Iran Leader slams US policy on JCPOA


by  Jim W. Dean,  VT Editor  …with Press TV,  Tehran

There is something about this guy that is so unlikeable, like his being such a weasel

[ Note: This was a vague threat by Khamenei, but politically he is domestically required to stand up to bully America as the Iranian people are so tire of being treated like a colony. Iranians are nothing if not a proud people.

Trump has obviously made a deal with Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia, with their Syrian plans failing, that he would try to make it up to them by sticking it to Iran with more sanctions.

But screwing up the investment deals all the other countries have worked on will build up a growing animosity of  from long time allies, that they are being treated like colonies themselves via the ripple effect of new sanctions on Iran.

In another world, aiders and abettors of terrorism, like Israel, the US and the Saudis would be sanctioned off the planet themselves, but not on this one. Every time the US uses the term “our interests”, it is like scratching the world’s scab, as all know that means “at the expense of your interests”.

I am still wondering on how the World Trade Organization rules left the door open for the US to dish out this treatment unilaterally. Maybe someone can tell us in the comment board below JD ]

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– First published  …  September 17, 2017

The Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has condemned the US government’s policy on the Iran nuclear deal. He warned any wrong move regarding the agreement will face the Islamic Republic’s firm response. Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei noted that any retreat by Iran from its position will embolden the enemy.

The Leader also described the US government as one of the most evil regimes of the world. He said during the nuclear talks Tehran agreed to relinquish part of its rights but Washington is now violating all of its commitments under the agreement.


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  1. Trump’s address to the UN could have been delivered by Netanyahu, as it was clearly written in service to Israel. It certainly did not serve the interest’s of the USA. Trump serves 1 master, and it ain’t “we the people”. Oy Vey.

  2. Nut N’ Yahoo is currently in the US, working out the plan to put US troops and treasure to work, yet again, for the cause of “Greater Israel”. According to a report at Antiwar, “Netanyahu said he presented the US with a detailed plan on how to do that. (“fix” the Iran deal)”. Trump was a little more reticent, saying “we’re talking about it constantly” and that the world would “see very soon.”

    Whatever plan these two and the neocon / neolib swamp monsters that surround them have cooked up, it probably won’t be long before the opening salvos are unleashed. That could be figurative or literal salvos, we’ll soon see.

  3. Trump has no reason to back out of the agreement, other than to serve the interests of Israel, which he vowed to do during his gut wrenching speech at the AIPAC convention. The IAEA recently published a report detailing Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, and Trump has still been asking his “intelligence” agencies to produce cooked up evidence to suggest otherwise. If Trump backs out of the agreement, it would still be backed by China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Germany. So, America does not have the final say. Far from it

    Always remember how Benjamin Netanyahu told the USG in 2002,

    “There is no question that Saddam is seeking and is working and is advancing towards the development of nuclear weapons.”

    He also said, “If America takes out Saddam’s Iraq, I guarantee you it will have positive reverberations through the entire region.”

    ALL LIES. And the same lying liars have been telling the same lies about Iran for decades, so that America will rush over and do Israel’s dirty work, once again. What’s worse, is that Israel is the rogue nuclear nation, not Iran. It’s Israel that operates illegal nuclear facilities, refuses to allow mandatory inspections, refuses to sign the NNP agreement, and is known to have an illegal stockpile of roughly 300 nuclear weapons.

  4. A weasel in weasel clothing is a weasel rat. A rare form of vermin notorious for their lack of a soul, and putrid breath. Yes Bibi I am speaking of you, you weasel rat, or rat weasel.

  5. As a citizen of the U.S. for 78 years I agree with Iran. Isn’t the squeaky wheel in the middle east spelled Israel beginning to squeak so bad that it needs to be cut off the axle and a new axle and wheel replaced? How much more must we put up with with this outlaw criminal nation which first hi jacked our government without a peep from Congress or President, then did 9/11 aided and abetted by traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals and others, then seeks to get us into more war with Iran which is one of the most honorable and trustworthy countries on the planet? The only country causing all the problems in the world is spelled Israel. The longer you tolerate a bully the worse it gets. Israel is a massive world wide bully which must be put out of its misery lest it put the world to death. Someone must stand up to the bully Israel and soon.

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