Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans


[Editor’s note: There is no threat to Israel from Iran, Syria or Hezbollah, Bibi is just using the same, tired old spiel he has been spouting for 20 years or more, a constant refrain of woe about the danger posed by Iran and how poor little Israel is threatened by those horrid Muslims.

Clearly, Putin did not buy it, he knows there is no threat, that Bibi is, as Obama memorably said to President Sarkozy of France a few years ago ‘a liar’.

Therefore Putin is in a strong position, he knows that Bibi is under pressure, not only from the criminal investigations he is under, but from Israel’s hard liners who want to see Iran destroyed.

Putin can simply tell Bibi that Russia will guarantee Israel’s safety by refusing to allow Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to attack Israel, a safe position as Putin knows they have no intention of attacking Israel unless Bibi & Israel give them good reason to do so — and they have Russian support and/or acquiescence.

One can only wonder what concessions Putin will extract from Bibi in return for this guarantee; returning the Golan Heights to Syria, ending the blockade of Gaza, removing the illegal West Bank settlements, possibly even forcing Israel to withdraw from Jerusalem…

Whatever the case, compared to Bibi and Trump, Putin is in a strong negotiating position and the Russians know this. Furthermore, Putin and Russia will take advantage of this negotiating position — maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime soon, just when it suits Russia and Putin. Ian]

Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare comes true as Putin crushes his plans

Benjamin Netanyahu’s nightmare is coming true. The guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and Hezbollah fighters prepare to attack Israel by using Syria as a springboard. The Israeli Prime Minister shared the “terrible news” on August 23, 2017 during a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi (the meeting lasted for almost 2.5 hours). Despite Netanyahu’s emotional state, the Russian leader remained calm.

“Iran is Russia’s strategic ally in the Middle East,” Putin said. “But Israel is also an important partner for Russia in the region,” he added.

Moscow takes into account security interests of the Jewish state. Thus, as experts say, the Kremlin conducts a complex geopolitical game, balancing between Tehran and Tel Aviv.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a frequent guest in Russia. In 2016, the Prime Minister of Israel visited the Russian Federation twice: in April and June. His most recent visit to Sochi for a meeting with Putin is also a second one during the current year: he visited Moscow in early March 2017.

Netanyahu, 67, is considered the patriarch of Israeli politics. One can put him in the same line with other heavyweights of Israeli politics, such as Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Ariel Sharon, and Netanyahu can rightly be considered the last of the Mohicans. However, even such an experienced and charismatic leader of Israel as Benjamin Netanyahu could not keep composure at a meeting with Vladimir Putin in his Sochi residence of Bocharov Ruchei.

According to eyewitnesses of the open part of the talks, the Israeli prime minister was too emotional and at times even close to panic. He described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel.

Netanyahu also told Putin that Israel was extremely concerned about Iran’s participation in the Syrian conflict. According to him, Tehran is working on “creeping expansion” in the Middle East under the pretext of a peaceful settlement in Syria. Iran, he added, supplies weapons to Hezbollah fighters and gradually attracts Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen in the sphere of its influence.

Netanyahu told Putin that Iran takes the territories that the international coalition and Russia liberate from ISIL terrorists in Syria. “Tehran does not hide its intention to destroy the state Israel,” Netanyahu told Putin.

According to experts, Netanyahu does not exaggerate too much when he talks about Tehran’s plans to expand its influence throughout the Middle East. On August 22, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran Hossein Jaberi Ansari arrived in Beirut, where he held talks with Secretary-General of Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah . The next day he had a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who said: “Israel and terrorism are the two main threats that Lebanon and the whole region of the Middle East are facing today.”

On July 23, 2017, Iraqi Defense Minister Irfan al-Hayali arrived in Tehran to sign a protocol with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Dehghan to strengthen military cooperation. Tehran’s success is impressive against the background of the fact that Baghdad is considered a puppet government of Washington. Nevertheless, when Donald Trump calls Iran a “terrorist state”, the Iraqi Defense Minister signs an agreement with Iran to cooperate in the struggle against terrorism.

To give a better understanding of Tehran’s growing influence in the Middle East, one should pay attention to Iran’s interference into the internal conflict in Yemen. Iran finances and arms Houthis in Yemen, a militant group of Shiite Zaidites that have been conducting an armed struggle against the government of Yemen since 2004. All these years, the Houthis ​​have been inflicting serious military strikes on coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia.

What about Moscow? While Netanyahu was feverishly describing the sinister scenario to Putin, the latter was sighing with sympathy, as if saying: “Unfortunately, we can not help you here.”

The truth is that Tehran is the only counterbalance for Moscow to the powerful alliance of wealthy Arabian monarchies that try to establish an Arab analogue of NATO in the endeavor to impose Washington’s rules in the entire Middle East.

Therefore, the Kremlin is interested to further strengthen Tehran’s influence in the region. The question of accepting Iran into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has almost been resolved. It is Russia that advocates the early adoption of Iran at the SCO. When it happens, the fact itself will remove US plans for air strikes on the Iranian territory. Most likely, the Pentagon will not risk attacking a member of the SCO, where Russia and China, permanent members of the UN Security Council, act as locomotives. To crown it all, Iran has already purchased S-300 air defense systems from Russia and put them on operational duty.

Benjamin Netanyahu failed to convince Russian President Putin of the need “to stop Iran’s expansion in the Middle East.” Israel is a friendly country for Russia, but it is not up to Tel Aviv to teach the Kremlin how to structure Russia’s policy in the Middle East.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. So the master plan is revealed – that the “salafist principality in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq” that DIA was referring to in the now well known document, was to be a buffer state for Israel. As that plan seems to be collapsing there appears to be forming a fairly unified Shia (although I’m not sure that is the right definition) alliance from Teheran all the way to the Golan Heights and Israel’s border. No wonder Bibi is going on an emotional bender.

  2. “Netanyahu also told Putin that Israel was extremely concerned about Iran’s participation in the Syrian conflict. According to him, Tehran is working on “creeping expansion” in the Middle East under the pretext of a peaceful settlement in Syria. Iran, he added, supplies weapons to Hezbollah fighters and gradually attracts Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen in the sphere of its influence.”

    What a little dirtbag, accusing Iran of exactly what Israel is doing. Israel supports ruthless terrorists as a means of expanding their influence across the Middle East, by facilitating sectarian division and overthrowing Muslim nations that exist within the delusional borders of “Eretz Israel”. Israel has no permission, nor any legal justification to get involved in Syria in any capacity. Iran is invited.

    After conducting more than 100 illegal air strikes against Syrian government forces and Syrian civilians, in support of their proxy terrorist armies, Syria has every right to bomb the piss out of Israel in retaliation, or self-defense. But Syria knows that Israel would throw a temper tantrum and Israel’s donkey (Uncle Sam) would come to their rescue and blow up the whole earth.

    • After nearly a century of destruction and chaos caused by Israel, and their foreign agents corrupting/taking over Western governments, I hope someone puts them down, for good.

  3. While Israel did have some at least a little sympathy from Putin it just doesn’t make sense to betray the trust of it’s longtime ally for a country who flash a mixed signals to Russia. Especially when the said country aims is to weaken his ally.

  4. US arms Israel up the Yazoo and Putin brokers peace. And still Bibi blubbers like a bitch when Israel never had it so good. Russian restraint under Putin’s leadership – including keeping Israel under wraps, has proven time and time again a magnificent testament to welcome sanity in a world gone mad.

  5. Imagine B.N. just arriving at the airport in Moscow on the expensive plane purchased with fake printed US money given to them by the whores in Congress. Twenty of his body guards have already deplaned down the stairs from the plane door. BN is standing there in the glow of the spotlight, laughing and waiving at the crowd with the other 20 bodyguards behind him still on the plane. Suddenly representatives of Putin on the ground throw wads of 200 Shekel bills and 100 Dollar bills all over the ground at the bottom of the stairs coming down the from the plane. At this instant Netanyahu’s eyes nearly pop out of his head and in his rush down the stairs to scoop up some easy money he trips and rolls head over heals down the stairs to the ground. His body guards quickly go down the stairs and run right over his body to scoop up some of that money for themselves! After the smoke clears he is found to have died from head injuries due to his fall down the stairs. This is Putin’s revenge. Bibi paid the ultimate price for his love of money over humans.

  6. According to some reports most of Russia and Irans leadership is under Zionist control..who can you believe?? All leaders are corrupt scumbags! I can’t understand why the people of the Middle East haven’t banned together and blown Israhell off the face of the earth! These Zionist bankers control the US, Saudi Arabia, the EU..and all that let them control the money..disgraceful! These are the same satanic scum that bring us OPEN BORDERS to genocide whites ..usury ..etc

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