US Afghan strategy will fail say Ex-Cmdr


[ Editor’s Note: Khadir Mohmand was a Mujahideen commander once upon a time, until the yellow brick road of life brought him to the US where he became a successful businessman and has supported his people every since from Kalamazoo, MI.  We should all be so lucky to have someone this passionate and steadfast to support our causeJim W. Dean ]


September 5, 2017

To the Honorable James Mattis

U.S. Secretary of Defense

1000 Defense Pentagon

Washington, DC 20301-1000

RE: The United States’ New Strategy of Escalating the Killing of the Afghan/Pashtun Majority in Afghanistan Will Not Work. This Longest War For Control of the REEs Must End.


Dear Secretary Mattis:

War crimes are being committed against Afghan/Pashtun villagers by the United States. Just last week Afghan/Pashtun villagers were killed in Pashtun areas throughout Afghanistan especially in Helmand Province, Logar, Herat, Kunduz and Kunar Province. History has shown that wars against Afghan/Pashtun cannot be won. Presently, I believe the United States’ troops, its mercenaries/private contractors, and the Afghan administration’s puppet forces cannot beat the resisting Pashtun villagers/freedom fighters on the ground. I believe it is cowardice to use more B-52 bombers, drones and other sophisticated weapons and aircraft to kill Afghan/Pashtun villagers, who are the native majority population. I am sorry to say if we continue with this stupid strategy of fighting the Afghans/Pashtun, our country will end up like the former Soviet Union, which collapsed after they lost in Afghanistan. If we continue with the war strategy in Afghanistan only China and Russia will be the winners.

I believe the new U.S. Trump strategy in Afghanistan is genocide- the intentional killing of the Afghan/Pashtun villagers, who are the only roadblock to the Trump administration’s exploitation of the Rare Earth Elements (REEs), is wrong and unlawful. At one of his recent media events, Trump himself boldly stated that he wanted the United States to “exploit” the REEs. His friends, Michael N. Silver of American Elements, a company that specializes in mining REEs and his adviser, billionaire friend, Stephen A. Feinberg of Dyncorp will benefit from this exploitation. The vast untapped deposits of REEs are located on the Afghan/Pashtun villagers’ land especially in Helmand Province and other Pashtun areas throughout Afghanistan. The Afghan/Pashtun villagers are fighting to defend their land that is being taken from them for control over the REEs. It is really not about terrorism. It is really about exploiting the Afghan’s REEs! I believe the Afghan Villagers are not terrorizing the United States, but the United States is terrorizing the Afghan villagers.

The United States, under the command of Trump and ultimately under your command and the command on the ground of General Nicholson, is cowardly attacking the Afghan/Pashtun villagers using phosphorus and other chemical bombs against them. On August 28, 2017, thirty five (35) Afghan villagers, many women and children, were killed in Shindand District in Herat Province. This killing of Afghan villagers/civilians is happening throughout Afghanistan every day-mostly unreported by the media. It is escalating under Trump’s new strategy of genocide of the Afghan /Pashtun villagers, who are the road block to his exploitation of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth.

The native majority, the Pashtun villagers, are not the enemy of the United States. I believe that the best path for the United States is to stop the war against the Pashtun villagers and talk directly with them to reach peace. The United States needs to be united with the Afghan/Pashtun villagers, the majority, in order to keep Russia and China from becoming the new superpowers. China’s and Russia’s power is evidenced in the recent BRICS Summit. China and Russia benefit from the United States continuing its war strategy in Afghanistan in its longest war. Their power and influence in the world have grown. Whereas, the United States continues to spend trillions and cause the loss of life in a war it cannot win. Our stature in the world has decreased because of this war.

I fought against the Soviet Union and the Afghan communists in Afghanistan in the 1980s (Please see my attached biography and photos). I hate war. It takes more courage to admit that a war cannot be won and change the strategy to a peace strategy than cowardly escalate the bombardment of Afghan /Pashtun villagers in a 16 year long war. You are a soldier, a general, who understands what war is and its destructiveness. I expect more from you, as Secretary of Defense.

Please change the strategy now. Stop the genocide of the Pashtun villagers in Afghanistan. Stop the war.


Kadir A. Mohmand

6147 Old Log Trail

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

(269) 353-7044


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Kadir A. Mohmand

Abdul Kadir Mohmand was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He currently resides at Kalamazoo, Michigan. He graduated from Kabul High School. On an UNESCO scholarship, Mr. Mohmand studied at Sofia University, Bulgaria from 1976 until 1978 when his studies were interrupted by the Communist seizure of power in Afghanistan. The new Afghan Communist government ordered the Bulgarian government to return him to Afghanistan because he was anti-communist. Mr. Mohmand requested political asylum. With the help of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy, he arrived to Italy and then the United States in 1979.

Mr. Mohmand returned to his studies and earned his B.S. in 1983 from Western Michigan University. He found employment in various positions in the engineering business. For many years, he worked for BFI and was country operations manager for BFI Italia. Currently, Mr. Mohmand owns a shopping center and develops commercial properties.

During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand was the Representative of the Afghan Mujahideen for North America. During the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand returned to Afghanistan to fight as a freedom fighter against the Soviets and Afghan communists. Through an arrangement with Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Mr. Mohmand would bring back wounded Afghan children and Mujahideen for medical treatment at Borgess and recuperation in his home in Kalamazoo. He formed and was president of a nonprofit, Aid for Afghanistan.

In the 1980s, Mr. Mohmand also worked with the Committee for a Free Afghanistan in Washington D.C to bring wounded Afghans to the United States for medical treatment.

For the past four decades Mr. Mohmand has dedicated his life to working to achieve true peace and stability in Afghanistan.

A few years ago, Mr. Mohmand organized educated Afghans intellectuals across the world who drafted a comprehensive plan for peace. Presently, he has united many different Afghan peace organizations under one umbrella. The goal of this network is to unite Afghans to bring true peace in and the independence of Afghanistan. This network wants to be the bridge between the Afghan freedom fighters and the silent Afghan majority, and the Western World in any peace negotiations.

Mr. Mohmand wants true peace and stability in Afghanistan. As a veteran of war, Mr. Mohmand hates war.


  1. An army that attacks only civilians is a cowardly army indeed. As Sherman did so throughout the south and the allies in WWII , the Korean War and Viet Nam up though Rotten Ronnie Raygun’s invasion of Granada, GHW Bush’s invasion of Panama, and the wars in the middle east all designed to slaughter as many innocent men, women and children as possible. How many more Lt. Callys will there be?
    The jackals in Washington and especially in the Pentagram, give themselves pats on the back and medals for murdering people. The U.S. military is especially craven and cowardly as it uses drones operated from thousands of miles away to murder people who were no threat to America. It launches cruise missiles into the cities of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria in the hopes of murdering more innocent people. It drops bombs from miles above onto villages. There is nothing to thank the troops for their service when they are nothing more than mercenaries for the zionists.
    There is nothing to be proud about serving in a military that wages war on defenseless, innocent people. Only shame. I will not thank them for their service. I do not support the troops. I do not support the U.S. military. I do not support the rogue, criminal, lawless regime that occupies the ten square mile cess pool of corruption, greed, perversion, degeneracy and treason.

  2. Good Letter. I agree with the usage of the word cowardice. We need to stay reminded of the word Mattis used, “Pu##ies” is how he referred to anyone not taking up arms. A special waver was required to appoint him to the position and for good reason. So, he needs to be watched Double and held accountable. He is not a general and should not be acting like one. Addressing the troops that way is unbecoming someone who is a civilian servant. I don’t know how long it takes someone to acclimate to civilian life after serving for 30 years, but there is a reason for that rule and the waiver should have been denied. Civilian control means civilian control. This cabinet is the worst I have seen. Only a “Pu##y” pounds civilians long after the need to stay, which we all know was a lie in the first place.

  3. as I was saying below, the good news is no one gets out of life alive. The bad news is it is anyone’s guess where the soul goes from here.

  4. I too am a combat vet who returned from Vietnam questioning whether God exists, or not. When I got back I enrolled at the University of New York at Buffalo where the mantra God is dead was played over and over. The theme hung with me for a long time. Now 1 year from 70 I find myself doubting my past agnosticism, and leaning toward believing. Anyway old axioms like “money is the root of all evil” ring more true today than yesterday. This place is all twisted. The good news is no one gets out alive. The bad news is when we leave

    • If there is a god, he is doing a lousy job of it. No one can allow things to get so screwed up unless the god you’re talking about is an absentee landlord.
      Religion is entirely made up. The works of the Old Testament are copied directly from earlier writings, laws and religions. See this website:
      Besides, religion in America is a fraud. It is all about money and power. Jim Baker, Jimmy Sweigart, Ted Hagard, Billy and Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Tim LaHaye and one of the worst , ugly little toads, Jerry Falwell, whose sordid career of hucksterism and fraud has brought death to many people.
      Practice a religious belief if you will but best to stay away from the squalid mega churches that have sprouted up out of the American landscape like toad stools.

  5. It will not work. The government they supported corrupt, the security forces it trained were tyrants, Afghani civilians sandwiched by both armed taliban and US coalition force in which either struck by bombs from airstrikes or from suicide bombers. Every bogus intel, every failed raids, every mistake it made produce a civilian dead body with their families grieving or grudging. There’s never a shortages in Taliban’s recruit and support.

  6. The above is an effective exposition of Trump’s position on Afghanistan. In reality, neither Trump nor General Mattis has any say in the matter. The whole of the USA is a captive criminal enterprise and is in the process of being gutted and blamed for the whole world colonial exploitation. Yes, China and India is the new dialectic with Russia as fulcrum. Citizens of the USA have been subject to brainwash and degradation of the education system for at least 100 years and suffer such severe cognitive dissonance that, even if their vote was effective or even counted, their input would be negligble or nil. Corporations fronting for the Synarchy and Oligarchy have been defined as “Persons” and are the only real voters in the home of “Democracy” and “Freedom”. Lord Acton pointed out that Conscience is the only check on Authority abusing Freedom. Without educated Conscience and Logos the system is broke. I would like to make suggestions on how to fix it, but International Bankers who front for the Synarchy control: The Money, Industry, Military, Politics, Education, Judiciary, President – where does one stop the list?

    • At least the USA still has Freedom of Speech and Human Persons can talk and write about these things. Recent articles in the NEO and The London Review of Books paint a frightening picture about how reliant the populace is on digital communications. Monopolies financed by these same Oligarchs truly have Big Brother Computer Algorithms censoring and manipulating information and paid trolls (aka Journalists in many cases) publishing disinformation. In fact, disinformation is the norm. It is great to see Gordon get fired up on a subject like Veterans Rights, the Holy Spirit seems to work admirably through the channel of the self proclaimed agnostic. Good heart. James W. Dean, not the deceased and iconic actor, seems to interject with Black Humour appropriately – not bad for a Southern Boy. Then too, digressing on that train of thought, I’ve always found Good Ol’ Southern Boys more even in their Race Relations as opposed to the Hypocritical Political Correctness of the Eastern Establishment or the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

    • Chris: when you mention Synarchy do you refer to Masonry? The US Judge Earl Brian -a top masonic US commander- it is in the inner presidential circle. Even from own documents there seems that the US is controlled from day one by Masonry, operating as a permanent government on top and behind any presidential figure, ruling as a single party true dictatorship, with Jewish lodges being at the core of the network and having a majority in the Masonic World Council. Afghanistan it is the angular stone of ME
      US strategy, even if Afghan population has to be reduced to zero. If we believe Obama, Osama Bin Laden was killed some time ago so, 9/11 was vindicated, as we are told to be the 9/11 mastermind, and was not killed in Afghanistan, ISIS has never claimed to fight for Afghanistan neither operates there which has a US concocted government. According to Trump, can be deducted that if there is terrorism in Afghanistan, either Bin Laden is still alive or ISIS has changed headquarters and is looking for Ässad has to go” far away from Syria. As we know, Taliban has the right to fight against any foreign invader, as it did against the Soviets, an endeavour that was fully US supported.

    • The fact that Aghanistan borders with Iran to West and Pakistan to the East its the only reason to occupy that nation. To keep an eye on Iranian defense readiness in one case, and pressure Pakistan into surrendering its nuclear deterrent on the other. If tomorrow Israel opens an embassy in Kabul and/or
      Islamabad, US forces would be redundant and and left looking to turmoil in other lands, maybe Samoa, Figi or Timor Islands.

    • Freedom of speech? Are you kidding me? The college campuses are anything but . Political correctness rules the campus and anyone who dares to speak their mind are either attacked or booted out. Professors and instructors have been relieved of their posts. Just remember what happened to Prof. Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge. The violence and threats of violence on college campuses when conservative speakers are invited often end with the speaker being canceled. The internet is being censored by Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. The DHS declares anyone critical of the government is a terrorist threat.
      The First Amendment is under attack from both sides. ASmericans are becoming afraid to speak their minds for fear of being fired from their jobs, harassed, labeled a nazi, racist, white supremacist or worse, assaulted.
      The media in America censors everything that does not fit into its own politics. Journalists are censored, some are even murdered.
      No, there is no free speech in America. Like the rest of the Bill of Rights, it is being attacked and gutted in the name of political correctness and national security.

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