Solar activity behind unusually severe hurricane season?


The sun has been in a period of unusual activity for several months now, including some unusually large solar flares: Sun unleashes most powerful solar flare since 2006

We have also been experiencing an unusual spell of weather, especially severe weather events have been seen all over the planet, but most notably, the Atlantic hurricane season has been more severe than any for a longtime.

These two events – unusual solar activity and extreme weather are very unlikely to be coincidental, there is most likely a cause and effect relationship.

British weather forecaster Piers Corbyn (brother of current Labour Part leader Jeremy Corbyn) has been making accurate long-range weather forecasts based on studying solar activity for decades, his website Weather Action is full of evidence-based scientific study of weather and climate forecasting.

WeatherAction are world leaders in Long range weather – and climate – forecasting and produce detailed weather forecasts to resolution of a few days months ahead for Britain & Ireland, Europe and USA + South Canada, and climate forecasts up to 20 years ahead.

The forecasts are based on predictable aspects of solar particle and magnetic activity and sun-earth connections and their modulation by lunar effects. The unique method developed by Piers Corbyn – WeatherAction founder, astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and weather & climate physicist & forecaster – is known as The Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) of Long-Range forecasting.

Corbyn has been linking solar activity to extreme weather events for a long time and has a vast body of forecasting work that strongly supports his case.

Unlike the nutty conspiracy theories that abound about weaponisation of the weather, global warming and climate manipulation, Corbyn’s work is built on evidence based science.

Take some time to learn about Corbyn’s work, you will gain far more insight into what actually is happening with the weather and climate than you will from the countless fraudulent disinfo ops spouting garbage, such as Al Gore and proponents of mystical weather manipulation chicanery that has zero evidence to back it up.

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  1. In 2011, from April 25, to 28, a super outbreak of tornadoes that rampaged through Southern, Mid Western and Northeastern U.S. produced 362 tornadoes, confirmed by NOA/ National Weather service which caused 348 deaths directly related and 324 related. Tornadoes ranged all the way into southern Canada.
    The deadliest tornado ever was the Tri-State tornado, that killed 695 and injured 2,027 that raged more than 300 miles through the states of Missouri, Illinois and Indiana on March 18, 1925.
    Recent tornadoes such as the Jolin, Mo. and Moore, Oklahoma were category 5 . It is predicted that Dallas, Tx. will eventually become a victim to such a storm, predicting billions in damage and thousands of deaths.
    The point is, the U.S. has always had severe storms especially along the gulf coastal regions and Mid west where tornadoes seem to sprout like dandelions.
    These hurricanes are nothing new; obviously the work of the sun having a solar fit. Not the German DVD, NWO or the zionists.

    • The EF5 tornado that struck Moore ,Ok. killed 24 people. Three storm chasers, Tim Samaras, his son Paul and Carl Young were killed when the tornado they were chasing turned on them during the tornado at El Reno, Ok.
      Storm chasing is a dangerous occupation.

    • Fracking, draining the wetlands, clear cutting the forests, dams, dikes, and agriculture are all examples of man made things which affect the environment. Fires, volcanoes, 26,000 commercial flights in the US every day, are all things that would affect weather patterns. Certainly natural fires and earthquakes occur, but so do manmade earthquakes and fires. So, even if not approaching a deliberate Dr Evil weather weapon with space lasers, the human effects are in our faces. Wetlands alone have a purpose and eliminating them is catastrophic on multiple levels. The reverberations of tampering with the very structure of natural environment cannot be quantified, but it should be obvious that effects could cause anomalies. I’m not sure folks have quantified agriculture insurance payouts as a motivating factor. Often for the farmer it is more lucrative than actually harvesting a crop.

    • If you are familiar with the work of Belgian Peyo, you might have heard about the
      « Weather Smurfing Machine »
      It is a lot of fun, and ever since I read it, I’ve been convinced that such a machine
      would not only be something for farmers, but also for polticians.

      A way to chance the cliimate is to put asphalt everywhere. Removing forest is anohter.
      Conversely, removing asphalt and planting forests might, in the long run, bring the Earth
      with its climate back to the way it used to be. But since the value of the Solar Constant
      is an essential factor, it may not be quite as easy as I make it sound.
      « Papa Smurf tells Handy that his weather-smurfing machine may have some problems that he needs to work out. At the machine, Poet and Farmer are now fighting over who gets to control what kind of weather they will have when they eventually break the controls, now causing weather to go out of control. Even the birds on the branches are confused by the constantly-changing weather patterns. »

    • Kaho, the smurf experiment, is to boil a pot of water in the kitchen on a cold dry winter day. The moisture fills the air and makes 65 F feel like 70. Now the smurfs consider the removal of wetlands and how that effects the atmosphere on a hot day in the NE US. What does a natural and fully restored environment in the NE do to the moisture content of the earth as opposed to a fully deforested and dried up “civilized” NE ? The brilliance of economy will always be displayed by artists, and torn apart by scientists and religion. Thus, the current defunding of art, is paralleled by the advance of egotistical control models and likewise the demise of the natural world and health of the general economy within it. Smurfs are way smarter than scientists left to their whims.

  2. The Farmers Almanac has been using solar flares for long range forecasts for decades. But, synchronicity does not prove causation. The possibility that another causation is behind both must be examined first.
    If we accept that governments are acting subversively with drugs and 9/11 and nuclear weapons, and we already have a UN Treaty regarding weather weapons in place since 1976, then I do not think weather manipulation is out of the arena for discussion. In fact, if we examine the existing factors, then it enters the “highly likely” phase. Humans have sought to control the environment and all life for millennia. There is little reason to think, a battle for moisture would be “out of the question”. That there is no proof in the public, certainly is not indicative of non-existence. Motive is obvious for a multitude of reasons. There is no public proof for many things discussed here, and elsewhere. I remember a day when there was not even one person who did not laugh when the suggestion that phone calls were being hacked was brought forth.

    • I have not found astronomy to any more trustable as a department than medicine or history. They regularly use political advantage and the fight for funding is constant. Five years after spouting denial after flat denial and ridicule, the astronomy business conceded that they know very little, and even announced they had just found the very thing they denied for so long with ridicule. Another perturbation or anomaly in our own solar system. If the movements and alignments of the planetary bodies in our solar system affect the sun cycles, then not much can be determined without knowledge of the precise location and quantity of those bodies. It’s a game of whack a mole, like nukes and subs. It is overwhelmingly obvious that long distance space travel is continuously touted as possible, while at the same time being demonstrated that it is physically impossible for the human body. Astro-physicists are the most arrogant politicians in all of academia.

  3. I ran into someone propounding a Flat Earth on the internet already in 1995. He was from Sweden, and was one of those propounding a “pagan” world view. As if Eratosthenes and Ptolemy were not “pagans”.
    I have no idea what made him hold such crazy ideas, and I never bothered to ask. However, I recall reading about Hanns Hörbiger in a quite interesting volume authored by Pauwels and Bergier back in the sixties : Le Matin des Magiciens (1960).
    Hörbiger’s theory of a “Hollow Earth” occupies an interesting spot in the history of literature, from Ludvig Holberg via Edward Bulwer Lytton to Lewis Caroll.
    ( Interesting article in German –> Google translate if you’d rather read it in English )

  4. In the universe all is connected. Humanity is not. It picks connections through science, based on “facts”.
    The activity of the sun is close related to all that occurs on earth or elsewhere. Temperatures have risen worldwide, Draughts and floods have become more frequent, the rays of the sun have become more powerful and devastating for crops and mankind. Earthquakes and extreme weather is surely influenced by sun activity as the moon influences the tides and mankind.
    Surely man does “modify” weather but without certain conditions of the sun this would not be possible.

  5. Piers….for many years…..has been a strong voice against the Al Gore (and others) climate change fraud…..but no-one was listening….except a small minority like myself

  6. Ian, I am going to check out Corbyn’s information as you suggest. As I believe there are no coincidences, could this be more related to insider trading. It’s always good to have the weather on one’s side. Better yet the weatherman.
    Excuse please. Shouldn’t “… all over the planet ” read, all across, or all over the plane? I’m just saying.

    • If by plane, you are referring to flat earth, then no, the earth is not flat and anyone who thinks it is needs to seek urgent psychiatric help.

    • A solar flare that shoots out in the direction where the Earth is, consisting of UV- and X-rays that move with the speed of light, will hit the Earth’s upper atmosphere at the point closest to the Sun, i.e. somewhere near the Equator at the longitude where the local time is noon. The absorption of these rays will then create a hot region in the upper atmosphere, and result in an upward going stream of air. At lower altitudes winds will then be created. Due to the ever present Coriolis force, these air flows, streaming in from all directions, may then, other conditions being favorable, give rise to a whirlwind or a hurricane.

    • Good point Harry, maybe they think it’s the fires of hell down below, or we are riding on the back of a giant turtle, who knows…

    • Ian: The Earth is not flat? My Rotten-Child University Astronomy professor says it is.

      Asked I: “Pray tell, if flat, on what does the flat Earth rest?” A: “A giant turtle, then another & another…”

      Q: “On what do they rest?” A: “It’s turtles all the way down!” ;-).


      P.S. Flat Earth nonsense is latest & greatest PsyOp to get the gullible to discount science.

    • If the earth is flat, can a fatwa issued from a bureaucrat in Washington make it round? And if the earth is round, can the president declare it flat?
      The flat earthers will soon be joining Heaven’s Gate in their quest to reach a more perfect state of being. Unfortunately many of them were allowed to reproduce.
      How this rubbish got started is a mystery to me but thanks to the internet, any non reasoning human with the intellect of a fence post can post even the worst rubbish and soon find enough followers to make it seem factual.

    • I really couldn’t care less what shape the earth is. I see the whole flat earth business as a distraction. People actually waste time arguing over it. In discussions I’ve had with flat earthers, I asked,

      “What’s the motive for lying to us about being on a ball, if we’re really on a flat plane? Where’s the incentive? I know why TPTB lied about 9/11, Kennedy, etc, but what do they gain by making us believe we live on a ball, instead of a pizza?”

      Pretty simple, yet important question, but no one could answer it. In this case, (IMO) If there’s no motive, there’s basically no reason for them to do it. That being said, I’ve never been to the upper atmosphere to view our beautiful home, so I cannot definitively say whether our earth is a ball, or a pizza. But as I said in my opening statement, I couldn’t care less what shape she is, because I don’t see why it matters.

    • I can think of a myriad of reasons for the psyop of flat earth. Gauging particular segments of the populace to set disinformation levels in target areas would be one. Distraction and confusion is another that benefits unpopular decision makers and reduces protestors by wearing them out with prolonged battles. It is much the same as many disinformation campaigns, and here it is soaking up time as well. It is a highly efficient energy waster, while more important and sensitive topics wait. Big Oil has brought disinformation to artistic levels.

    • Yeah, wasting time refuting it is a big part of why such psyops exist, this is why I won’t waste time on flat earth morons, I just call em what they are – morons, and ignore them. Same with the ‘nukes are fake’ BS that has been picking up steam for the last few years, a lot of people seem to have bought into that one, which is obviously intended to deflect from the fact that nukes are being used fairly often.

    • Andrew_Bukanov(Russia): You say “If we drop the shadow of the Earth to the moon, we would see the silhouette of a turtle. 😉 ”

      Isn’t that what Russians see? The Man in the Moon is really a turtle! And the cheese from which the Moon is made is turtle toe cheese… Really! 😉

    • There are stark similarities between the flat earth, crop circles, and alien agendas. The support and structure of communication response is multifaceted and similar. With flat earth, they stepped up and appear to be isolating the target audience. An aggressive move and perhaps displays the potential financial motives. Aliens will stick, crop circles will not reveal the artists, but flat earth is a risk as far as revealing the op. It speaks of desparation which may be considered a positive for now. The amount of online support is quite amazing and must be expensive. The amateur nature of the op to me, rings big oil. It popped up around the time protestors hit the banks.

    • I’m not surprised the commentators and authors on this site can answer the why question. That’s what we do and that’s why I’m here. But on the other forums where I posed the question to those supporting the flat earth narrative, they all drew a blank and started calling me a “baller” 😆. It’s up to them to answer these questions and defend their narrative and they failed.

      Anything that can divide the masses into opposing camps is useful to the criminals. I get that. I once caught myself wondering, if the earth was indeed flat, would there be any need for the force of gravity, or would density and weight be enough to hold us down to the planet? And if so, might this change our understanding of physics, energy and technology?

    • Flat earth theories are easily dismissed with dozens of approaches, but the one I find most useful is the numerous round the world journeys by non-political, adventurers. My favorite is Laura Dekker. The only shape that one can start and end a continuous journey traveling in a single direction and ending in the same location no matter where, is a sphere. This requires no science except a simple compass. but don’t expect anything to work. The confusing language and monotone delivery by hundreds of “different” users, give away the coaching of repetitive wall staring. The success of such amateur hour techniques, speak volumes to the compulsory education process in the US. In that regard, the data is valuable.

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