9/11 truth goes mainstream in New York and London…and rocks SF Bay Area

Bob McIlvaine lost his son Bobby on 9/11...and is pushing the 9/11 Study and Bobby McIlvaine Act in the US Congress

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By Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today Editor

A big-circulation London newspaper covered 9/11 honestly. Another London paper exposed new examples of 9/11 predictive programming. And the New York Times published a ferocious op-ed charging that the mainstream media’s 9/11 narrative was “totally false, literally from the first minutes.”

Was the 16th anniversary of 9/11 the historical moment when truth finally hit the big time?

Not quite. The loathesome lies still outnumbered the instances of truthful reporting. The New York Times and Time Magazine, for example, both published stories about the 1,112 people who were apparently completely vaporized on 9/11 — leaving behind not even a fingernail or a bone fragment for DNA analysis — without bothering to ask how a gravity-driven collapse from relatively minor office fires could possibly do such a thing.

For one possible answer to the question of “what could vaporize 1,112 bodies” check out the Veterans Today Nuclear Education Series.

But when a mainstream Alaska newspaper and a big-circulation alternative health and spirituality publication — alongside the aforementioned New York and London papers — see fit to print blistering 9/11 truth pieces, it does seem that progress is being made.

Bob McIlvaine lost his son Bobby on 9/11…and is pushing the 9/11 Study and Bobby McIlvaine Act in the US Congress

Ground Zero for the 9/11 anniversary circa 2017 (for me, anyway) was the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California, home of the 13th annual 9/11 Film Festival.

Click HERE to watch the 9/11 Film Festival, featuring talks by William Pepper, Anthony Hall, yours truly, and others, as well as some great new films.

Many hundreds of people attended, filling the hall, surpassing the organizers’ expectations and demonstrating that the 9/11 issue is still alive and kicking.

Will we 9/11 truth-seekers ever manage to pull the rabbit out of the hat, fully exposing the “hijackers” misdirection ploy and the larger magic trick of the 9/11 cover-and-deception operation — forcing the terrible truth down the throat of the fake news media and the public,  ending the 9/11 wars, and restoring the Constitution?

Friendly neighborhood magic shop in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset district (the W on the top hat forms the logo for the nom de plume behind my first book, A Guide to Mysterious San Francisco, currently selling on Amazon for $438.00.)



  1. “COLLAPSE” is the main trademark of 9/11-inside-jobbers.
    To see what a collapse is just look at some of the earthquake collapse pictures of Mexico City, etc.

    “Demanding 9/11 investigation cults” are generally derailing scams, and/or for fundraising, including A&E.
    Top 9/11 criminals have exerted full control of all USA government agencies (including media), and their control has become more than ten-fold since 2001.
    Demanding 9/11 investigations from USA accomplices (congress) would be quite similar to asking a killer-cop who cold-bloodedly murdered someone to investigate the same murder!

    According to reports, all the families of 9/11 victims received $2 million compensation per victim, and signed binding agreements never to raise any 9/11 claims, or ask any questions about it ever, in the future.
    It is possible that a few of the families rejected those settlements, but it is critical to know if the families who initiated the “9/11 Study and Bobby McIlvaine Act in the US Congress” were actually included in the USG settlements.
    If the families disclose that they were not included, then this is a genuine, but futile, attempt. If they refuse to disclose it, then it means they were paid off, and their “9/11 ACT” is just another 9/11 scam!

  2. According to the local Puppet Paper, Rupert Murdoch’s Original Purchase Outside Adelaide and the means by which he secured 25% of Reuters, the bomb failed to go off and people got burned. However, I was reliably informed by a self proclaimed Cynical husband that his wife was a Skeptic and both were very well placed Observers of The World, and, she said to me (Skeptical Gallic Sorbonne Educated Sneer) : “you read it in the newspaper?”. (Ironical Statement – rising intonation at the end). So clearly Fake News dates back at least to the late 80s, likely for thousands of years, “the world is ruled by the Prince of Lies”. However, if one can believe “The Dominion” (Arse Wipe) of Wellington, New Zealand, the above aforementioned may be true.

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