Syria asks UN to stop Israeli attacks, Duff on Press TV


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  1. Anyone with a 3 digit IQ knows what actually is going on in Syria, at the hands of the globalists who use American blood, American dollars, and American muscle, for imperialism.

    Most here, get that imperialism is happening as we speak, and it are globalists that are doing it. And these globalist clearly think that the end justifies the means. Invasion after invasion, with millions of dead at our hands, and the dimwits call that democracy IN ACTION. Frankly, I am not even sure they are NOT doing the right thing, because profit based consumption IS killing our planet anyhow. But I don’t like being lied to, and treated like the same kind of retard who actually runs to vote for a rich mans puppet.

    Truth hurts, but truth is, were are ALL proxy mass murders pursuant government policies we should be jailing politicians for implementing.

  2. “Time to look into your own neurotic psych profiles dear high jacked Americans. Your “American” world you are living in has no substance of truth whatsoever.”

    No kidding, the disconnect in the west from the truth that is based in their own actions, on the world which burns under our boots, is depressing. The debtor slaves don’t understand how those whom hold the whole world in fraudulent debt, those who drive imperialism for the one world socio economic order
    promulgated by DR, keeps us all, including governments, under the thumb of the banksters,

    While we understand quite clearly, the corruptible nature of inequality, because we are also seeing the rich drive us into a 2 class world with the same inequality, and we whine about that enough. Someone took away the part of our education that taught the herd how to THINK FREELY, using critical thought, fact, reason, and logic. Instead, our thought comes packaged by demagogues called politicians and the media owned by the imperialists. And the ignorance, astounds.

    Common sense, and science tell us that the rich own politics, but the herd still runs to vote for those appointed by the rich to vote for. And not just in America, the Euro sheep do the same thing time after time. While they still vote, then they are CLUELESS who their owners are, and as such, clueless as to the reason and methods of globalist imperialism.

  3. From Russian news outlet
    Reports claim an Israeli military jet that was hovering above the Syrian skies got shot down by Syrian defense systems and then fell into Labanese territory.

    Earlier today, the Israeli Air Force violated Syrian airspace and struck Syrian Army positions in the province of Hama, killing at least 2 Syrian soldiers.

    As of yet, reports on downing of a jet cannot be independently verified.
    UNCONFIRMED: Syrian Forces shoot down an Israeli jet
    September 7th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
    – Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –

  4. I think it will be interesting and to everyone’s benefit if someone were to publish an article comparing N. Korea with Israel. Just a simple one using base characteristics such as more; of a threat to world peace, regional peace, more aggressive, racist, truthful etc.
    aybe even do a comparison of psych profiles of leaders Benjamin Netanyahu, and Kim Jong-un.
    Yes, someone please do it

    • “a comparison of psych profiles” is needed for the American warmongering congress and all “professional” American politicians. Without the help of the criminal Nation USA which located itself above all other Nations in our world there would be no war in the ME or any threat to N.K.
      Time to look into your own neurotic psych profiles dear high jacked Americans. Your “American” world you are living in has no substance of truth whatsoever.
      How about fencing Washington, DC and turn it into the Mental Asylum that it is?

  5. I see two seperate things happening here. One of course is the victories by the Syrian military along with the aid of Russia against ISIL/DAESH. The retaking of important provinces and cities, the total destruction of DAESH forces along with the losses of so much hardware is causing those in israel to grimmace in mental anguish. The other situation is one Gordon didn’t bring up but he knows very well what’s happening , is the trouble Bibi is now in with regards to corruption and criminal activities within his own family and himself. As this scandal moves forward Netenyahu will become a cornered rat, who will seek to use what ever means to extricate himself from, even if that means launching another war, which could be against Iran. We’re dealing with someone who is not sane. He is very dangerous, not just to the middle east but to the entire world. There is no telling what Netenyahu would end up doing to save himself. He is motivated to remain in power no matter what the consequences are.

    • Another cornered rat is the psychopath group of uncrowned elite dual citizens Oligarchs running your America JohnZ. It is them who will and have acted for Israel on “your American behalf”.
      Time for ethnic cleansing of all American devil worshipper, no matter if double citizens or not, is far overdue.
      The clock is ticking and “you are either with us or against us” is the only choice Americans will have.
      Democracy is not a cure. It is a corrupted disease!

  6. Interesting. After all that’s been happening you wonder whether there is still a UN and what the purpose of this organisation is.

    • The only purpose of the U.N. is to officially prepare the slaughter of selected Nations and Religion to cleanse the sold out world from all opposition. Beside that there is no other purpose at all.
      With the fall and fail of USA the UN will cease its purpose altogether.

    • When the currency collapses the UN will become a part of the collective NWO. This is by design.All world organizations will do their part. You will get three fifths of yor assets and beg for that. It’s not just Israel; the whole world is infested.

    • “interesting. After all that’s been happening you wonder whether there is still a UN and what the purpose of this organisation is.“

      Well, the man who sold America to the banksters, created the UN…..nuff said huh

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