The Debate – Plight of Rohingya Muslims


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … with Press TV,  Tehran

Who would want a new war cranking up with ISIS losing?

[ Note: The Rohingyas are getting “the treatment” from the Myanmar military. International press is reporting that insurgents are reported to have attacked several police posts and an army base – a crazy thing to do if the reports are true, as we see what the sad result was.

And even if some young hotheads did such a stupid act, unleashing military troops upon unarmed village populations with fire and brimstone is hardly a justifiable reaction. The claimed number of dead has the profile of retribution attacks on the villages of the alleged insurgents.

In Myanmar these Rohingya “crackdowns” have historically been done with impunity. The scale of this one, the media blackout from the government side, and its going so far as to even block UN aid from going to desperate people indicates this is not a spontaneous event, but a planned one.

Somebody wanted to crank up another destabilization show. We don’t know who for sure, but we know that Syrian War refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan were recruited for opposition fighters, even trained by the US, and where many went over to the jihadis when they crossed back into Syria.

As to the question “why now”, with ISIS in the last stages of being beaten in Syria, the major contender would be someone maybe wanting to open a new terror front in Asia. Atrocities on an ethnic and religious minority would be a logical trigger. Such things are usually done by a major Intel agency, or several working together. Israel is a major arms supplier for the regime, and “other services” are often packaged with Israeli arms deals.

VT does not have a correspondent in Myanmar, but we will be asking around anyway. With Bangladesh getting all the refugees dumped onto them, they will have a vested interest in fingering the provocateur. We will start with their English newspapers, and build out from there; but as you might suspect, their English newspapers are probably owned by you know whoJD ]

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This minority Muslim population has never been a serious threat to the Myanmar military

–  First aired  …  September 08,  2017

“Iceberg of misinformation” by “terrorists”; that’s Aung San Suu Kyi’s take on her country’s persecution of Rohingya. While people worldwide are protesting the carnage, govts have been slow to react. Israel says its arms sale to the Myanmarese junta is a ‘diplomatic matter’ & will proceed.

Norway’s Nobel committee, too, says it will not rescind Suu Kyi’s Peace Prize. To add to that, Canada has not said whether it will cancel her honorary Canadian citizenship. Join me, Waqar Rizvi, as we discuss reactions to Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis.



  1. Jim, My martial arts master (bando banchi thien) was from the Shan state of Burma. His assistants were Rohingya. They had settled in Karachi, in the Landhi-Korangi area after the Fall of East Pakistan. While Khin Maung Ghi (my master) went onto Singapore, his assistants stayed onto to teach the Burmese martial art. Later they had married Vietnamese Muslims, who arrived after the Fall of Saigon. I believe that they still teach at the Karachi YMCA. Your contacts in Pakistan should be able to reach them and get the story on the ground. With some luck, they may take you through the jungles to the Burmese side. [Should be interesting to get on-the-ground insight of the insurgency – which China will ensure it becomes, if Burma panders to Modi’s India. If the people from Shan state start getting involved, we are talking about factions from the Golden Triangle].

    Another good contact is the (our rival) Burmese martial arts master, Ashraf Tai, also in Karachi. As his name suggests, he is of the Tai tribe. Whether they are the ones that gave Thailand it’s name, or he is a descendant of the ancient Arab philanthropist Hatim Tai, I can’t say. His skills were so profund, that he was tasked to training the Pakistani commandos, otherwise known as SSG (Special Services Group).

    • Thanks Jaffer, Its always too late to make new contacts in a far away conflict. As we can do is find someone there doing good reporting that wants us to repost here. All of our best sources took years to cultivate, or they are someone else’s.

  2. Bali can break-off and become a separate state from Muslim Indoneia, but no separate state for Rohingya Muslims who have been denied citizenship by Burma? Rohingya are not the only Muslims discriminated against. Burmese Muslims of Indian descent had their properties siezed and were expelled from Burma many years ago. The US abounds with those people who were given refugee status and allowed to migrate. More recently Muslims shops in Rangoon were looted at the instance of these Buddhists militants. As were Muslims of Chinese descent that live in Shan state.

    See it for what it is: the fascist Hindutva organizations led by Modi, have a kindred soul in militant Buddhists. India is seeking to solidify it’s relationship with Burma & undermine China. India has an insurgency in the NE. Those tribes overlap with ones in the North of Burma, that too are ripe for an insurgency. Which China will feed if Burma goes the India route.

  3. I’d agree that their armed uprising may have connection to saudi funded ISIS since there’s a report of ex ISIS militants advising and directing the rebellion but long before it came to that there’s a lot of buddhists extremist (conservative ?) in Myanmar targeting the minority which include the Christian (in particular ‘west’ looking people).
    Event leading to conflicts vary depending sources however one thing for sure is there’s a provocation that led to use of lethal force by the Myanmar national army which led to the first bloody massacre.
    If you don’t know there’s a lot of Buddhist extremist violence documented in video (one which show a series of decapitated and dismembered bodies).

  4. Haven’t you heard? The Rohingyans have WMDs. If it has a putrid smell then it must be Israel. If it smells doubly bad and has Jihadists involved, then it is Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Judia.

  5. Jim W. Dean is quite right that “crackdowns” on the Rohinga Muslims were planned. He has rightly described that the US and Israel who “trained opposition fighters” in Syria are behind the “atrocities on an ethnic and religious minority,” and after its defeat in Syria, ISIS, “major contender—wanting to open new terror front in Asia.” He has pointed out the drastic situation of Myanmar in a brief and comprehensive way. I greatly appreciate his analysis.
    Sajjad Shaukat
    Writer and Author

    • Due to the brutal treatment of the Rohingyas, it is a no brainer that there would be some resistance, especially from the 16 to 26 year old unmarried males. You can see them in the opposition videos. They are like High School seniors.

      International press has stated that the refugees consist of a lot of women and children. That indicates that he men stayed behind because they were either insurgents themselves, or wanted to oppose the Mynmar military to buy time from their people to get away.

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