Labour Party betrays Palestine


[Editor’s note: As a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and a lifetime Labour voter, I am annoyed about this policy change. Only annoyed rather than angry however because I understand why it has happened and that is the strength of the Israeli lobby. Yes, Britain, like the US is infested with pro-Israeli lobbyists including groups like Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel who seek to exert a pernicious influence over British political affairs. The original policy of immediately recognising the Palestinian state is Corbyn’s true stance, this new policy is where he has been forced to go by the Israeli lobby. Ian]

Al Masdar
Labour Party betrays Palestine

The Labour Party in the United Kingdom has made a huge switch in its policy leaving many followers of the Jeremy Corbyn headed Party in disappointment and disbelief.

When Jeremy Corbyn ran his election campaign he presented a clear message to his Palestinian human rights advocating audience, which was outlined in the Labour Manifesto. However this stance for human rights and international law has been all but erased.

The original manifesto stated that “A Labour government will immediately recognise the state of Palestine” and that the party would call for the end of the 11 year ongoing siege of Gaza and the end to the Israeli illegal occupation of the West Bank (occupied officially since 1967).

Now however, due to pressure in the party, Labour have changed their stance on the issue to read; “In Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Labour is committed to a comprehensive peace based on a two-state solution: a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine.” Far from the immediate recognition of a Palestinian state which was formerly promised.

This change in policy has alarmed an overwhelming number of Labour MPs (Jewish and non-Jewish) and is seen to have implications on the parties reputation when it comes to its stances of international relations.

Earlier in January of this year an Israeli government employee (Shai Mascot) working for the embassy was exposed plotting to influence lobby groups, politicians and British student movements. Shai attempted to set up a pro-Israel group called the Young Labour Friends of Israel, he was exposed by al-Jazeera for doing so and with that the activities of many other pro-Israel figures were brought to light.

It seems that the latest move by the Labour Party only benefits pro-Israeli members of the party, and with the move being so widely condemned by Jewish and non-Jewish members alike for changing such a popular manifesto its a real wonder how such a change has been able to happen.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. My poor English brothers. The island doesn´t seem the same anymore, does it?
    Well, to be honest, the Jews haven´t done anything unusual at all, they plot along very normally as they did since the end of the war.
    It´s Y O U, the English, that´s the problem! You attempt to politically wake up. How dare you? You are supposed to be happy enough in life to hate the Germans and otherwise keep your nose out of politics.

    It is the Jew´s legitimate job to manipulate us, all of us.

    While it is your job to all, male and female, all ages, to hop on the trains and guzzlers every early morning, 06:30 AM, to squeeze into the cities T O WO R K. And then, a few hours later, slosh yourself back home again, naggerd and downright fewked. And yes, the Jew of course has also done his job. He duly manipulated. Anybody with Saudi experience knows what I mean. Well, perhaps some of you sit next to a Saudi or Jew on the early trains?

    Well, what the hell is so special then to get the urge to wake up now? Corbyn? The Labour Party? Palestine? Where were you 70 years ago? That´s how long the Open Air Sand Prison exists. 50 years ago? 30? Well, what about 10 ? Well? Were you perhaps manipulated? Also called brain washed? You didn´t even notice that you were already in the bag, did you? Their bag. Too late to wake up now. No need. You have no say any more. Theresa will take care of it.
    This note was written from inside another bag.

  2. A considered adjustment by Corbyn from an intransigent position. Well, for one it allows a greater degree of positive political perception and movement in that non-negotiable becomes negotiable. Palestine – far from being abandoned by the Labour Party, merely adjusts towards mid-stream and a more purposeful current where the movement needed to redress their dire existence receives broader and flowing support. Already politically marginalized by the Israelis it prevented any headway. Entrenched on the perimeter is clearly too restrictive for any progress. To me it is a positive ploy by Corbyn to press the Palestinian cause to greater effect. It is a move that will rankle the Israelis and allow a Labour government greater thrust in promoting the Palestinian agenda. Inevitably it will garner greater support from a wider base of existing and future Corbyn supporters. And that can only be for the better.

  3. These pro-Israel scumbags should be deported to Israel. Let’s see how many of them are “chosen” enough to be granted the so called “right to return”. Maybe, once Israel’s supporters found out that the apartheid state couldn’t care less about them, they would grow a heart and stop supporting Israel.

    I’m sick of the world having to watch Israel trample international law and human rights while remaining silent, in fear of being likened to Adolf Hitler. Supporters of Israel are the Nazis, not the critics of Israel. The longer they are permitted to carry on their 70 year genocide, the more aggressive they will become. They have no right to the land of Palestine, to mass murder human beings, to interfere in our politics, to poison our media, to issue our national currencies, to libelously slander their warranted critics. However, we have the right to defend our nations (by any means necessary) from foreign invaders. So, maybe it’s time these dirtbags are reminded where they are, and what percentage of the population their numbers represent.

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