FRANKENSKIES: History and Future of Weaponized Weather and Climate


FrankenSkies is an 80 minute documentary exposing decades of history and intent to engineer the climate and create weather weapons.

Matt Landman’s documentary is a timely and informative film on climate engineering, frequency control and weaponization of earth’s atmosphere.  This documentary could be the IPCC’s worst nightmare – shifting the focus from carbon dioxide to military/CIA-made climate manipulation to heat surface temperatures and create weather disasters.

The issue of controlled media extends beyond FAKE NEWS to include government agencies, academia and beyond. We only need to review the obvious science fraud in the NIST report on the “false flag” destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC-7.

The film also reveals the pseudo-science campaign to normalize unnatural chemical cloud formations in the eyes and minds of students and low-information public.


DHS: Controlling Hurricanes by Deploying Micron-size Aerosols Inside Circulation

The 2010 American Meteorological Society (AMS) meeting presented details of aerosol geoengineering modeling research run by the Department of Homeland Security. The program included discussion of how aerosols could steer the path of a hurricane in addition to increasing or decreasing intensity. Aerosols are also found to increase or decrease rainfall depending on deployment. Deployment of Carbon black is found to be effective in hurricane intensification.

The Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP):

Joe Golden, Golden Research & Consulting, Boulder, CO; and W. L. Woodley

The Department of Homeland Security asked NOAA/ESRL in Boulder to organize a workshop on possible new scientific theory and approaches to hurricane modification in February, 2008. Nearly two dozen scientists from around the world attended and there were a number of hypotheses and new ideas presented. We shall summarize the workshop results here and the development of the new DHS-funded HAMP Program that arose from the Workshop.  (Source)

CERN CLIMATE SCIENTIST Sees Jets Dumping Aerosols High in the Atmosphere

This video excerpt from Dr. Kirkby’s 2009 CERN presentation makes it clear that IPCC climate scientists, geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere.  (More)

NASA scientist debunks the “chemtrails”  conspiracy theory myth.

NASA Heliophysicist, Doug Rowland casually refers to “chemtrails” to explain a Wallops Island, rocket testing experiment.





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  1. Thankyou Emma. Even where I live in a rural and quite remote part of northern England, I watch the chemtrail spraying planes go by, there is no denying that atmospheric spraying and geoengineering are all too real. However, now we are living in the internet age where information is so abundant, the game has changed and whereas before we had to search for information, today it is at our fingertips. This means that in the past, when they kept their secrets by keeping information from us, today they use a different approach and hide the good, valid information by also putting out a ton of bad, misleading information, which means that today we have to be very selective about what information we accept; we have to apply techniques of filtration, cross-verification etc. in order to be able to select the good from the bad. Things like patents and official documents are good information, but those are sometimes faked or manipulated, so we have to still cross-verify them. Things like youtube videos, interviews with ‘experts’ etc. are far less likely to be of any real value. The number of disinfo agents has multiplied in recent years, to use the UFO/ET field as an example, it is very hard indeed to find any ‘expert’ who isn’t either a deliberate disinfo op or simply in it for fame and to make a buck. This new phenomena of a super-abundance of information means that we must apply the highest standards of scrutiny to any ‘evidence’ because the vast majority of what is out there is disinfo.

  2. Thank you Harold and thanks to the editors of VT for posting this important documentary of criminal acts done by our government against its citizens in secret, protected by the full military armed force and power of government. Each time our secret depraved government reaches a low, all we must do is wait to observe them reach a new low of human depravity to their citizens. So far as I know the word secrecy does not appear anywhere in our Constitution. Obviously this was a flaw, possibly a fatal one. But even if secrecy were prohibited, how would one know they were not withholding information or lying as they routinely do anyway? In some ways the Dark Ages almost look more “civilized” than government today in 2017.

    • Youtube videos are not valid evidence, I meant actual documentation, the sort of thing that would stand up in a court of law.

    • I hate to break it to you, but Richard Gage is a fraud, a disinfo agent, a pusher of the utterly fraudulent ‘nano-thermite’ nonsense. VT proved years ago that nano-thermite has never existed other than in sub-gram quantities in one or two laboratories and does not possess the properties ascribed to it by disinfo agents like Gage, Stephen Jones and Chris Bollyn.

  3. Harold, I checked out the #2 Related story at the end, Conspiracy Theory Debunked. Saw the video right away, with former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm explaining how he got the Canadian and BC gov’ts to cough up the truth about chemtrails. Talk about a blast from the past! I was in the peanut gallery for a First Ministers Conference in Ottawa in 1985, and of course he was there as BC Premier. I could not stand the man, bigoted and self-righteous as he was. But now he sounds reasonable, even smart. Maybe he is an old man trying to get into heaven now?

    • Btw, if I were in Gainesville, FL right now, I would consider a vacation more inland. Or else be prepared to go for a while without power…

  4. Thank you Mr Saive, the cutting edge of revealing new types of crimes is always the toughest. Lab coats do not consider the future. It is not their responsibility in their eyes. They see small things and think small.
    They will attempt to control everything from genomes to asteroids, but people can’t wrap their head around the weather thingy, but it has been a topic for hundreds of thousands of years, since folks began to pray for rain during drought and blame God or the leader for floods. Within certain engineering circles, geo-engineering has become norm. Military love it, as the question of origin is always a plus. Private money is a bad thing in this area. The battle for moisture from above is on and ripples from a pebble always reach the other side. They are Dr Moreau and Dr Evil rolled into one. The extent of the value of a PHD is control over narrative. Always has been.

  5. I guess you will have to take a trip to the mainland then, if you want to go skiing. They still get snow in the Alps and Pyrenees. My snide comment of the day is that the PTB always seem to make sure there is plenty of snow for the Davos world economic forum every year, so they can all have fun.

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