbor the support for a dictatorship for America.
    Trump and Pence need to be impeached and removed ASAP. The entire White House needs cleaning out and disinfected.

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