Declassified CIA Docs Say Hitler Was Alive and Well in Argentina in the 1950s


Candid shot of Hitler at the Berghof

 Declassified CIA files show that in 1955, an informant boasted about meeting with Adolf Hitler in Colombia, and provided pictures of himself with the Fuhrer – over 10 years after the Fuhrer’s suicide.

Declassified files show that in 1955, the CIA’s Western Hemisphere Division (WHD) chief received a secret memo, boasting a subject line that no doubt caused him to jump up from his chair, and spew any liquid in his mouth across the room — “Operational: Adolf Hitler.”

As the shocking title implies, the acting station chief in Venezuela claimed to have received a once in a lifetime tip from one of his contacts — a decade after his apparent death by suicide in the Fuhrerbunker, Hitler was in fact very much alive, and living in Argentina.

Hitler Oder Nicht?

In brief, one of the action station chief’s informants, CIMELODY, was contacted by a trusted friend, former SS trooper Phillip Citroen, who claimed to have been in touch with Hitler — masquerading under the pseudonym Adolph Schuttlemayer — about once a month in Colombia, while there on a trip from Maracaibo as an employee of the Royal Dutch Shipping Company.

Citroen indicated to CIMELODY he had even taken a picture with the fallen Fuhrer, and a grainy snap is indeed included with the memo.

German Chancellor Adolf Hitler during his address to 80,000 workers in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1, 1936, s part of the May Day Celebrations.
German Chancellor Adolf Hitler during his address to 80,000 workers in the Lustgarten, Berlin, May 1, 1936, s part of the May Day Celebrations.

He also stated Hitler left Colombia for Argentina in around January 1955, and added that as ten years had passed since the end of World War II, the Allies could no longer prosecute Hitler as a criminal of war, suggesting erroneously the statute of limitations on war crimes are rather brief.

The message concluded that neither CIMELODY nor the CIA station itself was in a position to give an intelligent evaluation of the information included in the memo, but it was being forwarded “as of possible interest.”

The no doubt flabbergasted WHD chief followed up on the memo by reviewing the agency’s files, and found a year prior, there was indeed a report not only making the same claim regarding Hitler not being dead, but also suggesting there was a whole colony of Nazis in South America — again made by Citroen.

“Phillip Citroen told a former member of this base that while he was working for a railroad company in Colombia, he met an individual who strongly resembled and claimed to be Adolf Hitler. Citroen claimed to have met the indivdual at a place called ‘Residencias Coloniales’ in Tunja, Colombia, which is, according to the source, overly populated with former Nazis, following this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as ‘der Fuhrer’ and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation!” the memo said.

More Trouble Than It’s Worth

A few days later, the station chief wrote to the WHD chief again, asking if they wished to make further investigations into the potentially still-extant Hitler or not.

“If Headquarters desires, Bogota Station can make inquiry concerning ‘Adolph Schuttlemayer’ in Tonga, Colombia,” the memo said.

A week later, the WHD chief responded ambivalently.

Adolf Hitler, left, Nazi chancellor of Germany, and Konstantin von Neurath, German Minister of Foreign Affairs, (right center) as they returned to Munich, Germany, from their meeting with Premier Benito Mussolini of Italy, June 25, 1934.
Adolf Hitler, left, Nazi chancellor of Germany, and Konstantin von Neurath, German Minister of Foreign Affairs, (right center) as they returned to Munich, Germany, from their meeting with Premier Benito Mussolini of Italy, June 25, 1934.

While he had no objections to undertaking further investigations into the matter, he felt “enormous efforts could be expended on this matter” without the possibility of establishing anything concrete.

As a result, he suggested the matter be dropped.


  1. All the top Nazi’s were alive, some probably still are. Other names, maybe other faces. Elites are protected and benefit , civillians pay the price.

  2. PEACE IN…
    Not being paranoia, but CIA has been the most untrustworthy, unelected, fourth branch of US government, therefore, can this really be believed.

    The Mossad motto, “by way of deception, thou shall do war” is instructive just as the Kol Nidre prayer is deceitful.

  3. Everything points out on a secret deal between USA and Germany at the end of the war.

    Hitler left Germany as part of it and USA got many of the secret technologies developed by Nazis, including many scientists and military personnel.

    The first atomic test happened only one month after a Nazi submarine arrived in USA with fissile material. Is very likely the American atomic bomb was in fact a Nazi one.

    Look at the departments of transportation across USA… almost all of them have Nazi symbols, showing they were started by German engineers, the same that constructed the Autobahns and left the country after the war.

  4. Who the hell cares? Why do we allow them to try to fill up our precious brain with such an ancient poisonous scheißendreck? We have got a lot of modern stinking Hitlers running around all over the place and to eliminate them we need a lot of young with an intact brain, and no pipe smoking Uris.

  5. I have two thoughts about Hitler’s exit . . . stage left, or stage right?
    He was pretty drugged up towards the end. Really addicted to med’sins . . . thanks to his Dr. Conrad Murray, oh wait. Different Dr. Feelgood. Hilter’s was Dr. Morell . . . who had his Fuhrer Patient hopped up on all kinds of very addictive medications.

    Was it possible that Hitler could have thought clearly? On April 20, 1945 (his 56th birthday) when Hitler ordered his entourage to “raus, raus, raus” . . . they went to Obersalzberg, where Hitler had his haus, haus, haus*. And coincidentally, that compound was destroyed on April 25, 1945 by allied bombs. Why would they have bombed the shit out of that place in the Bavarian mountains if no one was there?!? They had the intel . . .he was there?!? Theoretically, the douche medical bag, Dr. Morell, flew out of Dodge (as well as others). So why couldn’t Hitler? Yeah, he stayed in his bunker and waited to off himself. Who the f’ck wrote that ending?

    *”Mark Twain wrote, “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” — written in today’s article by Jack Speer-Williams

    • History repeats with another displaced dick-tater . . . remember when they hanged the Saddam POS . . . and he fell through the floor, OMIGOSH, that was hilarious. Did anyone see him swing?

      LMFGAO — yeah, only Mossad can come up with fake bullshit for the T.V. viewing audience {rolling eyes}.
      Saddam had way too many jock supporters to allow him to dang me, dang me . . .

      He’s probably in Argentina too.

      I think the classic by Roger Miller pretty much sums it all up:
      Yup, he admits he’s a cheatin’ man . . . a real son of a gun . . . so dang him, dang him, take him to the tree and hang him — but make sure it has a trap door, and sell the rights to the hanging while you’re at it.
      Ivory soap just doesn’t sell itself anymore . . . ad revenues make dragon’s eyes go “cha-ching.”.

      It rhymes . . .

      Roses are red and violets are purple
      Sugar is sweet and so is maple surple
      Well I’m the seventh out of seven sons
      My pappy’s a pistol, I’m a son-of-a-gun
      Well, dang me, dang me

      They oughta take a rope and hang me
      High from the highest tree
      Woman, would you weep for me?

    • We all are certain that misinformation of the public existed long before 9/11. Saddam Hussein had 3+ look a likes who even took on some of Saddam’s public duties towards the end of the American siege in Iraq – though US naturally executed the original. Bin Laden might have died on kidney failure long before his official American death. Many surviving “German war criminals” went to the French foreign legion which gratefully deployed them in Indochina instead of execution, some found work in foreign secret services in non European countries. Nazi Scientists went all over the globe before and after the war continuing their work for foreign nations and Hitler suicides?!
      History is a book of lies so who would be surprised about anything these days?

    • By now we know the Iraq war was ginned up by the zionistas and israel. W(AWOL) was such a stupid little moron he went along with it. bin Laden died in Dec. of 2001 from the disease that was already killing him when 9/11 occured. The dog and pony show staged for the American people, most of whom are too stupid to realize they’ve been had, believed that b.s. Of course the entire SEAL 6 had to be “neutralized” so that no one would spill the beans on that b.s.

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