Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Detained On Day Of Large Protests

Alexei Navalny is seen being detained by police outside his apartment in Moscow in this photo provided by the Navalny Anti Corruption Fund.

[Editor’s note: What NPR and most other media neglect to mention about Navalny and these protests is that they are financed by foreign NGOs such as the National Endowment for Democracy. The NED is a very nefarious and shady operation that has been deeply involved in regime change operations all over the globe, it was behind the Arab Spring in Egypt, it was behind the ‘uprising’ against Assad in Syria, it was deeply involved in the Maidan coup in Ukraine and the list goes on. Basically, the NED is the private group that took over regime change operations from the CIA.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that without the involvement of foreign groups like the NED and the money they pour in, these protests would be far, far smaller and might not even happen at all.

Putin is the target of these protests and Navalny was plucked from relative obscurity as a controversial anti-Putin blogger and built up into a political figure by foreign interests who would like to do to Russia what they did to Ukraine in 2014 – enslave it to a bunch of Zionist oligarchs so they can asset strip it and steal it’s wealth while at the same time, removing it from the stage of world affairs and greatly weaken it by imposing huge debts to the World Bank and IMF.

This strategy is unlikely to bear fruit in the near future as Putin remains far too popular and too strongly supported by both the Russian elite and the Russian people. However, Putin cannot last forever, age will eventually catch up to him as it did with Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gromyko and others in the 1980s as the Soviet Union staggered and eventually fell. Let us all hope, for the sake of both the Russian people and the whole world that another strong and patriotic leader is available to eventually replace Putin, otherwise, we face the horrible prospect of a Russian Maidan and the installation of a puppet like Navalny. Ian]

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Detained On Day Of Large Protests

A Moscow court has sentenced Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to 30 days in jail, after police arrested him outside his home Monday ahead of nationwide demonstrations against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Protesters turned out anyway, and security forces detained hundreds of demonstrators in both Moscow and St. Petersburg.

“Alexei was detained at the entrance of the house,” his wife, Julia Bulk, wrote on Navalny’s Twitter feed. She posted a photo showing police taking her husband to a police vehicle, captioning the photo, “Russia Day!”

A judge sentenced Navalny after midnight for “staging an unsanctioned rally,” The Associated Press reported. 

Other images from the day show thousands of demonstrators in St. Petersburg chanting slogans against Putin — and black-clad police marching through the crowd, making arrests and pulling people off of monuments.

NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly was at the scene in Moscow:

“Under blue skies, security forces massed in Pushkin Square, a vast public space in central Moscow.
“Barricades went up, helicopters circled, lines of police in body armor and wielding batons pressed protesters…and the protesters surged back.
“Government security forces never appeared to lose the upper hand and by later afternoon here in Moscow, protesters had either been dispersed or hauled off to jail.”
Some 500 people were detained in St. Petersburg, Interfax reports, citing police. In Moscow, more than 150 were detained in the city’s downtown “for violating public order,” says state-run Tass media.

The Interfax news agency adds that Navalny ran into problems setting up a planned demonstration on Sakharov Avenue, and instead told his allies on Sunday to gather on Tverskaya Street.

Navalny, who was also arrested for organizing large anti-Putin protests in March, had called for national demonstrations on the holiday that marks Russia’s formal emergence from the Soviet era in 1990. He’s hoping to challenge Putin in next year’s presidential election, delivering speeches around the country, as NPR’s Lucian Kim reported last week.

Mary Louise reported earlier in the day that while the crowd in Puskin Square was huge, it’s also difficult to ascertain how many people are there for Navalny’s cause, and how many for the national holiday.

“There are people walking around the streets in World War I uniforms,” Mary Louise says. “There are big stages set up for concerts.”

She adds that while the mood in the square had seemed peaceful earlier Monday, “the situation is changing very quickly” with “images streaming in of police and protesters pushing toward one another” as bystanders struggle to get out of the way.

The arrests began, Mary Louise says, after the crowd began chanting — something the authorities had warned them not to do.

From images that we’re seeing, many young people were among the protesters — and many were detained. After opposition activist Ilya Yashin, 33, was detained and put in a police bus, he tweeted an image from inside, showing himself with a half-dozen youths in Moscow.

And in St. Petersburg, several teenage girls were arrested, as Financial Times journalist Max Seddon tweeted.

“I am glad that the protest movement is getting younger,” Yashin said in a posting that showed a young woman next to riot police late Monday. It was an answer, he added, to those who complain Russia has no future.

An unlikely object of dispute emerged at the St. Petersburg demonstration: As Russian journalist Arseny Vesnin and others noted, a giant yellow duck was among those detained by police, after being batted around in the air by the crowd.

By making an appearance, the duck was reprising its role in the large March protests. It’s a reference to a report by Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation from last fall, which said that a vacation estate frequented by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has a special house just for ducks.

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  1. Stupid people will see this and think Russia hates Putin. “Did you see all those people?”, they will say. It’s like they don’t realize that a few thousand people do not represent the views of the whole country. Nor will the MSM mention that these protests were funded by the NED. People will just assume that these protests were authentic people fed up with Vlad, and not suspect that these people were likely paid to show up. Most people that I’ve talked to who don’t like Vlad because of media propaganda, have no idea that his closest political competition is the communist party. Would all these cry babies rather a reemergence of communism? Our Western nations need to stay the [email protected] out of everyone else’s business.

  2. Full Spectrum Domination by the Unipower clearly includes heavily funded external state anti democratic organisations, meddling in the supposedly democratic processes of many countries around the planet. Clearly, the depth and degree of this interference has been across that Full Spectrum and has moved from financing armed revolt through the likes of the “School of The Americas”, on to refined subversive movements against True Democracy, posing as spontaneous organisations, but which are really mercenary External State Sponsored Terrorists as ISIS clearly has been in Syria and Iraq. This is a warning for complacent and deliberately undereducated countries to heed, so that Educated Consciences may react against these treasonous activities to thwart Liberty, so that Money Men may not enslave the Masses over all the countries of the World.

  3. Unfortunately Navalny perceived as nothing more publicity stuntman who con the vulnerable youth inside Russia. Only people who interested in English written/published news got a wind of him. Real Russians people have known him for a while as an anarchistic conspiracy theorists. He was also despised as western culture reformist who spreads the bad and negative culture of the west.

  4. Mary Louise should stop by Syria on the way home and report how the U.S. is there illegally and killing innocent civilians.

  5. This is an absolute outrage. Navalny should never be arrested. He should be free and let loose to enjoy a well deserved barrage of rocks any and every patriotic Russian should be firing in his direction. He should be free to buy is own one-way ticket to Siberia with at least 30 shekels to set up his own Utopia deep in some remote forest or other where even bears fear to tread.

    • The Jewish Autonomous Oblast is an interesting subject. Stalin created it then deported the Jews from the west of the USSR there as he feared they would collaborate with the invading Nazis. This loss of the Jewish population from western USSR was one of the reasons why it was possible to inflate the figures of Jews killed by the Nazis, but of course, they weren’t killed by the Nazis but deported by Stalin. After the war they slowly left the Jewish Autonomous Oblast again, so now few Jews live there.

    • Ian & Andrew: Give me the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia. Very few Jews there!

      Alexei Navalny was a Western-NGO-funded guy — almost vice-versa from Rothschild-funded Trump.

      Or, maybe they are funded & backed by same stuff? … 😉

    • Dr. Abu-Bakr Susta: no matter who funds Navalny. The main idea is against what he was funded. But it is obvious.
      When i was 6 years old (1985) we had a political map of the World on the wall (it was normal practise in the USSR) in out apartment. There i studied the countries, their capitals and what kind of minerals, metals and etc they had. Since that time i saw Jewish Autonomous Region (Oblast) at the Far East of USSR. I remember i asked my dad: why it is called so and are there only jews living? And who then lives in Israel? My dad told me that the region has such name, but there possibly we can find 1 jew per 10 000 sq.kms. Frankly saying even being a true and faithful communist as it was important for interceptor-pilots, my dad always was against jews. Some years later, after watching the last Party Meeting of CPSU, my dad said: sonny…. the new hard times are coming. The good ideals of true (non-jewish bolshevizm) Communism are betrayed. CPSU is in collapse (it would be not bad to mention that Stalin wanted to cut the power of CPSU and to weaken their influence. But he died too early…) . They betrayed the country, the people. That was Gorby time. “Do never trust jews and watch them” – that was the last thing my dad said on that topic.
      So, the up-to-date jews prefer to run to Israel. And not to JAR at the far East of Russia.

  6. True story by Ian. Navalny, no doubt, is backed-up by international funds of NGO. ’cause even rich person in Russia would never dare to make such opposition against the Kremlin. Alexei chose the most actual for the Russian society motto and plan – Against the Corrupt. Nevertheless, the majority of thinking people in Russia know well that he is another “project Juda for 30 silvers”. At the last meeting he promised the youth, if they take part in the movement, to earn around 30000 euro from European Court per person, who would be arrested by police and sentenced for several days. As a result: the youth tried to be arrested, but no one see mythological money. The alarm for us is that new generation starts to look like Maidan Ukrainians. Navalny and his movement are pretty lucky. If they would initiate such stuff in the USA, the police would act more brutal and merciless.

    • Andrew: Just ‘cuz Putin is a good guy (for most of us), this does NOT necessarily mean that Putin is NOT corrupt (e.g., profiting from Kosher Nostra Money Laundering shares with Trump & others), which helped put Trump into power — bad for most Americans, not necessarily for Russians.

    • :))))) I suppose, only Diogenes in the barrel was one of the few non-corrupt persons. Old Soviet proverb was smth like: steal, but invisibly and so that it would not affect the colleagues.
      We may only suspect, discuss, exchange our info “for people”. But without proofs and juridic basements and facts we can not be sure and make statements. No matter how many times we can pronounce the word “sugar” – it will never be sweet in our mouths from it. If a man devotes his life to Presidency and the results are seen – we welcome it. But the Government and Economy Block embarrass people of Russia and should be dismissed as not useful but harmful. And the rotten Head of it is Medvedev. His trust rates are smth like Trump’s.

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