The Debate – Iran Nuclear Compliance


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV,  Tehran

[ Note: It’s always a pleasure to catch a Debate Show with a meaty topic, because you have a lot more time to delve into it. I have been on the same show with MIT’s Dr. Walsh a number of times, and although we come from different backgrounds, we get a lot out on the table.

Trump’s credibility is sinking lower and lower, most recently with his request to the Intel community to find him something to give him cover for claiming Iran is not in compliance. We have all been here before, with Dick Cheney going over to the CIA wanting to see raw Intel that he could pick things out of without the needed context and multiple confirmations.

Once again, Israel, which blocks having its own nuke programs monitored, should still provide the IAEA evidence that Iran is in violation, but has not done so, either now or during the JCPOA negotiations when it might have killed the talks.

I posed during the show that Trump’s pushing for a violation to kill the deal, when all his top advisers tell him we should stay in it, is a favor to Netanyahu, who is green with envy watching where the Iranian economy is going in the next decade.

This deal was a highlight of the Obama presidency, and a close run thing to say the least, to get a majority vote in Congress, with the Republicans having done everything they could to kill it, and now backing Trump in his round two efforts.

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–  First aired  …  September 01, 2017  –

“If inspections of Iranian military sites are ‘merely a dream,’ as Iran says, then Iranian compliance with the J.C.P.O.A. is also a dream.”

That was how the US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has reacted to an IAEA report confirming Iran’s compliance to the JCPOA, as her govt pushes for inspections of Iran’s military sites, which the IAEA says is unnecessary and Iran says is unacceptable.

While very real questions about the US’ own violations of the spirit and letter of the deal exist, Trump is known to be working to find some way of declaring Iran as in violation of the deal itself.

This as other parties to this deal, such as France, say there is truly no alternative to this agreement. Join me, Waqar Rizvi, for that & more in tonight’s discussion.


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  1. Bibi continues his impression of chicken little….the sky is falling, the sky is falling!
    Putin is not listening to that nut job.
    Americans, too stupid and too brainwashed, will believe what they’re told by Washington through the media. Most will continue to believe the lie despite the evidence presented them. There’s a term for it, relating to psychological problems.

  2. PEACE IN…
    First, every nation should be opposed to nuclear weapons unconditionally as weapons for war. Second, there must be honesty about who has these WMDs and all who do must admit it and have open
    inspections of their arsenal by UN. Third, zionazis Tel Aviv must be put on notice by a united world community that there shall be no more tolerance of their denials – of 1) being number one terror and threatening regime 2) their having nuclear WMDs 3) their having did do 911, USS Liberty attack, and other false flag attacks being used to falsely accuse innocent Muslims including Lavon Affair and caught attempt to bomb Mexican Congress 4) their criminal use of finance to manipulate economics of economy to serve their evil ends 5) their deliberately causing wars, including WWI & II, terror wars, along with planned fabrication of Holocaust lies on German People 6) manipulating and using USA and nations human and material resources to fight fraudulent terror war 7) and last but not least their deceptive genocidal “Jericho planned” war ethics against Gentile world community, poisoning food and drugs, especially war crimes against Palestinian People, all for establishing a Jew World Order under their dictatorial tyrannical control/rule – PERIOD!

  3. I thought both Jim Dean and Dr. Walsh sustained the main theme that Iran is in compliance with the Nuclear deal and every effort must be made to continue with it until evidence is provided otherwise. While each provided their own points of view, the main difference, if there was a difference, was that the two words Netanyahu and Israel which Jim used were not part of Dr. Walsh’s vocabulary which is not surprising since there are so many lovers of both at MIT and he doesn’t want them to attack him like Trump is attacking Iran. Trump is a well know liar, con artist, cheater and bully who uses disreputable tactics to dishonor contracts and truth and has done so all his life in NY as documented by the late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist for over 30 years. In an effort to shut down Barrett’s criticism of Trump, Trump first sought to bribe him and when that didn’t work he moved on to threats but nothing worked with this courageous fighter for the truth. Haley also seems to be a female image of the liar in chief. It is revolting to watch this propaganda con artist in action. Let’s stop demonizing a very intelligent and civilized country Iran and turn our criticism to the thug of the Mideast who steals land from neighbors and hides its own nuclear weapons behind closed doors while hypocritically criticizing Iran; namely Israel the thug and international war criminal of the world who did 9/11.

    • Here is a suggestion for Jim: Send Walsh links to the many articles VT has published documenting that Israel did 9/11. You might even include a few others like the one by Perloff who is even part Jewish. Then begin your long wait for a reply. Obviously Walsh couldn’t admit this fact lest he lose his job at MIT.

    • Trump has become a national embarrassment and a threat to the rest of the planet. Yet he continues to garner support from 43% polled. What does that tell you about Americans?
      No matter how ignorant, evil or twisted the fool on the hill is, he will continue to have his supporters.
      Americas are that stupid.

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