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By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

A dozen nations armed ISIS, protected them, some provided air support, others funneled jihadists from the far reaches of the Pacific to battle fields in Iraq and Syria.

Half a trillion dollars in oil, antiquities, entire factories, not to mention endless thousands of human slaves enriched those behind ISIS. Most involved aren’t Muslims. Many are Americans, the same corporations that profited from the War on Terror, backed ISIS as well.

Every NATO nation was involved as was Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. This was a war of corporations and banks, a commercial venture building on the real lessons learned after 9/11.

War is too important for governments, politicians can be bought and sold like any other commodity and everyone has a price. Behind it all, the media and their darlings, Assange and WikiLeaks, the Murdoch organization, the BBC, all enthrall to international thuggery on a scale previously unseen. We begin.

In early 2014, I met with Iraqi Sunni leaders to discuss security concerns. Iraq’s Sunni’s are a complex interrelationship of tribal units, complex family ties further diffused by tenuous alliance with Saddam and his Baathist regime.

As the post 9/11 US occupation dragged on, Iraq’s Sunni minority, which includes most of the business community, increasingly looked south to Saudi Arabia and the Emirates for stability. Many were fearful of Iran’s influence.

Despite warnings, this led many, including military leaders, to cozying up to ISIS. The hand of Saudi intelligence services was always there as well, promises made but seldom kept. A few short months later, many I met with had their heads displayed on pikes, their “dance with the devil” unsatisfactory and unfulfilling.

Thus, overnight, ISIS found itself in control of the vast city of Mosul and billions in American military hardware, all handed over to ISIS. Behind this was not only Saudi intelligence but the Mossad as well, the Israeli intelligence service that had set up a large headquarters in Mosul as early as 2003.

There, they played Christians and Muslims against each other and began their dance with Turkey, supplying intelligence to Turkey on the Kurdish PKK, a group Israel had helped establish some years ago. This is the reality, one never reported.

As the ISIS juggernaut rolled on, fueled by jihadists magically moved through airports around the world, rumored aided by the Israeli controlled airport security firm ICTS of 9/11 fame, all the rules of conventional warfare were set aside. ISIS, reputedly a non-state player, became the stepchild of security forces of the US, Britain, France, Israel, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

Eventually, even Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine and Romania would join in as well, channeling both NATO and Eastern Bloc weapons through Turkey, aided by non-governmental organizations such as the White Helmets and dozens of phony refugee aid and relief groups.

From the South, vehicles by the thousands flowed into Syria and Iraq for ISIS, specially modified Toyota Hilux trucks and almost the entire production of Land Cruisers. All paid for by Saudi royal funds and, according to sources, upgraded and reinforced in Israel, larger cooling systems and heavier suspension. No serial number has ever been traced, Toyota has never been held to account, no invoices checked, not for entire container ships of “technicals” moved into Israel and then to Jordan through Aqaba, and up into the warzone.

Similarly, until Russian aerospace forces pointed it out, the river of trucks, 12,000 plus strong, mostly passing openly through Kurdish controlled regions, Erbil and Duhoc, into Turkey, the invisible partnership that funded ISIS and the political families of several nations as well, unseen, unquestioned.

Where do 12,000 oil tankers come from? Easy answer, they come from America, bought up by brokers, shipped out of the Port of Houston. Most now lie burned wrecks in Syria and Iraq. Not one serial number ever checked, no one wants to know that they once plied the interstate highways of America carrying fuel for BP, Exxon and so many others.

We mentioned antiquities. Most moved openly through the auction houses of London, Paris and New York while those reputedly investigating, I was told by Syria’s former Minister of Justice, Najm Hamad al-Ahmad, may well have been acting as “spotters” for antiquity thieves themselves.

Time now to talk Turkey. When Aleppo “fell” to ISIS, it wasn’t ISIS at all. It was Turkey. Aleppo was the industrial heart of Syria and was picked clean by “gleaners” from Turkey. According to the Syrian Ministry of Justice, every major manufacturing facility in Northern Syria was stripped clean, machine tools, inventory, even copper wire and plumbing, trucked into Turkey and either sold off or reassembled and put back into production with ISIS a business partner.

The goods and materials involved has flowed for years into the European Union.

How do we explain Raytheon Corporation, one of the best supervised and controlled entities of America’s military sector, manufacturer of key weapons systems vital to America’s defense. Their production of TOW missiles, a huge sector of their corporate profitability, has been moving directly into the hands of terrorists for years. Damascus has a warehouse of captured Raytheon weapons, taken from al Qaeda and ISIS. Why is no one held to account?

The answer is obvious, a tribunal. Let us hold those who backed ISIS to account. This includes the journalists and their reports of phony gas attacks and imaginary atrocities by the Damascus government, and all those involved in keeping ISIS and al Qaeda supplied with drones, satellite phones, signals intelligence and top quality and highly restricted military electronics.

All can easily be tracked, from the EU, from Ukraine and Georgia, but most from Turkey, followed by Saudi Arabia, then Jordan and, of course, Israel.

There are 500,000 dead and up to 10 million refugees. Perhaps a few politicians, Israeli for sure, the Saudi Royals, Americans by the hundreds, an entire Turkish regime, endless thousands of traitors in Syria and Iraq, and corporations around the world need to be held accountable for these deaths.

What is owed? Reparations for sure, every jihadist from Indonesia and the Philippines had to get to Syria somehow. Every drop of oil, every antiquity, every ton of copper wire, every human slave, all need to be priced, not just money but prison time and perhaps a few hangings as well, perhaps on a massive scale.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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  1. A tribunal can only happen after the destruction of the petro-dollar, then
    accountability of the corporate/facist governments will be reality.

  2. A powerful article. And yes hte folks who transformed the Mujaheedin into ISIS, paid them, trained them, supoplied them, and made billions off of them, must be tried for major war crimes, convicted and hung by the neck until dead on a militray gallows after a 3 day militray trial.

  3. Unprecedented & much needed; so, Western veto holders on the UNSC would veto it…

    U.S. & other national laws provide for civil lawsuits against terrorist-supporting persons & corporations.

    Syria can bring criminal cases against responsible individuals — as their identities become public.

    Syria was a 1945 founding member of the UN. Syrian attorneys know international law relatively well.

    Given the farce that Nuremberg trials were and that The Hague tribunals are (and the UN too, for sure), we would need a new international body to establish a new international court to assert jurisdiction over such criminal & civil cases — if courts of individual countries cannot or would not do it.

    Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission &
    Tribunal in 2007 as an alternative to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which Mahathir & many others found to be biased in cases selected for prosecution.

    The War Crimes Tribunal later convicted GW Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld, U.S. DoJ officials, the State of Israel & others, in absentia, of war crimes and related offences. As possible retribution for these war crimes verdicts, two Malaysian Airlines 747s were targeted in 2014.

  4. I say start the calls for investigation and non-compliance movements in your own cities or towns. Show up at the meetings and get speaking time. Make sure to have your facts straight and control your own emotions. Be forthright, and read the list of names from military and intelligence contained on patriotsquestion9/11 who question the official story. Punctuate that when ordinary people are jailed for petty crimes and the wealthy skate free, it can only lead to tyranny and we know what happens next.
    If they want cameras in our bedrooms, we want cameras in their meetings. That is the true spirit of the 2nd amendment. If they have storage for our phone calls, we want a full monetary accounting. No more secrets with the money. NONE. There is nothing to hide when everyone knows you are a Jerk.

  5. Hobby Lobby was caught red handed hoarding antiquities and paid a fine. There was the curious case of a warehouse full of antiquities in California back in the Iraq days being completely confiscated with no follow up. I seem to remember a tanker full of oil INBOUND off the Texas coast being held up for some reason or other, not too much follow up on that. In my opinion, this crime began on 9/11 and is the case of the Gang style crime spree, complete with looting, pillaging, raping, and very much murder. The courts are stacked with obedient money worshippers propped up by megalomaniacs and religious nutters. They like to say, Trust in God, because they don’t want to hang. Anyone pushing that line of crap is enabling the entire scam.

    • BTW, for those who don’t know, Hobby Lobby is a very high profile Christian entity, so there is your religious moral authority. Not worth a plug nickel. Keep the religious out of the courtroom, because they are just apologists in disguise. Why have a court for the poor, Trust in God, just like they tell us when the real looters steal entire countries and murder babies. Baby Murderers with forked tongues and twisted thoughts, always escaping out the God door. Baby sexual addicts and pilferers. Who are the savages NOW ? I think there are enough examples. Enough talk.

  6. Nurenberg was a farce! They did not punished war criminals. You can be sure that if Assad lost the war in Syria….he would have the same fake trial and a similar destiny than the brave Germans. False flag chemical attacks in Syria are comparable to the not existing human extermination chambers in German KZ’s…so they got blamed to use Cyclon B an insecticide to treat louse-borne epidemic typhus.

  7. On second thought there can be another Nuremburg. The media can bang the drums, America, UK and Israel will draw up the indicments, and staff the bench, Bechtal will construct the gallows, and finally defendants will be drawn from Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Of course all this should commence right now, before the fighting ends.

  8. Well said Gordon, but I fear one Nuremburg was enough. These wars are certainly deadly crimes, but they don’t add up to the hysterics the word Nazi creates. No, the courts are rigged, the world court a joke, even the court of public opinion though not paid are definitly sedated by propagamda, and when roused we will mumble the Russians, and Muslims did it. But Toyota? It may be hung out to dry, an offering of sorts. After all as part of the Axis, like Germany they will never be done paying. I can see it happening. Ford, and GM will hurriedly testify. And who will play the judge?

  9. I often have occasion to say; “There is no Law.” As in there is no rule of Law and no courts in our Western nation states. In mainstream jurisprudence about International Law, professors start out reminding students that there is no such thing. A client of mine from the wrong side of the tracks and with absolutely no chance at justice through the judicial “system” tried to borrow South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation solution, it seemed such a good idea that the man responsible for oversight of American courts, Senator Patrick Leahy (D – VT) then Chair of the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary suggested it because of course Senator Leahy like his peers have now come to recognize that there is no government, no accountibility for even the most grotesque violations of office. I bet Mr. Duff and the VT crew might find a nation outside of NATO that might hold hearings and publish the evidence they receive. Its the process that can save History and the future, not the force of a state and a jail cell. In the end, just like in the Vietnam War, the two truly guilty instigators, Uncle Sam and Mickey Mouse will never serve any time…

  10. Gordon, thank you for this fine article. Until those involved in facilitating this chaos are held accountable, there will be no reason for them to stop and they never will. When everyone has their price, the trillion dollar question is, who will arrest and prosecute them?

  11. Just try to imagine the task of arresting and charging and indicting all these criminals? It was reported recently that legal process servers were obstructed by armed Secret Service agents recently attempting to serve legal papers on Obama, at his fancy new house, for a simple civil court hearing and he is no longer even president. Although no longer in office, Obama has armed secret service protection for life, and they can obstruct anyone he does not want to meet. So how is it possible to sue him in court if he can’t be served with the papers the ancient procedure followed today in most courts in the country? Wouldn’t WWIII have to be decided in favor of Russia, Iran and Syria and any other countries which would join them before any movement could be made toward the goals proposed in the article? Otherwise what armed force would be able to arrest criminals like Bush and Cheney and most of the four star generals in the Pentagon and many others? This armed force would first have to face off the Secret armed guards no? Similar scenarios in every country which aided and abetted these international crimes. A massive armed force would be required to assemble the criminals and maintain order during the trials. I am confident Gordon has thought about all this and must know what he is proposing is an impossibility. But it is a great proposal in theory, however impossible to carry out in practice without the intervention of some higher power. How about prayer?

    • I have read great generals like George S. Patton and Robert E. Lee used to pray for help and guidance from a higher power. I believe there are even pictures of both of these giants on their knees praying.

  12. This only makes sense if there are really independend judges and a force that can bring it to fullfillment. No the UN which is a privatised business. Otherwise it will end like the Nuremberg trial in 1945, just a revenge and hate trial. All the rules from this trials in 1945 are now broken over and over again as we can see with forbidden experimentation on humans by forced vaccination, chemtrails, EMF secret weapons etc. Even the war is now privatised in germany who was forbidden in these trials, written down in the Grundgesetz, to ever start a war of aggression anymore. Since 1945 this Grundgesetz was rigged more than a hundred times to fit in their business agenda.

  13. hmmm Port of Houston…
    Seems that a tribunal of the Greater kind is at work. Hopefully the next big wind will devour DC, NY, and all those reprobate corporations headquarters…not to mention the all too familiar second homes of Israeli Jews, the AIPAC du jour, and all the rest of the despicable scumbags. Their money bags are as empty as they started with…and their halluci-nations with machi-nations will hopefully help hang themselves. Lastly and sadly, every tax payer is also guilty…and so hense the cumulative judgement.

  14. Whatever the tribunal name, it would have to be one in whose foundation US could not be actively involved, and also huge in number of countries, around 150 of them. But how do you do that when you have at least 50 commonwealth countries and various anglophonia areas that would probably never send a single US soldier to a court and various other puppet paid for governments under western umbrella again paid for with projects like Raytheon’s or BP’s. US keeps buying its way out of international criminality and for most of the time the arguments are bombs.

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