CYBERPOL Uncovers Terror list and Estimates Over 50 000 Terrorists Currently in Europe


CYBERPOL warned that as much as 50 000 Terrorist entered Europe in recent months with refugees according to a data dump from the Syrian Army on the “DarkWeb”. The data dump that occurred during 2013 was not discovered until last month when the CYBERPOL Red SoC Team also known as R3D +45M in the hacking world made a breakthrough and found the hidden files on the “DarkWeb” by using the CYBERPOL 666 Super Computer.

This comes after months of investigation to locate the missing files that were previously thought only to be a rumor by many and dismissed by several. The “Terror Black List” includes the full names, case numbers, and parents names, but most importantly what crimes they committed, and what terrorist group in ISIS they belong to besides the types of weapons they were trained on.
From the list which contains over 120 000 names and case numbers, it’s clear that the Syrian Army had the information as to ISIS terrorist infiltration into refugees that currently threatens Europe, but so far there is no proof that it was shared with any other countries prior to the discovery.

Many refugees have entered Europe without legal documents and it is unknown as to how many unidentified migrants entered into Europe without passports and legal proof of their origin. Temporary European ID documentation was provided to over 1.2 million refugees since 2013 and therefore it would be impossible to know how many of these terrorists on the “Terror Black List” entered into the EU or have since left to countries such as the USA or England. While it is unclear as to how many, it’s very clear that the majority is unaccounted for and notations on the dumped dataset indicates that Syria was documenting how many were leaving to EU and nearby regions.

The Secretary General of CYBERPOL said that the list will be shared with the FBI and British agencies but seeing that Europe has taken a stance in view of CYBERPOL,it will be shared with the European Union to realize the need for international cooperation with CYBERPOL in the fight against Cyber Terrorism initiated by CYBERPOL.

The current President of CYBERPOL warned last month during his speech before members of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere Transnational Crime in Washington DC on Capitol Hill said: ”Cyber Terrorist are not in the business of selling candy at the candy store and perhaps we still need a second wake-up call.”

This message is loud and clear and could be met with fire and furry as this is clear evidence that Syria was indeed aware of the Syrian crisis long before it happened, while ISIS was infiltrating refugees around the world. Indeed alarming if the UN does not cooperate in this development.

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  1. This list, if it exists, surfaces now because some entity can profit from it now Just like the Panama bullshit. Follow the money. Who benefits? Security companies will. Most large international ones are owned by Israel/Mossad. Every airport of note from Stockholm to Boston, and Chicago and more have contracts with Israeli/Mossad owned firms.
    So, that’s one group who will turn a profit. Facial ID products will sell. Use your imagination.

  2. The other way to look at it is that they will only thrive if they have financial and infrastructural support from various Statres that wish to sponsor terrorism. This was the case for the ISIS invasion of Iraq and Syria, as well as quite a few other countries then and lately. “Follow the money stupid” and clearly the International Bankers have been facilitators in wreaking havoc on Humanity with sponsoring: war, tax evasion and profit shifting through transfer payments, usury, monopoly profits, patenting and privatising common intellectual property, slavery and all the rest. International organisations are supposed to regulate this sort of stuff, not justify rip-offs under the name of “Free Trade”. Regulating money movements should not just be setting Indian shopkeepers up to pay tax and service International Debt.

  3. Gladio’s secret army…….and Merkel’s ‘selfie’ partners…..Cyberpol will do nothing….except organise bank accounts for them so they can pay their wages via Soros slush fund

  4. A very dangerous situation indeed for all of Europe but who is responsible for the refugee crisis in the first place? VT has reported in the past, Tyrkey’s involvement with smuggling people of unkown origin and character into Europe and Britain. Erdogan has threatened to deluge Europe with even more refugees. Erdogan ahd threatend to unleash Turks living in Europe and Britain causing mayhem and destruction.
    Erdogan along with israel are the two main culprits in the middle east but who’s behind the forced mass exodus out of Africa?
    Now that Cyberpol has all the information , what does it intend to do? What can it do?

    • Erdogan controls only one route of refugees/terrorists, he is not responsible for other routes, Lampedusa Italian route or Morrocan/Spanish route, nor other inflow from Eastern EU borders. The main responsiblity lays in the hands of cheap or free labor seekers, and of course countries that bombed the hell out of Libya and Syria. But all that aside, most if not every EU head of state are pawns and moronic ones to even consider acknowledging Pentagon’s and Israel interests over their own backs.

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