Islamic State’s latest propaganda video features 10-year-old American boy threatening US President Trump


[Editor’s note: This latest IS video is utterly fake, just as all the others featuring head chopping of westerners were fake, that is immediately obvious due to the source – the notorious SITE group lead by US-Israeli propagandist and disinfo asset Rita Katz. 

Releasing this propaganda video and using an American child who namechecks Trump is nothing more than a trite and tawdry attempt to lend some veneer of credibility to Trump’s belicose anti-Muslim rhetoric and possibly give a measure of justification to future policy decisions. 

The timing of this release, on the heels of the terror attacks in Barcelona and Brussels suggests that while IS is on the verge of annihilation in Syria & Iraq, the IS project is far from over and will probably morph into a terrorism campaign not only in Europe, but likely in the US as well.

No doubt Trump will respond to this video, probably via Twitter at first, then in one of his bloviating speeches. Most likely he will use this video as an excuse to attempt to enact anti-Muslim domestic policy such as his controversial Muslim travel ban or to justify some US military moves in the Middle East, perhaps both. Ian]

The New Arab
Islamic State’s latest propaganda video features 10-year-old American boy threatening US President Trump

The Islamic State [IS] group released a video on Wednesday featuring a 10-year-old boy threatening US President Donald Trump.

The boy, who identified himself as Yousef and claims to be the son of an American soldier, said he moved to Syria with his mother two years ago.

In the seven-minute-propaganda video, the boy appeared to be reading from a script and can be seen walking through rumble in what he claimed to be the Syrian town of Raqqa.

“My message to Trump, the puppet of the Jews: Allah promised us victory, promised you defeat,” the boy says.

“This battle is not gonna end in Raqqa or Mosul. It’s gonna end in your lands.”

The boy spoke in fluent English, in what appears to be an American accent.

“My father’s an American soldier who fought the mujahideen in Iraq,” he said.

Some of the clips showed him reading in Arabic from the Quran and handling a rifle.

“I didn’t know much about Islam except the name. When me and mum came to the Islamic State, we started learning the correct Islamic creed.”

While the militant group has previously used Western hostages in its propaganda videos, it is the first time an American child is featured.

US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert strongly condemned the footage.

“Any child used in that capacity in an ISIS video regardless of what is being done, it’s sick,” she said using another name for the group. “It’s sick and it’s depraved.”

The ultra-violent extremist group has recruited thousands of children in Iraq and Syria – with dozens despatched to the frontlines to die.

The militant group has lost much of its territories in Iraq and Syria since the launch of US-backed offensives in Mosul and Raqqa.

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  1. In the beginning, it was understandable that US Americans believed this professional liar and Hollywood producer of bad movies, but today in 2017, there is no excuse for such ignorance that their hard-earned tax dollars (untold $millions) goes to this hideous creature from Israel – Rita Katz. I’m MUCH more shocked and disturbed at the breadth of stupidity and ignorance of the people who drink this koolaid for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When your pocket is picked of your wallet once, I feel sorry for you. By the fourth, fifth, sixth … time, I can only laugh and tell you how much you deserve it.

  2. A preventive strike is carried out in order to deter expected aggression. The bombing of a Lebanese Kindergarten by Israeli forces will be masked as a preventive strike as dead children do not turn into Lebanese terrorists fighting Israel.
    The worthiness of a human life differs by religion and race. If a “child terrorist” is of Muslim decent it does not equal the worthiness of life in any way. The life of a Jew is precious, the life of a Goyim depends on contribution to the Jewish master race and the life of a Muslim is just above that of an animal. MSM has been working very hard and had much success convincing Christians of such cruelty.

  3. I can’t think of a better way, to promote the further militarization of our beloved city, town, and state police forces, than threats from a 10 year old.This should do the trick.
    Afraid of my shadow

  4. I particularly liked the phrase “My message to Trump, the puppet of the Jews:…….”……..Whilst correct, it seems this young fellow and his video is also a “Puppet of the Jews”, of the Zionist kind……..yet many will fall for this bulls*** on MSM……..and Trump will sell it to the masses, whilst EU ‘detached Yoof’ will also buy it…….then do some Gladio patsy work for the alphabet entities…….amazing

  5. “Any child used in that capacity in an ISIS video regardless of what is being done, it’s sick,” she said using another name for the group. “It’s sick and it’s depraved.”

    Rita Katz is sick and depraved for using a child in this capacity, as a tool of propaganda, to play on the emotions of a fearful public and to muster more support for America’s totally bogus “war on terror”. It would be sick if ISIS had done this, for real, but it’s even worse that SITE Intel would fake it for a desired emotional response from the public.

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