The Debate – Korea Tensions on the Rise


by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor   … with Press TV, Tehran

All of North Korea is preparing for war

[ Note:  Since this Debate Show we have had another missile test and another round of sanctions passed, this time threatening to extend them to China. The insanity is breaking new levels.

The Russian-Chinese reasonable suggestion that the US hold off on more war games with South Korea if  the North stopped testing. Because it was so reasonable it was of course rejected, because the US is milking the showdown to create fears and insecurities that it can exploit.

I think the US knows that Kim’s main goal is to get a peace treaty, which the US cannot do as Germany is still waiting for theirs and would be really mad. The Deep State folks love convenient bogey men and they aren’t about to give Kim up, as he is right out of central casting.

Is Trump trying to box China in with sanctions thinking that will fix the imbalance of payments with Peking and make him a hero? We have a Treasury Secretary that is playing with Chinese fire, not something we have seen people in the conservative post want to do before. What’s up with that? Inquiring minds would like to know Jim W. Dean ]

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–  First aired  …  September 04,  2017  –

Amid escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb. Reactions and condemnations are pouring in from around the globe, including China and even the IAEA.

However, it is the US reaction which will dictate the path these current tensions will take. In this edition of The Debate, we once again try to give context to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, and ask whether US involvement in the region can have a positive impact.



  1. Jim: Wow! Excellent debate points by you and a rational debate partner too. Unprecedented! 😉

    Of course, the solution is a treaty ending the Korean War (as proposed by you) AND no nuke use or proliferation by anyone (as proposed by your debate partner). Now, on to the UN…

    Tuesday at UN, Trump will just ‘piss’ more bluster; and China & Russia too will not yet reveal their full hands (as detailed in VT articles by Ian Greenhalgh, Jeff Smith & yours truly).

    IF or since the solution MUST be a treaty ending the Korean War AND ending nuke use & proliferation, who should propose it to the UNSC? Ah, there’s the rub! North & South Korea?

  2. That big beautiful building China built for the African Union, is one way to solidify business relations, and the US ruthlessly bombing peasants after years of economic strangling is another way. The aquiescence of S.Korea after jailing Park Geun-hye makes her arrest more suspicious. Trump is just using this as a strong arm tactic for financial leverage. Scare everybody, demand the ceiling of everything, then slowly accept the terms he wanted in the first place. Standard NYC street hustle. Mnuchin is a club, to be wielded to collect debt or force renegotiation. He can be drawn into a losing position easily with bad intelligence if it fits into the overall path and explains past inconsistencies.

    • How much is China under the KM yoke? Obviously their brand of Communism is evolving into the new Silk Road economics. They seem to be wooing their neighbors with prosperity instead of the sword. But who’s in charge?

  3. Oh my, very good question. I have never heard of that, which begs the question of why have we not seen this mentioned before, the colonialist history, and why are not the French more visible, like they are anywhere else they had colonies?

    • Maybe the French were reluctant partners in the Catholic conquest of the Koreas. The India that was thought to have been found with the Spanish troops (thus the brand “American Indians”) was perhaps the Koreas. Catholic interests extend beyond financial into the informational and knew the Far East was a treasure trove of knowledge. It is dangerous to the Catholic/Judeo house of cards just as the information in Guatemala was and still is. By my count, the only known precise correlation of the 36 decans in 3 of the books in the pentateuch is the Japanese 36 Views of Mt Fuji. 6 other sources have all but 1 in the same order, which is not considered unusual, but the Japanese have 36 in a row. It is difficult to see this as an accident given the islands long history and isolation. The central stone to these proofs, the Dendera Zodiac was dragged 20 years from Egypt to France and sits in the Louvre. To the Koreans, christians have always been synonymous with spies.

  4. Wasn´t Korea a former French Colony and after they throw out the Jesuits the escalation to the war grew ? Or am I wrong about it ?

    • Here it is from Wikipedia: In 1866, French diplomats in China learned that French priests had been arrested and executed in Korea, a country which had had no diplomatic or commercial contact with Europe or America. Twelve Catholic priests at the time were living in Korea, with an estimated 23,000 Korean converts, belonging to churches founded by French missionaries in the 18th century. In January 1866, King Gojong and his father, the regent, ordered the execution of most of the French priests, and ten thousand converts. A squadron of French ships, carrying eight hundred naval infantry, attempted retaliation but made little headway.[27]

    • Oh, should I really trsut Wikipedia ? The wicked lexicon ? I had that in mind since the assassination of JFK and the following Vietnam war and I was 9 years old at that time.

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