NEO: America’s Final Fatal Destiny – Dishonoring Robert E. Lee


by Phil Butler,   … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Phil Butler unleashed his artillery all the way from Germany onto the historical head-choppers at the Washington Post. These cyclical anti-Confederate jihads we have been experiencing for the last 25 years, usually NAACP inspired, purely for the free publicity, have always fizzled out. And they tended to be local or statewide at most.

This time with Charlottesville Virginia, we saw a new campaign primed and ready to go. And this one seems to have a “one-upsmanship” aspect to it, as in who can say the stupidest thing about America’s Civil War. The Washington Post has taken a shot at Lee himself, trying to win the brass ring.

Opinion writer Richard Cohen takes a cheap shot with the slavery under-the-belt punch on Lee, when he has no problem with Israel’s modern neo-slavery of the Palestinian people. How’s that for some chutzpah?

I have a problem with educated people acting really really stupid, especially highly paid ones in jobs that had huge competition to get, like getting opinion slots in big city newspapers. But I have the kryptonite for Cohen and the WP, Edmund Burke’s holy grail heritage quote for all time:

“Society is an open-ended partnership between generations. The dead, and the not yet born, are as much a part of society as the living. To dishonor the dead is to reject the relationship upon which society is built, the relationship of obligation between generations. Those who have lost respect for the dead have ceased to be trustees of their inheritance.” 

Nothing really needs to added to Burke’s quote. Cohen is an amoeba compared to Burke, and to Lee, of course.

Phil Butler is onto the psyops aspect of the “Confederate monuments glorify slavery” nonsense. This glorify charge has never been made before, showing that scriptwriters, possibly from a certain ethnic group, are at work here. The first Confederate veterans were not into monuments. They were not really into even talking about the war. They wanted to forget about it all.

This is Joel Culpepper, my great grandfather, one of the survivors of that terrible war, and part of my DNA, which I consider a blessing.

It was Southern women, including lots of widows, who began pushing the monuments. In Atlanta, they sold pies and cakes for three years to raise the money to have all the straggler Confederate remains of those buried where they fell disinterred and brought to Oakland cemetery for a mass burial of the bones, all 3000 unknowns.

The famous Lion of Atlanta monument would come later, but it would never get an historical marker telling tourists that 3000 Confederates lay beneath it. Why? The good folks of color in Atlanta City government said “screw them”.

They of course would not know who Edmund Burke is, nor understand the quote, even after reading twice. And there are a lot more where they came from, including the Washington Post. If anyone is wondering, I am a Son of  a Confederate Veteran, many of them actually, through my mother’s family, Culpeppers, Saterfiels, Hodges, Ethridges, and Yarbroughs, more than I can count.

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This fall, I will bury my Southern mother in Arlington Cemetery, compliments of her first husband Leon Miller, a WWII Yankee veteran, KIA when she was sixteen. She will join a Vietnam-veteran son buried there.

I knew almost nothing about my Confederate heritage until 1996, when I found nother’s cousin’s Culpepper genealogy book at her house. So I was a late bloomer, and have since tried to make up for it, and where my VT work has always been part of that effort Jim W. Dean ]

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Copied from the Lion of Lucerne, the Atlanta Lion is carved from Georgia marble.  Tourist can see that it is a monument to unknown Confederate dead, but the City of Atlanta does not want them to know that the bones of 3000 lie beneath it, literally their way of burying Confederate history.

–  First published  …  August 30,  2017  –

The utter deconstruct of the United States of America is underway. Those American “values” former President Barack Obama and his cadre parroted at us, they’ll soon be lost like tears in rain. Charlottesville, Virginia and the hysterical liberal response to those events, are of a foreboding all Americans should fear.

Everyone with the sense God gave a goose knows that Jeff Bezos’ turned the Washington Post into a wretched rag of a newspaper from the moment he took it over.

But an opinion piece entitled “Robert E. Lee is worth remembering. Just don’t honor him” by Richard Cohen is cause to burn the once venerable clarion to the ground.

Twenty years ago I’d have made the trip to the WP’s doorstep to ignite the bonfire myself. Cohen’s character assassination of one of America’s most venerated heroes is a pitiful reminder that money is the kindling to all manner of caddish hatred.

While I shall not waste one more sentence in description of this misogynist, lying scoundrel of a syndicated columnist. I will however offer to meet him at a time of his choosing on the field of honor, confident in my own ability with whatever weapons he chooses. What a piece of work this man is.

“A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others.” — Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee, the man for whom the Charlottesville, Virginia statue was erected, is not a symbol of racism, but the liberal zealots who’ve infested our great nation are using this as a final wedge to further polarize a nation. The vilification of such a character as Lee, a man who represents all that was good during America’s most critical moment, is an affront to honor and dignity everywhere.

Tragic events during demonstrations in Charlottesville, the death of one poor woman, are now fuel for a plastering over of American history. Worse still, the mission of the instigators will end in a new kind of civil war. If Americans stand by and watch this time, nothing will remain of “We the People” except the veritable Sodom and Gomorrah people like Bezos, George Soros, and their handlers perceive. Robert E. Lee removed – what manner of madness is this?

The recently vandalized Lee statue at Duke

Now they have taken down a statue of Lee that was vandalized. This was ostensibly done in order to “protect” the greater Duke Chapel where the statue stood.

Durham, North Carolina has been in the spotlight over Confederate statues after protesters tore down a bronze Confederate soldier in front of a government there earlier.

My fear is that soon, very soon, this wedge of fueled hatred and ignorance will reach deep into the soul of the American south, and then across the nation.

The socioeconomic disparity wrought by the Bush and Obama administrations rekindled racial tensions dramatically, and now the injured public is being set in upon itself, even though most cannot fathom it. Ripping down venerable and adored figures, the symbols of rightful honor, this is no happenstance.

“I have fought against the people of the North because I believed they were seeking to wrest from the South its dearest rights. But I have never cherished toward them bitter or vindictive feelings, and I have never seen the day when I did not pray for them.” — Robert E. Lee

Like in every other globalist strategy, the ultra-liberal oligarchs in America are using a stressed and confused, even desperate citizenry to create conflict. Inside the US, heavy economic forces are at work trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. The country is broke, but steaming ahead as if the coal bunkers were still full. Washington, the “swamp” Donald Trump swore to empty, is a sinkhole that will take America down with it.

Every American knows this, but universal apathy signals our doom. Abroad, policies toward Russia and China and our European allies threaten insurmountable global crisis, and the “narrative” the Washington Post broadcasts mirrors the domestic mission of the technocrats. If you read it all, then step back and think, then “Russia Bad” or “Putin Bad” is exactly the same message as “Robert E. Lee Bad” and “Jeff Bezos Good”.

A fraud of a “Texas Boy”, Bezos allowing this madness in his newspaper is traitorous. I needn’t defend General Lee, the annals of history (the real ones) accomplish this well. Bezos and his ilk are amoral, agnostic to the slightest semblance of decency, for the ignore the legacy of millions on millions of Americans who hold Lee and his captains so dear.

“I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God.” Robert E. Lee

A final note on the Washington Post scoundrel Richard Cohen and his assertions Lee was a brutal slaveholder comes from a 1934 quote by historian Douglas S. Freeman which describes the venerable general’s place and situation at the time:

“There is no evidence, direct or indirect, that Lee ever had them or any other Negroes flogged. The usage at Arlington and elsewhere in Virginia among people of Lee’s station forbade such a thing.”

The suggestion that a man of Lee’s station and character could hazard so far as to be cruel as his detractors claim is ludicrous at best. Any genuine account of the character of Robert E. Lee, who was once the Commandant at West Point, will reveal Lee’s family connections to George Washington, a position which made him what the author of “The Perfect Gentleman”, Bernice-Marie Yates called “a prime target for abolitionists who lacked all the facts of the situation.”

Finally, Robert E. Lee is the most recent target of a conspiracy to undermine the once great ideals of a legendary nation. Anyone who cannot see this is either blind or stupid. When Donald Trump wrested the presidency from Hillary Clinton, the hounds of liberal hell were unleashed.

This is not even open for interpretation. The technocrats, the Washington swamp, the Western oligarchs and mafia men all set out to handcuff or destroy Trump and his constituency. And Lee is an icon of that constituency. The bottom line here is, with Trump firmly shackled by the Zionist lobby and the technocrats, the enemy of the globalists is the constituency and all our venerable ideas.

Robert E. Lee is the most logical target of these henchmen of “God Knows”. America is sinking, and one bright banner on her mast is already underwater. God bless Robert E. Lee and the spirit he represented.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Jim, kudos to you and the writer for exposing Bezos, and for mentioning the culpability of the Washington DC swamp. And of course, the statue-smashers weren’t satisfied with Confederates. They went after a statue of a Catholic saint & Amerindian boy in Calif., making fools of Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, etc.And now they are going after Columbus statues and Columbus Day, the idiots. Yet there ARE recent signs of intelligent life in the swamp this week. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, for example, said back in May that we have NO evidence of Russian collusion in our election. She followed that up in San Fran. on Tues, Aug 29, by saying that Trump has the potential to be a good President. At the same time, Minority House leader Nancy Pelosi finally issued a statement condemning Antifa violence at Berkeley: “The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.” I asked my husband, what happened to these 2 women that they did a 180? His answer: Radio reports say that the REAL Berkeley Free Speech Movement of the 60s finally had enough. These geezers and their kids/grandkids showed up outside of Feinstein’s and Pelosi’s offices and demanded that they condemn Antifa for being violent and anti-free speech! Kudos to the real Berkeley activists!

    • I agree with Charles Haymarket’s statement that “Red China’s Cultural Revolution is the handbook here”. Yes, Antifa, BLM, and other well-paid “activists” are being shown to be as fascist as their right-wing extremist counterparts. And any politicians and ex-politicians who don’t follow Trump’s lead and condemn BOTH, will feel the heat from fed-up constituents, and will get serious challengers in their primaries. Yes folks, the 2018 election season is already here. Please use it wisely, and light a fire under your local DC swamp-dweller, aka Congress-critter.

  2. When examining the Charlottesville issue carefully it looks completely theatrical. Langely is not far either. More over what history do they wish replaces ours?

  3. Odd to think that in 1967, 50 years ago, the USA was enjoying the “Summer of Love”. 2017 has given us the Summer of Hate, and it’s far from over. Who wins if all the identity politics groups end up fighting and killing each other? Well, in the post 9/11 words of Bozo Nut N’ Yahoo: “It’s very good for Israel”.

    • The Summer of Hate was in 1968, and I remember it well. Good point, though, history trying to repeat itself. But the tide is turning against the extremist haters of both right and left. I think things might end up ok this year if the voters use their common sense and lean heavily on their Congress-creatures to do the same. And ex-Presidents, all of them, should shut up unless they can condemn the well-funded “activists” on BOTH sides of us in the middle.

  4. The problem with history is that when we look back, we aren’t living AT THAT TIME. I remember when signing “Don we now are gay apparel” did NOT mean, we dressed up in the chartreuse boa to march in the “pride” parade.

    “A central fact obscured by post-Civil War mythologies is that the northern U.S. states were deeply implicated in slavery and the slave trade right up to the war.

    The slave trade in particular was dominated by the northern maritime industry. Rhode Island alone was responsible for half of all U.S. slave voyages.”

    Lee fought WITH Grant . . . during the Mexican-American War, yup, don we now our gay apparel. Lee surrendered to Grant. We seem to have forgotten that. Lee was respected at West Point . . . we seem to forget that.

  5. The country was originally founded with power vested in the States and the People not the Federal government. With the continual growth of federal power over State power, largely beginning with the illegal use of federal armed force to seek to prevent the Confederacy from leaving the Union, isn’t it amazing that after 157 or so years since 1860, with all the constant meddling of the Federal Government in State affairs using the so called “Commerce Clause” in the Constitution for its “legal justification”, that we have no federal law protecting all historical monuments in the country? All monuments are sacred and represent deep feelings of former and current citizens and the sacrifices on all sides of conflicts. Most people living today are unable to visualize and comprehend life in this country at the time of the Civil War. When this problem is added to lies and misconceptions from history books to lying media, clearly we have a big problem today with some seeking to destroy our history. And to add insult to injury many of the so called current “leaders” of the South have chickened out and sold out their great ancestral heritage for a five letter obscene word MONEY.

    • “I do solemnly swear ( or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States”, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This is the oath all U.S. presidents have taken from the beginning, so far as I know, which is provided in our Constitution. Observe it states nothing about “preserving the Union”. The condition of slavery, regardless of one’s opinions about it today, was legal and part of our Constitution from the beginning. It existed in all 13 original Colonies. New York was built by black slave labor. Folks in New York fostered and ran and profited from the slave trade. Estimates of the order $3 billion to buy out all the slave owners in the country have been made and ironically this is the same order of magnitude of cost of the whole war! The Union was a voluntary compact; force was not used to induce member states to join. Nor was force of killing upwards of 1 million with property losses estimated of nearly $2 billion authorized anywhere in the Constitution for the purpose of “holding the Union together”. Abraham Lincoln violated his sacred oath above in conducting this illegal war using military armed force to prevent the Confederacy, which peacefully voted to leave, to force them to remain in the Union. Shame on him.

  6. With all the living US war criminals and some of them in office as we write this, it is really a wonder how mutual conscience becomes alive and angered at the half-ancient ones, while the living ones walk among us every day in suits. If someone wants to cripple those that are about war crimes, one can simply walk into Pentagon or weapons dealers headquarters.

  7. It looks as though, my family is about to produce a generation without a veteran after, myself, an uncle, and nephew are gone. My wife’s family and mine, have both been in every conflict on all sides in and for the US going back to original colonialization in Massachusetts. All I had left of one grandfather, was a helmet, cored grenade, and a collection of German razors with ivory handles. The helmet, was always of particular interest, it seemed to evoke more emotion than the rest. It didn’t matter how it was placed, though hanging to one side brought up more sadness than being flat on a shelf. My uncle, who served on a ship in the Bay of Pigs, had this keen ability to find arrowheads wherever he went. He had hundreds. We used to say, wow, how many were there ? Where did all these people go ? If we can find this many, in small creeks anywhere, there must have been hundreds of thousands of people making them.

    • We struggle with how to remember and best honor our relatives and comrades. The causes, the strife, the pain and the loss. It is all around my family and in every corner and there is no end. As for myself, I find our choices are limited by frustration, because people want to do something, and just can’t seem to decide what is best. I try to understand what the dead would want. That seems the best answer if we are to honor them. I like the lion, and agree the plaque should be there. But as for myself, I always come around to the same answer. Do what it takes to stop it from continuing. Warriors die, under the auspice of fixing a problem, usually fairness. So, to honor the dead, all I can do,is strive for fairness. And in that regard, honoring the treaties is where we should start. We can’t heal if we don’t admit the problem. And we can’t stop war, if we don’t heal the war culture disease. The US tree, has root rot.

    • You should be thankful that future generations of your family will not become veterans of unnecessary and useless banksters wars . Hopefully there will be no more in my family that will be sent off to some foreign land to murder innocent men, women and children based on lies and propaganda. Hopefully there will be none in my family who will take part in the destruction of entire civilizations and societies in the name of corporat profit.
      I’m looking forward to the day my family produces no more soldiers. It appears this is becoming true.

  8. I read this morning that people are erecting Confederate monuments on their own property, which local governments can do nothing about, no matter how liberal they are.
    I’d like to see the ANTIFA retards try to do something about that.
    Orwell rolls in his grave.

    • The VA Flaggers have been doing this for some years now, finding private locations by high traffic highways to erect the big ones. This is expensive in that the flags have to be replaced, but if you get enough people chipping in then the cost is spread out. The poles need to be vandal proof with the ropes inside. Not being able to get at these big flags has pushed the opposition to the more vulnerable monuments. And there is talk now about pushing for rezoning laws to stop the big flags from going up.

  9. Jim, a succinct account of Lee before, during, and after the war, which includes his slaveholding I feel is needed here. Perhaps you might supply it? I was under the impression that Lee detested slavery, yet he had slaves? Please attempt to pierce the fog of uncertainty.

    As for the statues, remember it started in New Orleans. I was there to see it. I saw that they would not stop there, and would demand all statues, street signs, school names, removed. Unfortunately I was right. Mayor Landreau, seeing that he had created a frankenstiens monster by appeasing this group in the beginning, has drawn the line at the statue of Andrew Jackson (the hero of New Orleans). I fear it may be too late.

    • The people behind all this are Marxists. ANTIFA is a marxist/communist group that uses violence and the threat of violence as part of their strategy. The problem begins in giving into their demands; once met, they demand even more. Alongside them are the Black Lives Matter lunatics who want all whites to give up their property to welfare queens with 10 kids by ten different men and gang bangers.

    • Everybody knew that slavery was going to end. The question was how. Left out of the discussion for ages is how the British did it. The government just bought them from the owners, as in Jamaica, where debt was carried on them. The production of the island went to hell as the freed blacks thought freedom was not having to work, so the plantations went into ruins, and many of the former slaves lived off the land, something that could be done in much of Jamaica. The British taxpayers carried a crushing tax burden to pay for all this, becoming free slaves themselves, where working conditions were just horrendous, including child labor in the mines as the tunnels could be made smaller for small people. I have a rare book on it, a liberal Parliamentary investigation…with drawings…just shocking, and not a word of it ever mentioned in American history up through the undergraduate level. This was a key part of my education in learning what we were NOT taught.

    • “History are lies agreed upon.” Napoleon. Unfortunately these lies are taught in America’s public schools to push forward a certain agenda. Did some history teachers know better? Were they coerced into it? Was it part of their own agenda?
      The problem we are now facing is that certain political groups are pushing to erase history. To send it down the memory hole. Will Washington now create a Ministry of Truth? How many Winston Smiths will it take to erase history that doesn’t fit the needs of the state?
      “Who controls the past controls the future. who controls the present, controls the past.”
      It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”
      “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
      George Orwell- 1984
      How soon before Newspeak is taught in schools? Or is it already happening.

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