Putin Urges Calm on Korean Peninsula, Duff on Press TV


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  1. Mr. Duff: With JCS Chair Dunford at his side, after a Trump/NSC WH meeting, SecDef Mattis appeared to ‘walk back’ Mattis’ prior always-more-diplomatic-channels-available statement — by saying that ‘U.S. has many military options available if Kim & Co. THREATEN Japan, SK and/or U.S.’ Sunday…

    *IF* China and/or Russia can ‘dud’ any U.S. first-strike on DPRK (as Russia did with the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea), is that not that enough to also ‘dud’ Trump’s puerile pissing contest with Lil’ Kim?

  2. Maybe they should both reflect on Einstein’s saw :

    “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

    Maybe, taking two steps back then one step forward, and so on, until they both sit down to a nice cup of tea. And perhaps, a game of cards. But not poker. I think the Kimster might be in a differnt league. And not in a southward direction.

  3. By default perhaps, has Putin become the de facto leader of the free world? Trump’s behavior regarding the Russian proposal is shameful, beyond the pale of understanding.

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