Russia Breaks with Trump: Iran complying with nuclear deal, UN watchdog says

Trump proven wrong: Iran complying with nuclear deal, UN watchdog says

The UN watchdog monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities confirmed that the country is fully in compliance with its 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers, even as Donald Trump, who labelled it “the worst deal ever,” threatens to scrap it.

Iran has conducted its enrichment activities in line with its long-term enrichment and R&D enrichment plan” agreed with world powers, according to the six-page confidential document, seen by several news agencies, including Iran’s IRNA.

Iran is also not conducting “any uranium enrichment or related research and development activities” at its Fordo nuclear plant, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) added, as cited by AFP.

Tehran is not pursuing construction of its existing heavy water research reactor and has not enriched uranium above the agreed 3.67-percent limit, the report concluded, adding that Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium (which can be used for peaceful purposes unless further processed for a nuclear weapon) was 101.7kg – considerably lower than the agreed level of 300kg.

Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the agency, Reza Najafi, said the IAEA’s report demonstrated, among other things, that the “US official’s rhetoric and media hype has not impacted its verifications activities and reporting on the case,” IRNA says.

US President Donald Trump, however, threatened to withhold his certification of Tehran’s compliance when he is next required to report to Congress in October. “If it was up to me, I would have had them noncompliant 180 days ago,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in late July.

Last week, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley visited the IAEA. Following talks with officials of the UN nuclear watchdog, she concluded that there are apparently “numerous undeclared sites” and that more inspections are required. Iran dismissed the call as “merely a dream.”

The IAEA has the authority to request access to facilities in Iran, including military, if there are any credible indications of banned nuclear activities. “We’re not going to visit a military site like Parchin just to send a political signal,” an IAEA official told Reuters, referring to a military site often cited by critics of the deal. He noted that “if they [Trump administration] want to bring down the deal, they will,” while also stressing that the resort does not want to “give them an excuse” to do that. “We just don’t want to give them an excuse to.”

The IAEA director, Yukiya Amano, told AP that the agency has access to all locations “without making distinctions between military and civilian locations.”

Trump, Haley seek to break 2015 deal

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) said in a statement on Thursday that Donald Trump and Nikki Haley are making false allegations against Tehran to justify scrapping the nuclear deal that Iran has been honoring.

The US president “has violated the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] and continues to hold the fate of the accord in doubt by threatening to withhold a congressionally mandated certification of Iran’s compliance in mid-October,” the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) policy director Jamal Abdi said.

“There is a reason why Trump can’t point to any specific evidence to justify his assertions that Iran is noncompliant with the nuclear accord. The IAEA, US intelligence community and our allies in the P5+1 have all affirmed Iran’s compliance.”

In mid-August, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned that Iran could backtrack on its 2015 nuclear agreement “within hours” if Washington slaps new sanctions on Tehran. Rouhani also pointed out that Washington has proved to be an “unreliable negotiator,” while the US under Trump’s leadership simply “ignored international agreements.”

Last month, Trump signed into law a bill, passed by the US Congress, which imposes sanctions on Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Following the controversial decision, prominent libertarian and former Congressman Ron Paul accused Trump of betraying his promises to the American people by seeking a new conflict with either Iran or North Korea, warning the president that any such war will put an end to his term.

The landmark 2015 agreement saw Iran officially agreeing to halt parts of its nuclear program and subject other sectors to increased UN monitoring in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions.

Following months of negotiations, the long-awaited deal was signed between Tehran and major world powers – the US, France, Britain, Russia, and China, plus Germany. Under the deal, called the (JCPOA), Tehran also agreed to cap its uranium enrichment below the level needed for bomb-grade material. It also vowed to reduce its enriched uranium stockpile from around 10,000kg to 300kg for 15 years and agreed to international inspections. In response, Western countries agreed to lift sanctions.

Referring to the recent demands by the US envoy to the UN on additional inspections of sensitive sites in Iran, Daryl Kimball, the head of the Arms Control Association, claimed that Washington “is pressing” the IAEA “in the hope of provoking a refusal [from Tehran] that would justify a finding of noncompliance.”

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  1. Maybe zigzagging is something that works well in the real estate business. But it seems to me that it will only make his international partners drag their feet. And so, could that be the end desired ? To paralyze things, halt progress an create a new status quo ?

  2. This is classic Trump MO he learned from mob lawyer Roy Cohn and others in New York all his life. He promised to save priceless artifacts from the former building replaced by his tower but destroyed them instead. He lied in federal court about discriminating against blacks in rental housing. One can always nit pic a contract and drive the other party crazy and cost tons of money and time. He refused to return deposits on condos below the border in Mexico. He is a dishonorable liar, cheater, con artist and bully. He has no scruples. He has no conscience. All this is and was fully documented by the late Wayne Barrett in New York and Wikipedia article on TrumpTower. All this is what most lawyers do and recommend to thugs like Trump. This is how he gets free money by not honoring contracts and filing for bankruptcy and why he keeps it all secret. This is why he won’t release his tax returns because they would expose all his unethical business conduct. The only amazing thing is that anyone would loan this dishonorable thug one penny.

    • I urge the editors of VT to simply quote from the 30+ years of articles by the late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist in New York and publish just one article from him every week for a year or two. Trump tried to shut down Barrett first by bribes then by threats. Nothing worked however because Barrett was one of the last true honest investigative journalists in New York. And Barrett was very very good and did not pull any punches. They could also write an article from the Wikipedia article on TrumpTower. The lady who was head of the historical group in NY even came by the construction site and tried to buy the artifacts but they refused to sell them to her although he had promised to give them to the organization.

  3. “Last week, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley visited the IAEA. Following talks with officials of the UN nuclear watchdog, she concluded that there are apparently “numerous undeclared sites” and that more inspections are required.”

    That’s because Nikki Haley is an Israeli agent, pretending to work for America. Just look at how well she was received at her meetings with AIPAC. She’s a fire breathing, synagogue of Satan pirate hooker. Nothing has brought the US more trouble, debt and war, than Israeli influence on US politics. It is literally a cancer that needs to be eliminated.

  4. One of the Key aspects of Trump University teachings, was adherence and diligence in honoring the commitments and promises of a deal. Good property managers take care of their tenants, and the rents are required to be on time. When all commit and follow through with agreements, things go smoothly.
    So, who wants to do business, with someone who says one thing and does another ? Who keeps a landlord that constantly wants the rent early and never fixes the leak ? ALL small contractors and subs, who deal with big developers, know that happy times at the signing of the contract, become nit picking and non-payment at the end. It’s a very dishonest system, that brags about honesty, and spends most of it’s energy exploiting loopholes.

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