Putin pens new article, in which he reflect on BRICS and multipolar world order


Putin pens new article, in which he reflect on BRICS and multipolar world order

On the eve of the BRICS summit, which is to be held in Xiamen, China, on September 4-5, President Vladimir Putin wrote an article “BRICS – Towards New Horizons of Strategic Partnership.” In the article, the Russian president presented Russia’s approaches to cooperation within the authoritative association and set out his vision for further interaction.

Vladimir Putin pointed out China’s efficient role as the chairing state of BRICS. This made it possible to achieve serious progress in all key areas of the partnership – political, economic, humanitarian, he wrote. “I’d like to add that the five countries have significantly strengthened their position in the world,” the president wrote.

Putin stressed that the activities of the association are built on principles of equality, respect and consideration of each other’s views. “No one imposes anything on anyone at BRICS. When approaches do not coincide in everything, the parties conduct patient and painstaking work to bring them closer.” Such an open, trusting atmosphere contributes to the successful implementation of the tasks set,” the head of state wrote.

In the article, the President said that Russia highly values the multifaceted interaction that has developed within the “group of five” format. “The constructive cooperation of our countries on the international arena is aimed at the formation of the fair multipolar world order, creating equal opportunities for all countries,” the article reads.

“I’d like to note that in many respects, largely owing to actions taken by Russia and other interested states, prerequisites have been formed recently for improving the situation in Syria.” A powerful blow has been struck on terrorists and conditions have been created for the process of political settlement to begin to let Syrian people return to peaceful life,” Putin wrote.

According to the president of Russia, the struggle against terrorists in Syria, in other countries and regions should be continued. Russia calls, not verbally, but practically, to form a broad anti-terrorist front on the universally recognised international legal basis, with the United Nations playing the central role in the process.

Putin also paid attention to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, noting that Russia and China developed a “roadmap” for the settlement of the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, to gradually reduce tensions and create a mechanism for solid peace and security.

During the forthcoming summit, Russia plans to discuss new large-scale tasks of cooperation in trade, investment and production cooperation.

“First of all, I would like to point out the start of the operational activity of the New Development Bank (NBB). Seven investment projects in BRICS countries have been approved for about $1.5 billion. This year, the NBB is expected to approve a second package of investment projects for a total of 2.5-3 billion dollars. I am convinced that their implementation will contribute not only to economic growth, but also to the further integration between our countries, the article says.

Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that five more countries are expected to join the BRICS summit. This year’s chairing state, China, invited Guinea, Mexico, Thailand, Tajikistan and Egypt. These countries embrace Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

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  1. Cooperation, 3x … association, 3x …investment, 3x … equality, 2x … interaction … progress … partnership … humanitarian … bring them closer … open trusting atmosphere … approaches … fair multipolar … opportunities … political settlement … peaceful life … legal basis … trade … production … economic growth … integration …

    I know this list of words above, all from this one article, must be a big but pleasant shock for many VT readers. Enjoy them while you can. The reason you rarely see these kinds of words in an US- rael report is because they are not in a Diplomatic Dictionary used in the White House or in Tel Aviv. The Jewish dictionaries have far more potent words such as:

    nuke you …we insist … we want … preconditions … possibility of war … steal … cheat … we tell you … we order you … you must … we warn you … destruction … death …evil … lies … fewk you.

    A few swear words, even Israelis never use, the worst ones being : Peace … sorry … I apologize.

  2. Russia and China the rising power. I hope there’d a start in awareness of both country societies that the materials they’d use in daily products is not unlimited and got that reality recognized. Every non renewable minerals we’d used in our daily life has a limit and any Nations will not be able to keep supplying it’s citizens unlimitedly (lithium mined by African children anyone ? what about copper in Afghanistan ?)
    There should a real direction which every nations must take and head to that think the bigger picture which is humanity.
    Lastly unfortunately the idea of unlimited freedoms in democracy is a dead end for humanity as it only festering greed and avarice in us.

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