Busted: Israel and ISIS Hand in Hand in Chemical Weapons Use, Duff on Press TV



  1. This is an excellent statement of the facts by Gordon Duff. The only reason Israel gets away with these constant illegal criminal acts against a sovereign nation Syria is because they have, or at least purportedly have, the support of the totally corrupt outlaw United States Government which is in Syria totally without any permission in patent violation of the law. While it does appear that there is no operating air defense system in Syria, the Russians are obviously very sophisticated and likely know ahead of time every move Israel makes or intends to make. They are playing their cards close and giving Israel enough rope to hang themselves with. The legal troubles of Netanyahu are also part of this game plan. Putin seems to be waiting until the very last moment to strike if he strikes at all. One wonders what would happen if Israel somehow attacked Moscow instead of Syria, what would be Putin’s response then? Obviously he could obliterate every square inch of Israel if he so desired.

  2. Staged and filmed attacks go back at leat until the conflict in Former Yugoslavia. The Muslims bombed their own people in a market and CNN was waiting to record. NATO HQ, I think it was under General Rose, tracked the shell. When the President was tried at The Hague he brought this up in his own defence, but he still died in jail unconvicted.

  3. Busted all right!
    Israel again enters and bombs Syria. Russians look on as usual when Israel attacks. Syria’s Air defence is still not functional while USA allies recover their terror chiefs in charge for relocation.
    The situation in Syria and the corporation with their allies in defence of Syria is so rotten does it not even stink any more.


    Former head of Israeli military stated the Syria attack on Thursday was carried out due to ‘moral’ outrage over Syria’s use of chemical weapons. Talk about shooting yourself in the right foot while kicking your own ass with a hopping and whopping left foot for good measure. And all because the Israeli wagon in Syria – out of gas, has gone careening downhill like the pigs of Gadarene to a watery and anything but serene end.

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