Can someone tell Donald Trump to just shut up?


…by Jonas E. Alexis


 During a speech last week, Trump declared that “vast amounts” of money and energy are being used to refine “our nuclear arsenal and missile defense.”[1] It was reported that

“Last week, the Air Force announced major new contracts for an overhaul of the American nuclear force: $1.8 billion for initial development of a highly stealthy nuclear cruise missile, and nearly $700 million to begin replacing the 40-year-old Minuteman missiles in silos across the United States.”[2]

Can you imagine a country in the Middle East (except Israel) or Asia bragging about building nuclear missiles? Aren’t we having a serious confrontation with North Korea at this present moment because they have allegedly bragged about building nuclear missiles? Why can Trump brag about having more nuclear weapons and building while North Korea cannot? Kim Jung-un can go mad, but United States officials cannot?

Here we are not supporting North Korea by any stretch of imagination. But the United States and much of the Zionist West need to start realizing that the world isn’t stupid. One needn’t be a logician or intellectual to see double standards in the political landscape. It’s just about everywhere in Washington. If Trump cannot universalize the nuclear missile thing, as Kant would have put it, why can’t he see that he is swimming in a torrent of contradictions? Do you now see why Russian officials aren’t taking the United States seriously?

The report continues to say:

“While both programs were developed during the Obama years, the Trump administration has seized on them, with only passing nods to the debate about whether either is necessary or wise. They are the first steps in a broader remaking of the nuclear arsenal — and the bombers, submarines and missiles that deliver the weapons — that the government estimated during Mr. Obama’s tenure would ultimately cost $1 trillion or more.”[3]

Can Trump seriously tell us that the average American is going to benefit from spending at least a trillion dollars on nuclear missiles? No one in the administration can explain these phenomena because we are living in a world in which ideology takes precedence over practical reason. And this is one reason why Russian officials aren’t taking the United States seriously at all. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has recently said that

“As you know, it takes two to tango, but it seems to me that our [US] partners keep performing individual breakdance.”[4]

Well said. The United States has been doing “individual breakdance” for decades. And this “individual breakdance” has never been congruent with the political order at all. Moreover, this “individual breakdance” has created nothing but trouble for the American people.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, then just get a microphone and start interviewing the people you randomly meet even in your area. Ask them about who the enemy of the United States is. The majority of them will probably say “Muslims.” Then proceed to ask them, “How many Muslim civilians died in Iraq just last month?”

The answer may surprise you.

At least 333 civilians lost their precious lives in Iraq alone last month.[5] If puppets in the Zionist media are really concerned about what is really going on in the Middle East, why don’t they report these facts? Why don’t so-called alternative media personalities like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson at least tell their listeners some of these uncomfortable but true things? Why don’t those people stop living in a fantasy world?

[1] Quoted in David E. Sanger and William J. Broad, “Trump Forges Ahead on Costly Nuclear Overhaul,” NY Times, August 27, 2017.

[2] Ibid.

[3] Ibid.

[4] “US performs ‘individual breakdance’ instead of paired tango – Lavrov,” Russia Today, September 1, 2017.

[5] “2,154 Killed in Iraq During August,”, September 1, 2017.

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  1. JZ: Investigating Mike Cernovich’s dog poop stories would be a full time job that would occupy all VT writers & editors for most of their lives. Mike Cernovich is a self-described “American alt-right or new-right social media personality, writer, conspiracy theorist & ‘American nationalist’.”

    Mike’s tongue is brown due to French-kissing Trump’s ass. The purpose of this RBN/Cernovich turd-in-the-punch-bowl ‘story’ is a call to arms for Trump’s always-Trump-no-matter-what Alt.Right ‘base’ — the 25% of America who would back Trump with impunity if not immunity, even if Trump murdered an innocent guy on the streets of NYC (as Trump himself said that he could).

    Trump is ACTING as if his personal attorneys have told Trump that Trump is now playing The Endgame — before Impeachment & Removal or Resignation. Thus, Trump pardoned white supremacist ex-Sheriff Arpaio (responsible for the unexplained deaths of many persons of colour in Arizona) — a signal to potential Trump/Kosher-Nostra Money Laundering witnesses & accusers that they too don’t need to tell the truth to Mueller & Congress, ‘cuz Trump will pardon them too. 😉

  2. Don’t need to investigate it, it’s ludicrous. Cernovich is a unreliable source at best and if it were true, it would be all over the media. Besides, Trump was in Texas & Alabama today.

  3. You always get me to thinking. Yesterday while stopped at a red light I watched a man in a wheel chair. He was clutching to his chest what appeared to be all his worldly possesions, while inching forward using his feet. To me this is always sad to witness. While watching his progress I thought. Is America on it’s way to becoming that man? That homeless man in a wheelchair. Well, the light changed colors, and I soon forgot that moment only to have you remind me. Kant you stop.

  4. Alexis, you’re spitting into the wind. The American public isn’t listenening. We are tired. We are tired. The massive increased spending on nukes is a joke. It isn’t a funny joke either. Rather it is the best way to tell the public (which doesn’t listen anyway) that “they” are about to steal a Trillion dollars, again. It’s easy money. Does anyone have any doubts that our budget is absurd? That current spending is unsustainable. Just as in personal matters of finance there is a debt ceiling, and just as you, and I have a credit limit we shouldn’t exceed, a country also has a credit limit, and consequences. No one talks of this. Quite the opposite. For the past 17 years everyone from congress, to the MSM media parrots the theme … debt is good. and the debt ceiling … a myth. The only one who gains from debt is the lender. So, Alexis I appreciate your moral, and logical assesments. I really do. But, I think we’re past all that. If that’s possible.
    We have sunk into a morass of sorts. When one pisses one’s bed, for a minute, the warm urine is a comfort. But soon it turns cold, and smelly, and is time to wake up, and get up to change the sheets. Hush my friend, we are in that minute, asleep in the puddle.

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