Iran warns Iraq’s Kirkuk decision to back Kurdish referendum provocative


by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor    …with Press TV, Tehran

[Note: The Kurds are playing with fire with this resolution ploy. The deck is stacked against them, as they cannot export their only revenue-generating export, oil, through countries around them that deem them a threat. Whatever monies those countries might lose from oil transport fees and trade would be much less than the cost of a war.

The Kurds have to realize this, so that makes me suspicious that the referendum may be a ploy to renegotiate the oil revenue-sharing deal with Baghdad. The average Kurd is thinking he might be able to live like the Qataris off their energy wealth, but the numbers do not come anywhere close to the Qatari wealth and its small population.

Also, along with all the other outside threats to the region, the last thing the Iranian, Turkish, Iraqi and Syrian coalition want to see is a big US-Israeli puppet state in the Kurdish region, as Barzani will need powerful outside friends to survive.

But what is the most crazy is the Kurds include areas outside the traditional Kurdish ancestral territory, a hugely aggressive move on their part, especially now that Iraq has a large and battle-tested military force that did not incur huge losses to defeat ISIS to let the Kurds take advantage of the country. This is a very dangerous situation, and yet we hear nothing from Barzani. Why?  JD ]

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Barzani is playing with fire with this referendum

– First published  …  August 30, 2017  –

Iran has warned the Iraqi Kirkuk region against taking part in the upcoming referendum in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.



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  1. Someone has finally spotted the elephant in the room: Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria will refuse to transit Kurdish oil, because the proceeds will be used to attack them. End of.

    What the landlocked Kurds will actually export if they vote for “independence” (i.e. Dependence on the US/Israel) is not oil, but opium. Kurdistan’s topography and demographics and society is very much like Afghanistan’s — a wild and inaccessible mountainous country easily defended from intruders, with fertile valley bottoms, a similar climate, a warlike and heavily armed agrarian population, and a diaspora measuring in the millions living in the West — Perfect for growing poppies. The product is easy to smuggle out to an insatiable market and is worth substantially more than $50 a bbl. The European market for opioids is largely untapped.

    The Kurds imagine that they are being groomed by the CIA to be the next Kuwait or Norway. They are in fact being groomed to be the next Afghanistan — a Narcostate in a permanent state of war against several of the world’s best fast infantry forces.

    Good luck to them.

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