Israeli Leader Netanyahu Depicted as Hitler Ahead of Upcoming Trip to Argentina


A poster depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler

Palestine sympathizers in Argentina have apparently started disseminating posters depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as Hitler ahead of the Israeli PM’s visit to the country.

Local pro-Palestine activists in Buenos Aires have apparently prepared their own brand of ‘warm welcome’ for the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming key visit to Argentina.

A number of posters portraying Netanyahu as Adolf Hitler, the infamous head of the Nazi Germany and person reviled as probably the worst enemy of the Jews, were hanged across the Argentine capital, according to the World Zionist Organization cited by Jerusalem Post.

One of the posters features Netanyahu dressed in Nazi outfit and sporting Hitler’s hairstyle and moustache, captioned “Get Zionists out of Palestine!”

Another poster was fashioned like a wanted criminal notice, accusing Netanyahu of “genocide and crimes committed against the people of Palestine.”

A poster depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as a wanted war criminal
A poster depicting Benjamin Netanyahu as a wanted war criminal

World Zionist Organization Deputy Chairman and Head of Countering Global Anti-Semitism, Yaakov Haguel was not amused by this move, declaring that it promotes antisemitism and stating that his organization “will continue to fight this scourge.”

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  1. The Truth hurts Bibi. That is why you never tell the Truth. You are the top mo fo Anti Semite in the world. Another lie is the Talmudist Judians who seperated from the Israelite and Humanity calling their country Israhell. They should have called it Judaland or New Ukraine orvsomething but not Israhell.

  2. New Rule: Anybody in Argentina caught wearing a little brush moustace and yarmulka at the same time must register as a sex offender.

  3. Careful, all you folks down in Argentina, you’re being vicious anti Semites and holocaust deniers!
    You should give israel every penny you have just to say you’re sorry or America will BOMB YOU! You wanna end up like Venezuela? Just keep it up and we’ll have the CIA bring another coup d’etat like we did in Chile. We have ways of making other countries come around to our way of thinking. Or else. How would you like your President Macri to commit suicide by shooting himself in the back with a machine gun? Or maybe get a fast acting cancer?
    So now the ADL and SPLC is gonna come down there and raise a ruckus and force all you folks to say,”we’re sorry for being such vicious anti-Semites and holocaust deniers.
    Warning! Argentina is a hate group! Obviously filled with all those ex Nazis who escaped from Germany. Led by Adolph Hitler’s son. OY Vey. Not again!

  4. He looks swell in his new outfit. Now we need to somehow get him into a prison cell. Pelican Bay should do. He’s earned it. I mean a lifetime in AdSeg. Solitare for you old time cons. Maybe old San Quenton. Cell him next to Sirhan Sirhan. Netanyahu probably still owes Sirhan money. They can play Spades for it.

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