Israel purchases 17 more F-35 stealth warplanes


Israel purchases 17 more F-35 stealth warplanes

The Zionist entity finalized a deal to purchase 17 more F-35 stealth fighters in addition to 33 of the ultra-high-tech jets already ordered, the war ministry said Sunday.

The apartheid regime has already taken delivery of five of the jets, made by US-based Lockheed Martin and the most expensive in history, beginning in December.

The purchase raises ‘Israeli’ aims to maintain ‘military superiority’, ‘Israel’ claims.

It had previously announced its intent to purchase 17 more planes, bringing the total to 50.

The cost of the next batch of 17 F-35s will be less than $100 million each, the ministry said, a significant reduction from the initial 33 planes.

Those were purchased at an average of about $110 million each. The cost of the jets has been sharply criticized, including by US President Donald Trump.

The Zionist entity’s first jets are to be operational this year.

Among its main features are advanced stealth capabilities to help pilots evade sophisticated missile systems.

The single-pilot warplanes can carry an array of weapons and travel at a supersonic speed of Mach 1.6, 1,900 kilometers per hour.

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  1. If/Since Israel is tro buy 17 more F-35s, then the U.S. may have made this a condition of U.S. foreign & military aid OR Israel can modify the F-35s to work better than we understand that they do (i.e., not).

    What few know is that, when Israel buys U.S. military jets, Israel rips out all of the U.S. avionics and installs Israeli avionics, which are generally superior.

    We know that Russia ‘dudded’ all weapons systems & other electronics on the Aegis-class USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea — twice. China, Russia and/or others may have done the same on the Fitz and/or McCain. Russia also has defensive A2AD Electronic Warfare Systems in Syria that can ‘dud’ most if not all weapons systems & other electronics (including Comms).

    Whether such Russian EMG EWS would be effective against U.S. military jets with Israeli avionics, we don’t yet know; but we may soon find out… 😉 Bibi & Co. are again threatening to do stupid stuff in Syria.

  2. At least one other country has been duped into buying Lockheed Martin’s junk and I can’t think of better country to dupe than Israel.

  3. Since when has the zionist aparthield state ever paid full price for anything.
    Subsidized submarines and frigates from Germany, who have already paid billions to so called holocaust survivors in israel, American weapons/missiles to protect itself, (from who) including free nuclear/hydrogen bombs, when is the planet going to wake up, especially Americans.

  4. US Aid money for Israel is now funnelled directly to Lockheed Martin. It is quite funny how Lockheed Martin always gets more money from the American tax-payer, even if it is via a foreign country (or not so foreign in some cases).

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