US will allow Iranian forces in Syria to operate within 8 km of Israel


[Editor’s note: Asharq Al-Awsat, the source of this report, is a Saudi-run disinfo outlet, therefore we are probably safe in making the assumption that this is fake news and the US has made no such deal.

It is extremely unlikely that Trump would do anything to displease Israel, don’t forget, it was Israel, by conspiring with the US-Israel lobby and the Russian mafia that placed Trump in the White House, therefore Trump is very much an Israeli stooge.

The question we should ask is why would the Saudis put out a fake news story that implies that Trump has struck a deal with Iran that would place Iranian-controlled  military assets very close to the borders of Israeli-occupied territory on the Golan Heights?

No doubt the answer lies in the rebuff Netanyahu received last week after pleading with Putin to do something to save poor, innocent little Israel from being threatened by the presence in Syria, close to Israel’s borders, of those evil, empire building Iranians, a rebuff that, according to a Pravda report had Bibi ‘close to panic’.

Rest assured, something nefarious is in the works and it will not be at all good for Syria, Iran or their allies. Ian]

US will allow Iranian forces in Syria to operate within 8 km of Israel

The United States will allow Iranian military elements and Iranian-backed militias operating in Syria to take up positions within eight kilometers of Israel’s Golan border region according to a report released yesterday by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat news agency.

The report stated that an agreement to allow both actual Iranian forces and Iranian proxies in Syria to establish bases as close as eight kilometers to both the Jordanian and Israeli borders was recently reached between US and Russian diplomats following talks in Jordan.

This report comes at a time when Russia has official downplayed Israeli hysteria over the presence of Iranian forces in Syria, refusing to entertain Netanyahu’s claims that Iran is preparing to attack Israel.

If it is in fact true that the US will grant such concessions to Iranian forces – actual and proxy – in Syria, then it indicates that the US too finds no validity in Israeli claims that Iran’s anti-terrorism operations throughout the war-stricken nation threatens Israel directly or indirectly.

Despite officially being neutral, Israel has participated in the Syrian War on the side of jihadist militias, helping to worsen security and humanitarian conditions in the country.

In addition to backing Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist organizations such as the Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) jihadist group with weapons, intelligence and medical aid, Israel has repeatedly carried out airstrikes against pro-government forces (sometimes in direct support of sectarian militias on the ground) under the guise of preventing the transportation of Iranian-built strategic weapons (now referred to as “game-changing” weapons in Israeli lingo) to Hezbollah.

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  1. I read the headline and I smell a rat. If it is true it would be only to lure Iranian, or Hezbollah forces identifiably close to Israeli lines. Close enough to scream … Iran violates the 8km line … Iran threatens Israel … Israel bombs everybody. More news at 7.

  2. Who is America, or Israel, to say who can and can’t operate in Syria? It’s none of their business. If Israel doesn’t like it, they can simply leave the Golan heights, as international law requires.

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