ISIS panic video found of their being killed by SAA

Bye, bye ISIS
Bye, bye ISIS

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Homemade armor attack in open territory did not work for ISIS

[ Editor’s Note: These ISIS guys learned the hard way that attacking an SAA position with superior fire power, where they were out in wide open terrain, and for some reason fighting from fixed positions, has significant downside, which they got a bitter taste of.

It is rare to get a homemade video of an ISIS crew’s last few minutes of life, in a total panic, which seems to indicate they were low grade troops being thrown away in a delaying attack in the new Al-Bakumal front.

If you watch carefully, on the horizon as the sun is going down, the Syrian guns twinkling in the distance, also seeming to be fighting from fixed positions, but more of them including ones that could take out armor. This is why fighting from a fixed position does not work out well. The second video shows the aftermath. 

The SAA is now ready for these kind of counterattacks, and prefers to have them in this kind of open territory as it can take out ISIS fighting power with a minimum of losses compared to street fighting inside a city. Dear ISIS, attacking armor with machine guns is a no, no. It is better to fight from prepared defenses where you can change positionsJim W. Dean ]

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Syrian Army and Hezbollah repelled ISIS attack on their position near Humaymah

– First published  …  September 18,  2017

On Sunday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah repelled an ISIS attack on their positions around Humaymah village in the eastern Homs countryside near the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The  SAA killed 13 ISIS fighters and destroyed 5 armored vehicles of ISIS during the clashes. The Hezbollah media wing released a video that was recovered from a camera that was found in a one of the destroyed armored vehicles.

The video shows ISIS fighters screaming in fear, and desperately asking for help from their commanders over the radio as a tank of the SAA approaches their damaged vehicles. At the end of the video the tank fire at ISIS fighters killing them all.



  1. George Esposito (FB comment)
    Thanks for sharing — scary stuff — I feel ya. Take it from a man who once sank a boat, though, unlike your experience she went down in seconds after taking a wave over an open bow about 50 yards from shore in deep, frigid waters. All four of us (sober btw) made it to shore — even salvaged the craft, eventually. A once cocky, self assured lifelong boater became a humble captain that day. Luckily the fear, the realization, didn’t set in until all were okay. Then it all hit at once.

    Live ‘n learn. Fear really is a useless emotion…nothing more than fodder for archons.

  2. Can anyone please tell me why so called fanatics who are supposed to be ready to die for their cause scream for help. Perhaps it dawns on them when looking death in the face that perhaps their cause was not such a good idea. All these deaths on both sides are pointless .

  3. People are people, so why should it be,
    You and I should get along so awfully…
    — Depeche Mode

    Great quote. Seems nothing much has changed since his time — likely even worse with tv and modern devices/distractions. And to think community churches used to be the main source where ppl gathered their info! Scary thought, depending on the demon, I mean, denomination. Wasn’t Socrates Jewish? That dude was way ahead of his time. Or maybe we’re just that far behind our own time? Is Time still relative if yet-to-be-proven theory of gravity doesn’t exist? Sorry, I digress…

    Yes, so many examples of this. Sure, there’s the occasional Ted Buddy, raised upper-middle class turned serial killer rapist politico. Similarly, middle classed John Wayne Gay-cy, serial murdering rapist politico… I see a trend!

    Other examples of upper class white upbringing, too, like Arnold and Willis from Different Strokes. They turned out alright…didn’t they? Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis? Okay bad example but you catch my drift. (Fun fact: Gary Coleman/Arnold was once my neighbor in Colo, he had a badass model train set)

  4. Even though those were the “bad guys” it still turns my stomach to hear the moans of a painful, needless death. Yes, I say needless.

    We’re all products of our environment with most human beings having their character defined by age 5. FIVE. The majority of ISIL/Al-CIA-duh and other State-sponsored “” members have been indoctrinated to violence since birth, are poor, and under-educated victims to a system-of-a-down.

    No, they’re not ALL victims…but they ARE all human beings (at least the Rh-blooded ones 😉 ) And we humans are extremely influential –easy to brainwash. One only needs to encounter a jingoistic pecker-neck from south of the Mason-Dixon Line, or gangbanger from South-Central LA, or one of my Hispanic vatos in Denver who are all about La Raza, to understand, Sheep, easy to herd & control…yet we tend to blame “elites” and their alphabet agency puppets while we only need a glance in the mirror to know who to lay blame. Only then will real change happen.

    Paraphrasing what Dr Susta has offered here on the boards…”the answers come from within…”.

    Took me a while to figger out — gettin’ there…

    • Intelligent people discuss ideas; the less so, events; the feeble minded, people. I believe that was what Socrates said. Turn on your broadcast televion and verify that his words still ring true.

    • You are certainly right MHL.
      Anybody of us individuals raised in different locations, in different tribes and religions one would have turned out quite different. The mirror will prove that to oneself – if you look into your own soul you have seen all others.

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