Rapid Human Cloning

What are some of the ethical issues related to cloning? Gene cloning is a carefully regulated technique that is largely accepted today and used routinely in many labs worldwide. However, both reproductive and therapeutic cloning raise important ethical issues, especially as related to the potential use of these techniques in humans. Reproductive cloning would present the potential of creating a human that is genetically identical to another person who has previously existed or who still exists. This may conflict with long-standing religious and societal values about human dignity, possibly infringing upon principles of individual freedom, identity and autonomy. However, some argue that reproductive cloning could help sterile couples fulfill their dream of parenthood. Others see human cloning as a way to avoid passing on a deleterious gene that runs in the family without having to undergo embryo screening or embryo selection. Therapeutic cloning, while offering the potential for treating humans suffering from disease or injury, would require the destruction of human embryos in the test tube. Consequently, opponents argue that using this technique to collect embryonic stem cells is wrong, regardless of whether such cells are used to benefit sick or injured people.

by  Preston James

Cloning of animals has been achieved by Chinese researchers and others using cell samples recovered from the deceased parent animal.

It is a slow and expensive process taking many months.

Wealthy folks who want to clone a favorite, beloved pet have been the only ones able to afford this, but that may be changing rapidly.

Clones of clones of clones could become Frankenstein-type monsters?

Cloning of a favorite pet has produced mixed results, with many clones supposedly not living as long as normal, and some having strange health problems.

Numerous labs around the world are advertising cloning services and many new treatments for gene-based disorders; and these are rapidly being developed all over the world, using state-of-the-art genetic engineering technology.

Cloning has been ultra-expensive; and those who have cloned their favorite animals that have died have paid a small fortune for the clone.

With the genetic-engineering technologies appearing publicly within the last few years, cloning is expected to become cheaper and more effective.

Cloning organs or whole organisms takes a large check, but the price is coming down

The first animal cloning used Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) technology, but some of the clones developed unusual, lifespan-limiting health issues, like Dolly, which was one of the first public clones. This animal died early of an unexpected lung disease.

A new gene-editing technology has been developed that allows removal of disorder-causing genes and substitution of healthier ones. This is the CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) gene-editing technology, which is so advanced that it allows the replacement of individual genes.

And there is the new SHEEF stem cell technology that creates “Synthetic Human Entities with Embryo like Features”. This technology could easily lead to the growing of one’s own identical, human replacement organs inside or outside one’s own body, perhaps in an artificial fluid-maintained womb.

LASSO (Long-Adapter Single-Strand Oligonucleotide) cloning can now clone thousands of cells at once; and human stem cells can be coaxed to grow into eggs and sperm. LASSO is predicted to significantly speed up the process of cloning.


Use of fertilized human embryos for body parts – outcry

A great public outcry led many politicians all over the world to pass laws and limit the use of human eggs being fertilized for genetic embryonic experiments.

However, this led to secret labs and various programs classified deep within the Shadow Government Defense Contractor system, some growing fertilized human embryos into large fetuses in synthetic wombs comprised of plastic sacs fed by various life-giving fluids.

Some of these secret experiments have undoubtedly been used for evil, Frankenstein-like purposes. The whole subject of stem cells from embryotic cells is a political hot-potato, but has been solved by a veterinarian.


Stem cells for Specific treatments

Avoiding the egg-cell controversy, a veterinarian developed a means to create embryotic cells from a small amount of a dog’s stomach fat. When these embryotic cells are activated and injected into a dysplastic hip or torn ligament of the dog, the cells serve to regenerate the target, not perfectly, but sufficient to prevent disability in the animal.

Would this work on diseased internal organs? So far, this technique has not been used on humans – at least inside the USA legally, as far as we know. The treatment is prohibitively expensive.

But several university medical practices have been injecting stem cells into a recipient’s damaged heart tissue with some good results, with new heart muscle growing and replacing the old.


Animal-Human Organ Hybrids

Who has done the risk management analysis for hybridizing humans with pigs? Has it been published in the mainstream media?

Research is going on in numerous labs in America to hybridize humans with pigs.

There are numerous labs linked to large Medical groups around the world and inside America that are using a patient’s cells to hybridize with pigs, monkeys and other organisms for research on the potential of using the animal’s organs for transplant.

Just recently, a paired-receptor system was discovered that appears to control whether a transplanted organ is rejected or not. The SIRP-alpha molecule fits into the CD47, and if there is a compatibility, then the transplant will not reject.

If there is an incompatibility between the SIRP-alpha molecule and the CD-47 Receptor, even with anti-rejection meds and many years’ success, usually the organ will eventually reject. Medical researchers are hopeful that they will be able to gene-splice the organ recipient’s own SIRP-alpha into the transplanted organ to prevent rejection and the need for expensive anti-rejection drugs like Cyclosporine.



Is Rapid Human Cloning (RHC) now being done in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)? … Now for a voyage into the esoteric about whether rapid human cloning is being done or not.

With the rapid development in genetic engineering technology in the consumer medical world now so evident, it is expected that human cloning will soon be possible. That is, if the existing state and federal authorities allow it. So far, they have passed laws to prevent it; and medical societies have set ethical standards limiting it.

Those who have studied DUMBs and the Secret Space War Program and who are well-versed in USG privatization and massive defense contractor secrecy realize that these topics are protected by so-called “national security”. They also understand that a Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has buried this highly classified research, which is at least 20-50 years ahead of the technology available to consumers.

(File photo)

Have there been Deep Black and Beyond-Black Joint Alien ET/ Defense Contractor programs in DUMBs for hybridization and rapid cloning?

There have been well-founded rumors for years of recovered Alien ET anti-gravity craft; numerous vetted, respected firsthand witnesses who worked in secret roles have now publicly reported this.

Any reasonable person who examines all the available testimony and evidence of Steven Greer, MD’s Disclosure Project, and the available death-bed confessions will come to believe that these joint programs do exist.

They will also understand that these programs have been involved in profoundly anti-human criminal activities, that are crimes against humanity of the worst sort imaginable.

They will also accept the reality of recovered, crashed Alien ET anti-gravity craft, rescued alive Alien ETs living in US Custody and some Alien ET groups working on joint programs by secret treaties with the SSG.

Take geologist and tunnel engineer, Phil Schneider, who came forth and was murdered by Men in Black (MIBs) for telling his story. Schneider has been completely vetted by experienced Intel, and his story is rock-solid, backed up by physical samples he took and photos, too.


And there have been others who, despite great difficulty in doing so, smuggled crude photos out of the Dulce DUMB of a rapid cloning lab. We know there is cloning going on in artificial and transparent plastic fluid wombs bathed in purple light, and we know the organisms being grown look human and quickly grow to adult size and development.

What is not known is if these are solely human genome, or whether they are alien ET/human hybrids, or whether they are pure alien ETs that appear human, such as those who have been described working with DOD contractors on joint Deep-Black and Beyond-Black programs.


Cloning the Puppets for World government?

At one time, there was a rumor which originated from someone who worked inside a Deep-Black cloning program that there was a plan to grow cloned replacements for top corporate leaders, top politicians, and top entertainers.

These clones would appear, walk and talk almost identical to the subject and would be used to replace them, using sophisticated transition processes to conceal it.

It would not surprise me if this program had been activated. But the giveaway is that the clone’s gestures can unpredictably display stylistic oddities in their speech and behavior, due to neurological glitches.

These apparently can occur despite the fact the clones have been behaviorally conditioned using advanced psychotronic entrainment methods and neural implants. Insiders have claimed these glitches are a dead giveaway, and quite a few “substitutions” have already been made in top positions of government, corporations and the entertainment industry, including some stars and media “talking heads”.


Are there Deep-Black, Triple-Helix Super Soldier Programs?

How the triple helix forms: INTRAMOLECULAR: Two strands that make up the standard DNA molecule break apart at a certain point. One piece of DNA continues to present two chains of paired nitrogenous bases, while the other piece presents loose strands. One of these loose strands bends back and wraps itself around the stretch of DNA where the two chains are still paired. This yields a triple-stranded DNA molecule, all strands of which originated from a single molecule. INTERMOLECULAR: A triple helix can also form when a second DNA molecule donates one of the strands. In this situation, two chains from conventional DNA (C and D) bond with a strand (E) that has detached from another DNA molecule.

One program that is now operational inside the Deep-Black part of the Secret Shadow Government is an experiment that attempts to hybridize humans with a third helix, transforming all their genes to triple helix from double helix. This is called the Triple Helix Super-Soldier program.

Humans and animals have a third helix with their normal two in cheek cells, some skin cells, and cells that heal rapidly. In amphibians and snakes, the third strand is present and results in severed limbs re-growing and operating normally.

It is a fact that Super Soldier programs exist. I have seen the actual physical evidence myself; and, at the least, these folks have been selectively bred for physical strength, coordination and very high IQs. Whether or not they have been gene-spliced is still an open question, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

Super Soldiers have been enhanced cognitively through various proprietary nutrients, vitamins and secret injections, which have raised their IQs to over 200.

The plan is to insert a specially engineered fast-growth third helix (strand) into the soldier’s DNA to make them rapidly self-healing for almost any wound. It is unknown if this research has borne fruit or not.

If they do succeed, my guess is that it will turn out to be a nightmare, like the BZ experiment in special ops in Vietnam where soldiers turned on each other and murdered each other because they became psychotically aggressive. Some believe that this experiment formed the basis for the movie, Jacob’s Ladder.

Another Deep-Black Super-Soldier development program was supposed to have involved insertion of ape genes in the muscles to provide vastly increased strength and stamina for the foot soldier. This could be done during the embryo phase or as an adult. It is unknown if this program was deployed or not – and if it was, whether or not it was successful. China is believed to be doing research on this right now.

An essential goal of these Super-Soldier programs has allegedly been to use various means to hive these organisms into one central consciousness – at first by brain chips in constant communication with the Internet and satellite systems, and then by using ingestion of migrating nano-particles that can be flashed. The final goal is allegedly to genetically engineer super-soldiers with instinctively “hived brains” that actualize certain psi-power and secret Black Arts occult means.

Has this been already done? I don’t know; but anything seems possible with the vast black budget funding these secret “joint program” labs have access to.


Hived Clones

Are there Deep-Black joint programs with Alien ETs to create “hived” clones, hybrids, androids and to synthesize the human soul in these “created” creatures?

It has been rumored for years that the DUMB at Dulce, New Mexico, is a joint Alien ET/human project run by a defense contractor under USAF auspices. On the 7th level “Nightmare Hall”, human subjects of all ages are kidnapped off the streets, often from federal parks, and terribly tortured in unimaginably evil ways.

Abduction by a bright beam of light (Image by C.J. Burton/Corbis)

Workers at Dulce are told that these folks are hopelessly insane and experimental treatments are being done to find a cure. One worker who leaked this info said he recognized one of the caged subjects from the nearest town, and that person appeared completely normal at that time.

This person was caged and begged for help and mercy. The security is so tight that the worker couldn’t let him out and rescue him but leaked the story in an attempt to create a public outcry. Sadly, nothing ever came from this.

This inhuman Dulce underground base should be surrounded by the US Army and captured, freeing the victims and bringing those responsible to quick, “three-day” military justice.

If leaks are accurate, none of these experiments to create and install a synthetic soul in clones have been even close to successful. Looks like the hybrids and clones are soulless and operate as functional psychopaths. (Perhaps these evildoers running these programs should learn that only God Almighty, the great “I Am” and First cause of everything, can create a human soul.)

All synthetic attempts, including the massive ones going on now to create an A.I.-based one, will fail. Certain A.I. gurus who run big Internet services and search-engines truly believe that they can create and impart a human soul to a large quantum computer, and then a demon or Lucifer will inhabit it and eventually take over all reality through this AI system. Some would say this is insane, sociopathic thinking, and would likely lead to a great deal of inhuman acts in the future, unless stopped.

These same AI gurus plan to create synthetic AI-operated policemen, soldiers and weapons of war. This is likely to lead to major wars fought by robots of all sizes. One inhuman plan is to power the robotic tanks by conversion of the dead soldiers’ bodies to electricity to power the tank.


Have rapid-cloned “human replacements” already been made in regular American daily life? 

For some years now there have been rumors from respected insiders that some politicians, corporate heads and top entertainers have been rapid cloned and replaced.

Hillary with the President after her alleged altercation with Holbrooke, 2009

During the last presidential election period of 2016, some astute researchers noted several different appearances of Hillary Clinton, suggesting the use of doubles (it was noticeable, if you study all the photos taken). I had one top Intel man tell me that “maybe she is dead and was cloned”. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but it seemed that he wasn’t.

Some reacted to Hillary’s sudden illness at the 9-11-01 commemoration, where she stiffened up, and her aides tossed her into her ambulance (converted to look like an ordinary van) like a bag of potatoes.

This video clip is one of the strangest ever recorded and is available on Youtube.com. The Hillary that day looked different and younger than usual. Her appearance changed so much during the debates and rallies that it was hard to tell which double was there.

That afternoon, after the commemoration when she emerged in public “cured”, a closer look showed that she was much thinner and did not look much like the original Hillary, plus she had no Secret Service men with her.

There was a leaked DNC email of Huma Abedin which claimed Hillary Clinton was having frequent seizures and was ill. Could she have died and was she replaced by a clone that looked and acted like her, but had some serious CNS glitches of the sort that clones allegedly suffer from? Or is she so sick that she doesn’t go out much and sends her clone instead? We will probably never be able to find out for sure.

Don’t expect the USG or the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) to come clean soon on any of this. Their first concern is that potential enemies could gain important information on such research.

Their second concern is that after over 60 years of the blatant and monstrous lies they have told to the American people, the masses would never forgive them and would never trust them or believe anything they said, ever again. And they expect that it would bring the current USG and SSG crashing down on their heads.


Cosmic Fascism

The only entity that could gain from such disclosures which would delete USG and SSG power overnight would be the Top Globalists that want to bring in a new type of fascism, their own new fascism.

This new Globalist fascism which would be based on a public declaration that Alien ETs are real, and are here working with some human groups jointly preparing for a coming invasion from other alien ETs, and that these invading Alien ETs are deeply evil and hell-bent on eliminating all humans just to mine the Earth’s minerals.

Their new type of fascism would best be called Cosmic Fascism and would initially start out as friendlier than the current BT/RKM/COL fascist system in America. But eventually it would morph into an emphasis on severe depopulation, elimination of normal reproduction, transhumanism (the melding of Iron and Clay”), and the total control of everyone’s life 24/7 in all aspects using advanced AI-based psychotronic and psi-power hiving technologies.

But could this claim that the world is going to suffer an attempted invasion of an Evil Alien ET force just be misinformation, a new bigger, better psyop?

Personally, I think that evil Alien ETs are already here, living underground by mandate from God for violating His Cosmic Rules; and that some have been consorting through occult means with certain high-level politicians and super-elite members of occult circles for centuries.

It is important to note that, before he died, Werner von Braun warned that the USG could someday fake an alien invasion to gain more power. He shared this with his assistant Carol Rosen, who is highly respected and who has now shared this publicly.



I myself think that the alien ET threat is real like President Reagan did. Reagan mentioned the alien threat publicly a couple of times. And I also think some of the bad ones have been here for many years and have taken over powerful banking groups and certain occult circles.

However, besides all that, it is a well-established fact that the world has been hijacked by a secret Satanic Pedophile Cabal (the SPN, a worldwide network) of secret Rulers and top Banksters. Insider reports are that they engage in pedophilia and child sacrifice to gain power from Satan and give up their very souls in exchange for vast power, riches and status.

The SPN’s main goal is “order from chaos”, that is to create massive worldwide chaos in order to empower them to install a new one-world government run only by themselves. In practical terms, this means they want to create “Hell on Earth”, which means massive death and human suffering as a mass human sacrifice to Satan in order to gain more power.

Ronald Bernard, Dutch banker

Ronald Bernard was at the periphery and about to be initiated, but he refused the child sacrifice that was necessary. There have been many others who came forward, some murdered for speaking out about this unimaginably evil group of secret, powerful world rulers.

I have always thought that those who work closely with Alien ETs can eventually become mind-kontrolled by them in subtle but powerful ways, and that these alien ETs our deep state works with have their own hidden agendas.

The bottom line is that these high SSG officials running the Deep-Black and Beyond-Black, special access, unacknowledged programs are continually breaking the law in major unprecedented ways. These programs are paid for with Black budget money laundered from Afghan opium sales and other cartel sales and corporate scams like Enron. There is a long list of folks murdered because they started disclosing these major RICO crimes, or because it was believed they were going to disclose.

The folks running these Deep-Black, Beyond-Black Secret Space War, joint Alien ET/human programs, and DUMB programs claim to each other they are protecting America and the whole world. I think the Alien ETs have mind-kontrolled them and that they no longer serve America or honor the Oath they took to uphold and defend the US Constitution.

People have occasionally asked if Alien ETs are Demons or fallen/lesser Gods (fallen Elohim). I can’t answer that definitively, but I do know that many Alien ETs are evil, and all demons are evil.

It is interesting to note that top British Satanic pedophile, Aleister Crowley, (Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA was his satanic protege), went inside a pyramid in Egypt, and a gray Alien ET appeared to him. Does this establish a connection between Alien ETs and Demons? Do your own research on this and decide for yourself.

Is it likely that Rapid Human Cloning programs exist inside the Secret Shadow Government? Yes, it is likely; and personally, I’d bet on it, although we do not have definitive, objective proof, or 8×10 glossies – only rumors from respected insiders and some circumstantial evidence.


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  1. Very good article Dr. James. One of the difficult tasks is finding solid evidence on the matter however there are slivers out there that can be seen. Now you have seen a lot slivers to piece together a big mosaic that gives you great insight. I would encourage anyone interested to watch this interview with Dr David Jacobs. The evidence gathered points to a disturbing scenario that implies a nefarious agenda. Either way you look at.


    • Peter, good points. Dr. David Jacobs had done some cutting edge, and imo very accurate, important work. We need to heed his warnings. I for one have had my own experience that supports some of his reports.

  2. All true… and once again my hero Phil Schneider’s release of info. set me off on a mission to uncover the truth. Dulce is the worst and is run by SSG, SSM and scientists sworn to secrecy, many who are not allowed to surface but must stay on their Lab levels. ET’s are in charge and these humans who have formulated a “deal” for longevity of their own lives will be ultimately betrayed by the Reptillian filth who are not only cloning for hybridization and infiltration on the surface, but have vats of body parts for their consumption… glandular secretions being their favorite.

    Bottom line is they are cloning bizarre animal combinations to create “monsters”, as well as human/alien hybrids so they can infiltrate the population after they have killed off real humans and animals.

    This has been done before… the great flood was the “cleanse” that got rid of these “giant bastardizations” who became cannibals and ate their way into oblivion by going so far against God and nature, that they HAD to be wiped out and creation restarted. We humans are made in the image and likeness of God! The laws of nature were disturbingly altered by these despicable beings. The walls of the pyramids show some of these cloned animal/human hybridizations that actually existed.

    So many civilizations were sunk beneath the non stop flooding and will soon show what really happened.

    • Excellent comments from another VT reader who was already up to speed on all this. So many VT readers are well read and have a good understanding of the Globalist NWO “satanic” agenda.

    • Thank you and thanks for all of your cutting edge articles.

      A few years ago, by the power of the holy spirit, I found a whistle blower who was on the run from Dulce and was uploading footage while he was clearly being chased. He was always out of breath, voice quivering, and sounded scared to death. I managed to watch all his videos and copied links, but soon they were all scoured and my laptop was hit with a powerful virus that never recovered.. He suddenly disappeared and I am sure they caught up with him. What I saw was horrendous….

      I am also master trained in remote viewing by Major Ed Dames and can “peer” into off limit facilities unhindered. However, that has had its repercussions.

  3. Thanks for another interesting and informative article, Preston. And thank you VT. I haven’t experienced a single pop up video advertisement today and thus, I haven’t experienced a single glitch on the site. Much appreciated.

    Rick P Breda, from the Facebook section – What you believe about Satan, demons and evil-matters not. If the ones holding the power believe in these things, (and they do) they will continue their practices and the world will continue to suffer.

  4. Eugenics is a sneaky behind the scenes capability that only requires a small lab, and one or two people with extraordinary skills in the field. If we examine the extraordinary skills we can find a 17 year old girl who can pole vault higher than anyone else. We find a young math prodigy from a small village who can compute numbers faster than anyone else. So too, is there a given likelihood that at least one person will have extraordinary skills in the field of eugenics. If that person is given a free reign in a small well funded lab, private or otherwise, they will produce the Island of Dr Moreau. Government is less likely than private persons to produce such. Government is more of a destructive force than a creative one. This is self evident along with the contrast that government is also the most likely to lie about capability in order to protect itself. If the eugenics program leaks into the public, the most likely source would be private.
    Conversely, the most likely high paying customer would be military. The shortage of special forces combined with the demand for their services, creates a welcoming environment for anyone wishing to cash in on soldiers through eugenics. Breeding with intention is a foundation of humanity and the results can be viewed all around the world. Private armies, combined with private research in eugenics should be considered a foregone conclusion. Private companies that specialize in testing and measuring would be the first place to look.

  5. LS…

    What about the human race as we know it ?! Aren’t we clones of extra terrestrials and a other spicy ape like or Neanderthaler sort of being. We are the slave race of those extra terrestrials who made us believe that the are the gods who created us and are represented by the sick race of priests. kings and presidents.

    • Reports from those at the periphery of these interlocked groups that run the world claim Lucifer is their God, that when they mass murder, pedophile and sacrifice children, they are doling Satan’s will, obtaining more of his power and furthering the “survival of the human race” aka “survival of the fittest. What they do is by anyone’s definition great evil, especially if you become their target.

      It all depends on one’s personal experiences and their analysis of reality if they accept the notion that is communicated by Aliens and their “looking glass” videos shown to top Ruling Cabal members that we are seeded by them, that Jesus was not God and the Savior of the world who died for our sins which is what I believe personally.

      I will never accept the idea that Satan (Lucifer) is God, or will ever become God Almighty either, or that he is good in anyway. It is my personal belief based on many years of close observations that there is a God, and He will dispense judgment on all who practice this rampant Cabal based evil and are part of the Satanic Pedophile Network.

    • I think this is why alien species seem obsessed with us earthlings if abductees are to be believed…..sure it’s possible that some earthlings may be a ‘mix’…..but also some may be ‘pure’….a little bit of ‘green’ envy on behalf of our space race folks methinks…..after all, I’ve never ever read or heard a story about any alien actually having some fun….or cracking a joke…..or basically enjoying themselves in any way……it’s all work work work with those goggle eyed greys etc…..and not the enjoyable kind of work me and you might be fortunate enough to indulge in at times…..and they are deemed ‘intelligent’……I beg to differ on that

    • they ARE obsessed with us… and seem to want to just hang around.
      Humans are special beings created in the image and likeness of God,
      not lab created, genetically modified sub-human creaturs of darkness.

    • Also, all abductions seem to include torture, S&M, rape, and terrorizing,the victim. They enjoy this and thrive on it. Many who are abducted throw up immediately after being returned from the sick things they witnessed as well as “things” being implanted, poked or injected into them.

      These are very dark entities…

  6. The biggest problem I’m aware of in cloning human-type beings is getting an appropriate being (spiritual entity, personality, soul) to run that body. A humanoid body generally speaking won’t run itself. It will just die if a higher being is not in there pitching. There might be some technology for robotizing a human body; I could see that possibility. But for it to act independently the way you would expect it to, it requires the presence of a spiritual being with the horsepower to run a human body. If all you are cloning for is body parts or food or genetic material, that’s another matter. But even animal bodies need a spiritual entity present (not as high-powered as a human one) to stay alive – even in the womb.

  7. About 15 years ago there was a paranoia, a big effort to decode the human genome.
    After, no more was published.

    I think this information – decoded genome – is since then used for engineering experiments to create modified/transgenic humans for the most insane purposes, like to create the Stalin dream to have an army of humans-monkeys hybrids, or even to create a man-made alien specie.

  8. If you killed a potty-mouth clone by pushing him off the top of a building to his death, could you be charged with making an obscene clone fall?

    OK, OK, I’m outta here…

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