In what language did God write the Ten Commandments?


“The Ten Commandments should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language, but that was not the case. So where is the missing link?”

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Did the god of the Israelites deliver the so-called Ten Commandments to Moses orally or in a written form?  The Bible clearly says in several places that he did indeed write the Ten Commandments himself (with his own finger). The clearest verse in regards to this is found in (Ex 31:18).

But then, why did the god of the Israelites have to go to such trouble as to write down the Ten Commandments himself?

What was so special about those ten laws particularly that they advocated common ethics ancient man had already come to know and value (including the idea of one supreme god) through social evolution and not by divine revelation?

Ironically, the man god chose to carry his laws which strongly abhorred the act of killing and stealing, was already a killer and later a warlord who ordered the killing of so many innocent people after having stolen their native land. That leaves one wondering whether those commandments had any moral mandate that should have deterred the children of Israel from committing the war crimes they did in the name of invading/occupying their so called “Promised Land”.

Moreover, most ancient cultures had codes of ethics more or less similar to the Hebrew Ten Commandments, and surprisingly, other cultures had far superseded them.

Ancient Egypt, for instance, had long abided by 42 moral commandments – known as the laws of Ma’at, written at least 2,000 years before the time of Moses. Ma’at is the Egyptian principle of truth, righteousness and order. Compared to the Egyptian moral laws, the Ten Commandments seem a bit too little and much too late.

Most importantly, what was the language that the god of the Israelites used while chiseling down his tablets and also during his long conversations with Moses? Did the god of the Israelites use Chinese, Greek or Ancient Hebrew as the consensus of biblical scholars tends to believe.

What was the point the Israelite god wanted to make by chiseling down his commandments on stone, rather than articulating them verbally to Moses, as he did the rest of Torah? If those tablets were so divine and holy how did Moses have the guts – no matter what the reason was – to smash them into pieces the minute he descended from the mountain where he had a long chat with his god? Or maybe Moses destroyed those holy tablets because anger management (a value commended by ancient sages) was somehow not included in those Ten Commandments?

Rendering the Ten Commandments in a written form seems kind of strange considering that at the time of the story of the Exodus from Egypt no Israelite slave was literate in Ancient Hebrew or in any other ancient language for that matter.

So why did the god of the Israelites insist on writing down his commandments for an illiterate, aggressive and ungrateful mob of the Israelites?

As a matter of fact, the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet did not evolve before 1000 BC – some three centuries after the time of Moses and his tablets. The language structure is relatively similar to the Ancient Hebrew, which was about to arise around 1000 BC, but the symbols were not Hebrew, they were from an earlier set of pictograph symbols of Ancient Arabian/Yemenite writing.

So, what was the purpose of delivering God’s commandments inscribed on stone tablets when no one could have read them, including Moses who was purportedly raised and educated according to the Egyptian tradition and tongue?

If Moses was (as the misconception/myth goes) brought up as a high-ranking Egyptian he was probably literate only in Ancient Egyptian.

The Hebrews couldn’t have read or written hieroglyphs proper, because that was a closely guarded skill that required years of training and was the exclusive realm of a select class of scribes, usually drawn from elite Egyptian families.

Although no archaeological evidence has ever been recovered to attest to such an event of an Exodus or enslavement in Egypt, but, if the story of Moses did happen in Ancient Egypt, then the Ten Commandments as well as the rest of the Mosaic laws should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language. But that was not the case according to the scholarly consensus. So where is the missing link?

When Moses was not in Egypt before the Exodus, he was with Midianites not Hebrews. The fact that Moses, after fleeing Egypt, was able to easily communicate/converse with Midianites means that the people of Ancient Egypt and Midian spoke the same tongue, but historically that is not true either.

A (mistaken) consensus among historians views Midian as an Arabian tribe/confederation of tribes that dwelled in the North-Western part of Ancient Arabia. But historians were not mistaken as they identified the Midianites as an Arabian tribe but only when they conveniently located them at the North of the Arabian Peninsula (near Egypt). Whereas according to Ancient Arabian tradition and records the original site of Midian had long been at the West-Southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and specifically at Ancient Yemen. The mountain of Jethro/Shu-ayb (Moses’ Midianite father-in-law) still stands in Yemen as the most prominent peak in the whole Arabian Peninsula.

If the Midianites were Ancient Arabian tribes then they must have spoken some kind of Ancient Arabian language/dialect.

Did Moses speak Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Arabian language, most unlikely. Then, how could that anachronism be straightened out?

Moreover did god speak to Moses in Ancient Egyptian language or in Ancient Arabian tongue? (And please spare me the patronizing voices that will claim that Moses and his god conversed in some unearthly divine dialect — because even the most fundamentalist rabbinical authorities never went that far).

If at the purported time of the Exodus story no written alphabet/written language had yet evolved in the Ancient Near East — except the Egyptian, the Sumerian and the Ancient Arabian/Yemenite, then what was the most likely language the Israelite god used to chisel down his (so-called) Ten Commandments? Of course both the Sumerian and Egyptian seemed highly unlikely.

That would leave us with only one possibility; the Ten Commandments must have been written down in Ancient Yemenite.

Interestingly not very far away from Yemen, the Orthodox Church and priesthood of Modern Ethiopia are adamant that their land has always kept the Arc of the Covenant, something the whole world has long deemed lost and irretrievable.

But that conclusion would dramatically shift the geography of the Exodus story from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Arabia and Yemen. Though it might seem a bit of a stretch for many, but Ancient Arabia and Yemen is actually where the ancient Israelites had originally dwelled and where their stories and legends evolved including that of the Exodus.

The truth of the matter is that the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church or what is known as the New Testament was originally based on a genuine Arabian culture and folklore. It is mistakenly known as the Old Testament/or the Hebrew Bible – a totally Greek terminology (To the Arabs and Ethiopians it is only referred to as the Torah)

The Story of the Moses and Pharaoh – including the Ten Commandments — is an Ancient folktale of Arabia, and the Torah is one of its ancient books

For further reading and references:

The Bible unearthed” by Israel Finkelstein & Neil Silberman

Deconstructing the walls of Jericho” by Prof. Ze’ev Herzog

Bible came from Arabia” By prof. Kamal Salibi

Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


  1. “God’s word” is no language at all – it is knowledge.
    Man in denial of God or in separation from its origin needs a communication tool called language to make sure conflict extends the cycle of illusion versus reality.
    Any men touched by “the word of God” communicates. Men communicating with their tongue or fingers projecting their version of translation and authority – which actually can not be translated in total at all.
    Mankind is lost in their own maze of being with many languages but no communication at all.
    The human ear hears what it wants to hear. truth might not necessarily a part of it.

  2. احترس يا عزيزى الدكتور عزت من غضب العزيز القهارعليك.
    Be careful my dear Dr. Ezzat from the wrath of the Mighty Annihilator.

  3. The Ten Commandments where not written in hebrew. What you can find at Bible or Tora are copies of something older, the “Book of the Dead” of Egypt.

  4. The article provides solid questioning as to whether “God” wrote or in some way caused the Ten commandments. The article opens the door for the questioning of many other events in the Bible having a divine origin. The Bible never could stand much scrutiny and obviously needs and gets fanatical protection from any questioning. Could it be that we don’t even need this suspiciously flawed minced meat conglomeration of validated facts among facts that make little or no sense? Why would the so called “God of Israel” give out ten commandments when there were already hundreds of other laws already in place. The last thing needed was more laws. Had man sunk so low that he needed to have right and wrong simplified and spelled out exactly or was it a device to stop man from using an innate ability to determine what is right and wrong. The article’s premise leads one to question, was it even “God” who issued such commandments and how many actually? Why would a divine being make such absolute laws that could be misinterpreted and result in even more violations of “thou shalt not kill.” The commandments could be used as a perfect ruse for the starting of authoritarian religious control of the masses by anyone or group who could merge their identity concept with the commandments. Very convenient if they were totally fabricated in order to accomplish a form of religious slavery and mass control.

    • Were it not for influence in war and distribution of money, the validity of the Bible would not be a topic for conversation. Do not give them money, and do not go to war with the thought of righteous behavior and the topic is null. Freedom of religion is the right and duty of any soldier. So too is the duty of any person, much less a soldier or defender of people, to make sure it is not improperly used. People who connect with spirit (god) are subject to flaw, so intuition must always be questioned. Even if an Angel appears and gives instruction to a person, it must be tested and reviewed. That has happened and there is many stories written about it to help those who may overwhelmed with such. Many instances prove, that the choice is left to the person, and ultimately is exactly that. That’s where the mystery is and shall remain until a group consciously and publicly see and hear, and record, that which has always been personal.

    • You know what the Zionist or Talmudists or Phareses or Levites or Judains do. They have started a revolution in every nation they have been to. They destroy legitimate institutions and religions. They spread that “religion is the opium of the masses”, just like you atheists are doing.

  5. Dr.Ezatt, we do not need to go so long in history to prove our point. You sounds like a fanatical atheist attacking and insulting all religions without understanding their depth and true meaning. No body from our generation was alive in the Moses times to support ur claim, but we are alive today, we know who is the Al-Sisi, the new butcher of Egypt, we know how evil is he, we know the torture, the brutality and bloody regime of Sissi, yet You are Mr. Ezatt a fanatical supporter of this bloody tyrant, so do not come here and teach us WHO was wrong or right some 1000s years ago. If you are a medical doctor so go and help the poor and needy in Egypt, do not loss ur and our time, leave ur pseudo theology a side.

  6. One of the fantastical elements purposely inserted in Exodus, is right in the first chapter. After making it clear, that the workload is heavy and requires immense male labor, an order is given to kill the male children by the authority demanding the labor. This storyline makes zero sense on purpose. And the first chapter is the ethical place to make sure this is understood right off the bat. A great tool, to tell the story with no explanation the first day, listen to the discussion the next, then teach the meaning of the days, and all go Ahhhhhh ! But, nowadays folks aren’t as appalled hearing a command to kill all the babies. It also may be a clue as to the gender of the students.

  7. من يهتم
    Who the F cares? Seriously. Nobody is paying attention to any form of civility, has paid attention, or will pay attention . . . so you really think bringing up this great debate is going to actually solve a human need, or suffering in . . oh, I don’t know, Barassa?!? What good are 10 “commandments” if they’re not to be followed? And what does this say about a group of people that have to be TOLD to be good, and not kill?!? Just sayin’

    • The cowards are not the ones who won’t pull the trigger when the assault is reaching the trench, it is the ones who won’t discuss why they are doing so in the first place. To get folks to kill each other, takes a lot of explaining and convincing. So, if we see a group who is doing so quite readily, it is absolutely imperative to question how they were convinced. It is not a difficult investigation. But it is an ugly one.
      If your home is attacked, the answer is obvious. Why it is being attacked, is usually the core of depravity. A “warrior monk” who calls people (pussies) for not encouraging or participating in, illegal war, then it is a fake monk. A mad dog.

    • btw,.. just as Shwartzkopf was born in Bear decan and is nicknamed “The Bear” so too is Mattis born on Tzi, which is the 20th day and the symbol is the Dog. So that is why I say, his nickname should be Calm Down Dog.

    • DO, “If your home is attacked, the answer is obvious.” To me, that is not obvious at all. There is always another answer to everything. Take it as a rule of thumb, if you are sure you are right then you must be wrong. I see you think you live in an existence of absolutes, but the truth is it is a duality leading down toward a spiral of decay. There is another answer: there is no need to kill. You choose to meet your end without killing another human being, “the archetype of Abel.” I am surprised with all your numerology you haven’t discovered the (-) sign. Oh here is something for you to ponder, Allah says that “above the Quraan is the number 19.” I am interested to hear what you have to say about that.

    • Khalid, I do not “do” numerology, it is ridiculous. I am not an atheist. You make many assumptions.
      That is why spirituality and wisdom do not mesh with religion. Neither does history, unless folks change it, there, All fixed ! There are certain numbers in nature and they should be observed. Patterns should be observed. But unless you have overwhelming evidence, causation and meaning should not be put forth as fact. Everybody prays, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Religion has nothing to do with it, the pure heart is what makes the connection. Words and writings, and practices are banal and repetitive. To be of pure heart and pure intention does not require those things. Rules are made up by people as they go along. Mostly, that practice is used for undeserved power.

  8. I will make one specific criticism of your critique, however. You write :

    ‘Or maybe Moses destroyed those holy tablets because anger management (a value commended by ancient sages) was somehow not included in those Ten Commandments?’

    We are told in the Gospels, that when he drove the spivs and hustlers out of the Temple, he carefully plaited cords into a serviceable whip. As I’m sure you know, such anger would be described by those sympathetic to its religious warrant, as ‘righteous indignation’.

    We have a lot of Christians, mostly Protestants I think, who try to subject the Apocalypse, of all texts, to their own painstaking exegesis. The thing is, you only need to get one assumption wrong, and the most faultless logic will lead you to Bedlam (as Keynes remarked concerning a book by Hayek that he was reviewing

    • Yea, so stop giving them money and see how much they care about your soul. Maybe it is so mysterious like bacteria used to be, or airplanes. Dudes wrote it, dudes changed it again and again to make folks believe whatever they wanted. Justified war among them. Calculus is mysterious to the non-math person, and differential equations, Holy Cow !. And those things have a very limited usefulness. Spooky language like Gospels and scripture do not lend credence to anything. There is plenty of better text with better wisdom and stories. They were hand selected for designer religion. That is no mystery. Maybe it is mysterious, because religion doesn’t teach spirituality and causation.

  9. Dr Ezzat, I perceive you are a secular fundamentalist. Hamlet’s words to Horatio spring to mind : ‘There are more things in heaven and earth…’ As a result you, and seemingly the majority of the posters on here, seem to regard Christian scripture and its Hebraic matrix, rather as you might read the user-manual of a washing machine. It’s not like that, appearances, sometimes, notwithstanding. It is essentially deeply mysterious, more so even than quantum physics, which, however, ‘knocks’ materialism ‘on the head’, good and proper. The aid of the Holy Spirit is required, and you may still find deeper layers of meanng in the passage, the next time you reflect on it.

  10. Israelites, Hebrews, Jews….all made up bull s***! That’s all it is. Judaic religion is pure rubbish made to order for mass murder, usury and deceit, not to mention promoting racist ideology of one religion over another and one race over another. Hence, God’s chosen people.( Total rubbish )
    Ten Commandments?! Give us the Ten Condiments! Moses bringing down the Ten Condiments from the mount offered by a burning B.B.Q bush……must have been mesquite. Offered up to a tribe of people noted for sacrificing infants and worshiping a golden calf who later went on to other holy adventures.
    I discovered from going to the website: Truth be Known by Acharya S. ( D.M. Murdock), Just how much of the Jewish Bible is actually rehashed from earlier religions and codes of conduct. In truth there is nothing original in the Old Testament except for the glorification of the Israelites as as the chosen ones. Talk about narcissism and self delusion.
    The reason why we have the seven day week was so that man could labor for five of those days and then on Saturday preen the lawn and watch college football and on Sunday watch pro football or NASCAR.
    Oh yeah, don’t forget God has blessed Amurca.

  11. Thanks to the present article, I just learned about the first known alphabet known from inscriptions found as recently as 1999 :
    In school we learned about the alphabet of the ancient Phoenicians as the origin of the presently used alphabets such as the Greek, the Latin, the Arabic and the Hebrew alphabets. But precursors of the Phoenician alphabet have been found in the older «protosemitic» inscriptions, and now also, since 1999, the «Wadi-el-Hol» inscription that has been dated to ca. 1800 BC.
    Ancient Egyptian writing used the famed Hieroglyphics, where each Hieroglyphic character was a «pictogram” that represented a syllable. The innovation that came with the Phoenician alphabet and its precursors, was that now the characters represented individual sounds instead of syllables. The result was that only 22 characters were needed, as opposed to the multitude of pictograms.

    • JohnZ , I looked at Murdoch’s stuff. She may have gotten the whole ball of wax from John G Jackson “Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth” it is eerily similar. I saw the same thing between The Kolbrin and Kahlil Gabran.

  12. I think, if we follow the bible, that there was a universal language, when the 10 commandments were written by god. Later came the falldown of menkind at the Tower of Babel, as far as I remember. So we must look for the original language. Today english or Russian is the language used most of the time, in 1400 it was Spanish and maybe used only at business
    BTW I think music is also a universal language made out of frequencies. Maybe it was just sound or a kind of frequency in the beginning, not what we would call a language today.

    • There are scholars working on a possible reconstruction of man’s «original language». But it is very difficult, since it is inherent in the nature of language to change over time. And for a «reconstruction» one needs to use the out-of-Africa model that describes the dispersal of the human family over the globe, based on world wide collection of genetic data. One then has to go back around 40 000 years to the time when modern humans first crossed over to the Eurasian continent from Africa.

  13. Moses is Baboon Thoth decan and Batz day. Aaron is Kawoq and is the good speaker. The story of Moses, is the story of the days, with Kawoq in the starring role. This day specifically states “survives rains and floods” and “Batz and Kawoq are related” there are superfluous modern examples. Batz, the first day, (human family) the rule giver judges among other things jack -of trades,(Judge Judy, Tony Robbins, Charles Manson, Joel Osteen, Moses) is related to the 9th day ,Kawoq. Aaron is the speaking aspect and the verse and day “and all the people believed”. Annie Edson Taylor climbed into a wooden barrel on her 61rst birthday which landed on Kawoq that day, and plunged over the Niagra Falls, Horseshoe side, and escaped with just a bump on the head. When she emerged, she said, “No one ought ever do that again”. Miriam is Imox. Caleb and the captains returning from the spy mission, (Num 13 & 14)is the story of Hunter and Bear, Aug 2 to Aug 22 or so. (14 verse 36 is our current problem) Exodus is a mess, as is Numbers, but at least the numericals are there and the 36 decans are quite visible in Numbers. Obama Was Hunter, and Shwartzkopf and McCrystal are Bears.

  14. 40 chapters, 40 years, 40 days, etc etc.. The 20 days and the story of Moses, is found in many cultures. But, the 20 days have a standard method of teaching, and that is to teach them twice round to engrain the concept that different aspects come out, and how those aspects affect an ongoing situation. It is an unfolding and cannot be taught once round, due to other cycles simultaneously occurring. Genesis, survived in much better condition, and Exodus is absolutely corrupted, but the skeleton is highly visible. Take verse 17 of chapter 31, and it mentions the “day of rest” out of the blue. The 17th day is Kej and is well known as a day when people and animals alike are likely to find the best nights sleep. Therefore, do not expect folks to be on time to work in the morning. It is logical to take the following day off. Cutting it to 7 days, increases profits for the drivers. Chapter 31 is Imox, and some folks born on that day, are filled with the spirit and can be healers or very intuitive. They were the vestal virgins that keep the fire in the tower of the priests. It is also a day to watch for falsehood. It is a fire day, and many conflagrations occur. 9/11 is one example.

    • As for the languages, I ask to consider the multi-cultural nature of the teachings. It is absolutely common for the wise men of any land to accompany an expedition to another land to trade knowledge and gain knowledge. In Egypt, the students of time would be the highest motivated group to enrich their knowledge base and bring the fruit back to their people. The best way to do it, is incorporate the familiar culture accurately into the teaching. Insert name, location, etc. But obviously, it would be unethical to make the story sound real, so certain fantastical elements are inserted and maintained to protect the nature of the teaching, and keep it from being misused. As is currently the case, in spite of the fantastical elements. I find the verbatim correlations in sacred text from all cultures. I was personally told by the Maya authority, (including the one who holds the staff) that they received the days 6,000 years ago, from the Olmecs. The path from Lagos to Guatemala, can easily be traveled. The days are kept by glyph as that is universal language. The sunstone is the companion to the Dendera.

    • Consider this, Using chapter 1 verse by verse, I’ll spot just the highlights of the days using only direct quotes from the best source for the descriptors, many sources are similar, the Smithsonian has one that at least has the right order, but the Maya quotes I use are direct (unless I-Ching specified). 1- “First day Men and Women are Born” “Family of Man”, “Family from Creator over Earth” 6- “Day of the Ancestors” 10- “Protectors of life” “excess energy can lead to military leanings” 13- “Energy coming to the house” 14 – (I-Ching #14) is “the heavy wagon” 16- is the day called Kame “Kame cuts life” “Ruler of Death or transformation” 18- “Female Qanil people like to have lots of babies and are midwives by nature” 21- would be once round and Batz again “Batz is master artists and Jacks of all trades”

    • I thought Moses looked like Charlton Heston! Jesus had blond hair and blue eyes, had an American flag patch on his should and the inscription”Kill’em al, let God sort ’em out” on the back of his robe,. all the while carrying an AR-15 and wearing an NRA hat.

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