Iraqi parliament votes military action against Kurdish referendum


Iraqi Parliament authorized “military measures” against Kurdish region independence referendum

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The referendum is including areas outside the Kurdish autonomous region, a flagrant challenge to the Iraqi constitution

[ Editor’s Note: This little gem slipped by the corporate media, but it is, in no way, a little item. The Iraqi Parliament’s language was couched very carefully in the term “to preserve the unity of Iraq”. Everyone who wants to, understands what that means, and that includes the Kurds.

If the Kurds continue with their push for independence, with the obvious goal of not wanting to share their oil revenues with the rest of the country, then they will need a protector. The Americans and Israelis have fulfilled that role and would like nothing better than to have a dependent colony in the heart of Iraq, and so close to Iran.

It does not take a geopolitical genius to see that, with the US coalition’s ISIS ploy going down in flames, it is seeking to deploy its replacement – where a quasi-state is already in place.

But this move would be like waving a red flag in front of a bull; and it would bring Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria together with an intensely shared interest – the ISIS threat being replaced by a new Kurdish threat, with the same backers of ISIS.

They will understand that once such a base were established, it would be more costly to “fix” the problem than it would be to do that on the front end. That is why this vote was taken in the Iraqi Parliament – to lay out their options for the Kurds to take into consideration.

Iraq needs a civil war now like it needs a hole in the head. But the Balkanization of the country would be worse, so its decision, though an unpleasant one, will be simple… as it is better and less costly to fight now than later. Iran would see this clearly, with Turkey remaining more of a wildcard, by talking a good game but saving its powder for dealing with the Syrian and Turkish Kurds, for whom the Iraqi Kurds declaring independence would be like waving a green flag at the Indy 500 races.

So chaos and destabilization still reign supreme in the Mideast, where we always see the same players, pursuing as they so often like to say, “their interests”. This is not a New World Order ploy, but an Old World one, with American exceptionalism at the helm Jim W. Dean ]

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The Kurds are courting disaster with this referendum

–  First published  …  September 13,  2017  –

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Parliament voted against a Kurdistan Region independence referendum planned for September 25 and obliged the Iraqi government to take measures to “preserve the unity of Iraq”.

The vote authorized Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to take any measures against the referendum process taking place in the Kurdistan Region as well as in other areas outside of the administrative border othe region but under control of Kurdish forces.

The issue was put on the agenda upon the request of 80 MPs, according to Kurdistan-based Rudaw Media Network. In total, the session was attended by 204 of 328 MPs. All the Kurdish factions in the Iraqi parliament boycotted the vote.

The Iraqi Constitution had enumerated issues for which a referendum is required, and those do not include the Kurdistan referendum,” parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri said in a statement. “The inclusion of disputed territories in the referendum is also a violation of the constitution.”

Protesting against the vote, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) representatives left the chamber. The voted petition contains “military measures” against the move, Rudaw reported citing Sirwan Sereni, a KDP MP.


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  1. That is correct . . . unity. Please read my comment. This entire charade started in the 1950’s. Iraq had an up and coming young King . . . he went to London to visit the queen. They welcomed him, and the corporation of London said they had his back . . . little did he know, that meant — WITH A KNIFE IN IT! He came home being SHIVED in his back. He was NOT invited to the party, and took a Ba’ath. When they came to the palace, he gave up without a battle. They killed him, and then took over. And the Iraqi population (including the Kurds) have been taking a Ba’ath ever since! They destroyed that country.

    The Kurds would be quite foolish now to side with the separation. It’s not in their best interests.

    This is what happened . . . they let the U.S. “elite” military in, on account of ISIS and all — and those 5-stars sidled up to the big players, putting a bug in their ear about how much money they’d make if . . . they’d cede from the union. Civil war? Hmmmmm . . . who would have thunk? And this is ENTIRELY what they want . . . when people are fighting (over bullshit) the oil is going to get very deep cuts, black market deals galore. Oh, like the 5-stars didn’t do that in Nam with the heroin heist?!?

  2. Oh, like Turkey is a reliable border partner?!? LMGAO. Good luck Kurds . . .

    Bibi, Inc. would love him some of that Erbil salad oil, spread all over his matzo balls.

    The “fight” for this region began many decades ago. They had young King Faisal who went to London to visit the Queen, in the late 1950’s. He came home with a knife in his back. Reason? Well, the young King wanted to learn how to speak KURDISH so he could talk with his people, in their language. But, that couldn’t happen. Not in the 1950’s, when the plan was on the table to UN-unite Iraq.

    Enter in the Ba’ath Arabist party, under the leadership of . . . two Zionist Syrians . . . who “founded” that political bowel movement in the mid-40’s, just like Israhell wanted. Those two, both trained in France, had no allegiance to anything “Iraq.” They were, like most politicians cut-out/sell-outs, positioned on the chess bored . . .

    And when those two aged out, they cast Saddam Insane for the lead role. He played Little Miss Muffet, with the kurds getting in his way, and did some very foul things to them. That’s why they don’t like central Iraq. But these games were done on purpose . . . to divide, and then . . . conquer.

    Tap, tap, tap. Hello?!? Is this thing on?

    • The two splish, splash, I was taking a Ba’ath “founders” were Salah al-Din Al-Bitar, and Michel Aflaq
      They were straight outta Damascus . . . and trained in France. I mention France because a lot of these f’cked up world leaders are schooled there. Pol Pot, from the Killing Fields . . . cut his teeth on women’s make up. You know what his regime was called? The Khmer Rouge . . . rouge is French for red. So delighted with his training, he just couldn’t help pay homage. Boy howdy did he bleed that nation, and Vietnam. He wanted the precious . . . and France wanted it too. The oil.

      So the Ba’ath walked like ducks, talked like a ducks . . . and were French trained Marxists mallards. AFLAQ! And we all know what Marxism is, right kids? Straight outta the Bolshevik playbook.

      These two implants, were boobs! Both died in Paris, if that tells you anything. The middle east needs to have leaders who love their people, not outsiders who are the middle east version of Bourgeois Carpet Baggers.

      Please no more “military” action in Iraq. Let this nation heal. Kurdistan shouldn’t be picking at their scabs. To quote The Simpsons, “Son, let’s stop a-fussing, and a-feuding.”

  3. Balkanization like “partition” would work but what history has shown is that no matter what; different peoples, cultures have to learn to live together irregardless of a border line or not. At this moment in time Iraq needs a Gandhi. The tribal separateness and reactionary vengeance consciousness that permeates the middle east is preventing everyone from enjoying the abundant life which they could have so easily. .

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