Moscow to US Embassy Staff: You’re fired!


Will he challenge the Israeli regime on Syria?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Russia seems to realize that the United States has no intention to stop playing political games, particularly when it comes to sending Russian diplomats back home. United States officials obviously think that they can still continue to play an essentially wicked game without any serious consequences. Russia seems to be saying that enough is enough.

“If the US makes parity a criterion,” says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, “we will bring those conditions in full accordance with what is called parity.”[1] What Russia is basically saying here is that if the United States wants to play double standards when it comes to diplomats, then Russia can do the same. Putin again makes this very clear:

“We have agreed with our [American] partners that there should be parity of the number of diplomatic staff in Russia and the United States. There were some 1,300 diplomats from the US; we had 455. We corrected this.

“But among those 455 diplomatic staff working in the United States there are 155 people working at the United Nations. Strictly speaking, they are not part of the diplomatic corps accredited by the US State Department. So true parity would be the US not having 455 diplomats in Russia, but 155 fewer.”[2]

Russia has been silent about the United States’ covert activity for a long time. In fact, when the United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats back in 2016, Russia did not retaliate. No more, they seem to be saying.

There is no need for the United States and Russia to lock themselves in a mortal combat at this present time. The only way the United States continues to unnecessarily attack Russia is because US officials have sold their souls to the Israeli regime, which has recently attacked Syria on groundless charges. Israel wants Syria, and then Iran, and if possible much of the Middle East. That is what the Greater Israel is mainly about.

The Israeli officials are using the United States to do the dirty work. The Israeli regime and the Neoconservatives in America don’t give a damn about the average American.

As agents of chaos, they come to steal, kill, and destroy. They do not come for peace at all. That is one reason why they have sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people.[3] That is one reason why they can say crazy things like the Iraq debacle was “a worthy mistake.”[4]

That is why they can say diabolical things like “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.”[5] That is why they can brag that “creative destruction” is actually their “middle name.”[6] That is why they invent evil things like “Israel is protecting itself from Iran. We should, too.”[7]

If Russian officials want to really know which country is actually pushing the United States into chaos, then they need to take a closer look at the Israeli regime itself. If they fail to at least challenge the regime and tell them to stop attacking Syria and summoning crazy excuses, then the regime will continue to use their diabolical standards in Syria and elsewhere. The diabolical regime in Tel Aviv knows that they have lost the Syria battle, and the country that helped defeat them in the region is Russia.[8] Israel obviously is scared to death to flesh out a political attack on Russia, therefore they have asked the United States to do the dirty work.

Donald Trump, who has been under the Israeli spell for quite a long time, doesn’t want to challenge the Israeli regime either because that probably would cost him his life. How else would his administration continue to attack Russia, Iran, and now North Korea?

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  1. When it comes to wonderfully descriptive English phrases, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova always comes through. Here’s what she had to say on the US closure of the San Francisco consulate: “I am watching the footage of the FBI searches of Russian foreign missions and I think that this is some kind of hellish clownery [which is] stupid, illegal [and] meaningless,” Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page.

    She had more to say about the fines imposed on Russia for burning garbage at the SF consulate when the Russians were told to leave on very short notice: “The anti-Russian performance continues in the US. The next presentation is under the title ‘Russians poisoned San Francisco.’ What for? In particular, to justify the barbaric actions of US intelligence agencies on the territory of the Russian Consulate General,”
    For more on the latest insult:

    I just love this woman. She is quick, clever, knowledgeable, and speaks English far more fluently and effectively than her US counterparts. “Hellish clownery”… yup, that about describes what the USG is doing.

  2. Alexis please answer this question. Do yo believe $6 trillion dollars was spent in Iraq, and Afghanistan?
    Your opinion will do.

    • joetv:

      Please, answer this question: did you check the footnotes with respect to the six-trillion dollar bill?

  3. Alexis, do you actually believe if Trump went rogue against Isrel son-in-law Jared could not save his life? lol
    Amelius, are you speaking of the video popups? Also I experiience frequent site stoppage when reading, or commenting on articles criticle of Israel. Do you?

    • There is zero chance of Trump ‘going rogue’ against Israel. Trump would not be in the White House without the interference of Israel and would have already been dragged out of it without the interference of the US-Israeli lobby.

    • Ian it seems also that there is very little chance that America will stand up to its own enemies who kidnapped not only profit, freedom and liberty but the American mentality and vision. The complaining and whingeing about not being able to remove any evil from its American democracy and law system while sinking down into a bottomless pit of fire is more then questionable. The tyrant is falling victim to its own narcissism and cries for external help from the same foreign nation that was pillaged and raped by American Zionism before. Hollywood at its best!

    • Joetv, Yes the video pop ups and yes, the page crashes frequently when reading or commenting about Israel. It’s so bad that I have to write my comments in my notes and then copy and paste them in the comment window, because I can’t type one word without the page reloading. It’s bad, and Israel sucks!

  4. Please, can someone tell me how to stop these stupid pop-up advertisements from crashing the page and ruining my experience at VT?

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