British Tabloid Shamefully Beats Drums of War with Russia

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a horse during his vacation outside the town of Kyzyl in Southern Siberia on August 3, 2009. AFP PHOTO / RIA-NOVOSTI / ALEXEY DRUZHININ / ADDITIONAL CROP VERSION (Photo credit should read Alexsey Druginyn/AFP/Getty Images)
Be afraid, very afraid, Vlad and his Cossack hordes are poised to invade Europe….

[Editor’s note: When I read this bunch of bullshit, it made my blood boil, so ludicrous yet also dangerous are the blatant lies and fabrications it contains. Of course, I shouldn’t be too surprised as the Daily Star is owned by notorious Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond, a disgusting foul-mouthed turd of a man who thinks all Germans are Nazis and has been involved in more shameful scandals than can be listed here.

Putin it not preparing to invade Europe, neither is there any ‘increasing Russian aggression’, this is an utter falsehood and a most egregious one as it is no joke to fabricate such lies about something so serious as a major war in Europe.

Putin has not threatened to ‘launch a full scale war’ over anything and any notion of ‘disputed territory in the Baltic states’ is also a fiction, perhaps they are referring to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad? Regardless, this is all a big lie, any tensions in the Baltic region are minor at best and have been stirred up by NATO’s provocative, aggressive and pointless placing of thousands of combat troops in the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

As for the claim that ‘Vlad moved a huge fleet of warships and squadrons of fighter jets to bolster his massive army.’ once again we are dealing with a complete fabrication, no details are given because this never happened.

Only a moron would believe this rubbish, sadly we live in a world where morons are hardly in short supply.

There is one question to be asked though – why did this Jewish-owned dirt rag print this pack of lies? Richard Desmond is a supporter of both the Conservative party and UKIP, having donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to both, he is also a member of the group Conservative Friends of Israel. UKIP is a Zionist-Israeli controlled party that was formed to weaken and destabilise the Conservative Party back in the early 1990s, the Conservative Party itself has since fallen under Zionist-Israeli control too; therefore it is safe to assume that Desmond and his disgusting publications also serve Zionist-Israeli interests.

Given that Putin pretty much laughed in Bibi Netanyahu’s face last week when the evil Israeli leader went cap in hand to Sochi, Russia to beg Putin to back Israel against the illusory Iranian threat that exists only in the minds of Zionist criminals like Bibi, I think we can safely say that this disgraceful set of lies about Putin preparing to invade Europe is Desmond attempting to smear and demonise Putin as part of a childish and disgusting backlash instigated by Bibi and Israel because they are feeling rather upset that Putin refused to buy their bullshit about evil Iran and it’s Hezbollah and Syrian allies aggressively threatening poor innocent little Israel. Ian]

Daily Star
Brit planes scrambled to warzone as Putin readies Europe invasion force

RAF typhoons have been sent to beef up NATO defences as Vladimir Putin prepares for invasion.

The Russian hardman has threatened to launch a full scale war over disputed territory in the Baltic states.

Earlier this year, Vlad moved a huge fleet of warships and squadrons of fighter jets to bolster his massive army.

In response, the Brit boys have been deployed to Estonia in the face of increasing Russian aggression.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “Since last year’s Warsaw Summit, the UK is stepping up its commitment to NATO, nowhere more clearly than in the Baltic States.

“NATO’s presence on land, sea and air is vital to secure peace and prosperity.

“We are there, standing shoulder to shoulder with our allies in the face of any potential threats thereby demonstrating our unwavering commitment to the security of Europe.”

Ukraine has seen fierce fighting since 2014 over disputed territory with Russia in the Crimea.

An 800 strong deployment of Brit troops were deployed to Estonia to help deal with Putin’s troops.

And the typhoons will train and work with the UK personnel, as well as Estonian allies.

There are currently over 1,000 British troops deployed across the Baltic region, while the Royal Navy is taking part in NATO training exercises.

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  1. Inventing a problem when there is none is easy, just like composing another script. But a lot of these tribal scripts these days seem to be getting lost in the mail, so now the only option left now for an experienced player is to wing it, right?

  2. This new escalation of attacks against Russia, the vituperative assault against Putin himself, probably are related to Putin refusing to bow to the demands of Netanyahu a few days ago over the presence of Iranian troops in Syria.Israel is in a rage again, so we can expect more of the same from the Jewish-owned press and media.

  3. That hit piece on Russia and Putin are not even penny wise but many pounds foolish. Persons of their ilk would turn pale with fear and soil their linens if Russia advanced on the Balkans or western Europe.

  4. [Editor’s note: Amelius… you know better than to use epithets, such as below. Don’t make us delete this nonsense.]
    Richard Desmond should be beaten in the streets for this. He deserves nothing less. It’s a good thing that Putin is patient and would rather prove them wrong by example, than fall for their attempts to antagonize. Stupid k—s, always causing problems.

  5. Putin is now like inspector Clouseau in that part where madman Dreyfuss threatens to US government and England in order for them to hire world’s top assasins to wipe Clouseau out at Munich Oktoberfest.

  6. I assume they will launch limited covert operations using Ukrainian troops to Donbass and Donetsk rep region to gauge the Russian troops reaction (in limit of their order from above and under constraint of the current treaty) while a terrorism plots as well as small color revolts inside Russian territory brewing up ready to destabilize the country in time of the next president election scheduled for next year.

  7. Pornographers like Desmond are just that, damned liers. There is no disputed Crimean territory over there. The Russians obtained this democratically via a referendum. Of course, if the elites do not want this to happen, then they can poke any arguments, simply to poke a quandary.

    So the disputation about Crimea, is mainly within certain journalists’ minds.

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