E. Michael Jones: Trump is in cahoots with New York Jewish gangsters

E. Michael Jones, author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


E. Michael Jones, a prolific writer and editor of Culture Wars magazine, has recently done an interview with Press-TV during which he said:

First question. Why is Donald Trump against the Iran nuclear agreement? The answer to that is he is from New York. The Jews control New York City. You can’t go anywhere in the real estate business in New York City unless you go along with what they want. And this is basically the basis of his foreign policy.

“He has no philosophical basis to do anything to analyze the policy to come up with some type of an alternative to the neocon catastrophe that has created the foreign policy ever since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.”

This shouldn’t surprise any observer at all. Even the Jerusalem Post has stated very clearly: “Throughout much of his adult life and childhood, at seemingly every significant juncture in his business career, Donald J. Trump has surrounded himself with members of a single minority group,”[1] and you know what that “single minority group” is by now.

Trump has also surrounded himself with political gangsters who are in cahoots with the Israeli regime’s relentless liquidation of the Palestinians. For example, Trump nominated David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Friedman is “a bankruptcy lawyer who supports West Bank settlement construction and has expressed doubts about the two-state solution.”[2]

The West Bank settlement construction is another word for Israel’s continued colonization, which is illegal under international law. But Israel has never once stopped this wicked activity. Even Israeli scholar and professor Ze’ev Maoz does not hesitate to write:

“In 1993 there were about 110,000 settlers in the occupied territories. In 2001 there were 195,000 (Note that the number of settlers increased by 18 percent during the Al Aqsa Intifada). This was an increase of 73 percent.”[3]

Baylis Thomas, a professor at Yeshiva University/Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Hospital, writes: “Settlement building and roads for Jewish settlers proceeded at a frenetic pace under [Ehud] Barak – the classic Zionist maneuver of creating of facts on the ground to preclude a Palestinian state.”[4]

The international community has universally condemned the settlements as well. Oxford scholar and expert Robert Adams writes:

“The international community has taken a critical view of both deportations and settlements as being contrary to international law. General Assembly resolutions have condemned the deportations since 1969, and have done so by overwhelming majorities in recent years.

“Likewise, they have consistently deplored the establishment of settlements, and have done so by overwhelming majorities throughout the period (since the end of 1976) of the rapid expansion in their numbers. The Security Council has also been critical of deportations and settlements; and other bodies have viewed them as an obstacle to peace, and illegal under international law.”[5]

Israeli legal scholar and former Supreme Court of Israel Daphne Barak-Erez writes:

“The international community, for its part, has viewed [the settlements] as patently illegal, based on the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention that prohibit moving populations to or from territories under occupation.”[6]

Catriona Drew, professor of international law in the School of Law and the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS, University of London, says:

“It can thus clearly be concluded that the transfer of Israeli settlers into the occupied territories violates not only the laws of belligerent occupation but the Palestinian right of self-determination under international law.”[7]

In short, scholars actually agree that the Israeli settlements are illegal under international law,[8] despite the fact that some flaming Zionist and Israeli scholars have hopelessly and incoherently tried to justify them.[9]

And the settlements have grown astronomically over the years. In 2011 alone, “The number of Jewish settlers in the West Bank grew by more than 15,000…to reach a total that exceeds 350,000 for the first time and has almost doubled in the past 12 years.”[10]

Can you imagine any country doing this in the twenty-first century without serious consequences from the West? Didn’t the Zionist Mafia perversely argue that Vladimir Putin is really bad because Russia “invaded” Crimea? What we are seeing again and again is that the Zionist position is morally and existentially unlivable and politically dangerous.


As we saw in a previous article, Jared Kushner himself had personal and financial ties to Israeli settlements. As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz puts it: “the family of Jared Kushner… donated tens of thousands of dollars in recent years to projects in the settlements, including a small amount to one particularly radical yeshiva.”

It was reported that Kushner had “a long history of close personal and financial ties to the settlement movement and some of the most extreme settlements…The report found that among organizations and institutions in the West Bank that receive funding from the Kushner family, the leading beneficiary is American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva. The president of American Friends of Beit El Yeshiva is David Friedman, Trump’s senior adviser on Israel affairs. Located in one of the more hardline, ideological settlements, Beit El Yeshiva received $20,000 from the Kushner family in 2013.”[11]

The Washington Post itself reported that Kushner donated almost $60,000 to the settlements,[12] but not a single US politician has ever dared to challenge that.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. “…Until we experience open tyranny, until we witness humiliation and “the knock on the door in the middle of the night and made to disappear behind the sun” we will not change…”

    You are seriously delusional; we will not change, even then.

    When Americans hear “the knock on the door in the middle of the night,” we will meekly march to FEMA camps, just as Russians under the Soviet tyranny meekly marched to the Gulags.

    The likely scenario is a faked pandemic, and the open tyranny, because they really really really care about us and really really really want to protect us, will incarcerate us “for our own good.”

    The movie “Contagion” was predictive programming.

  2. It is incredulous that Israel, against existing law, is allowed to advance settlements in the West Bank, and imprison the Palestinian people. It is also incredulous that Israel maintains a nuclear bomb inventory, which they speak openly of, bragging in a threatening manner of their ability to “hit” Rome, and beyond. Saying, before Israel goes down they will take the world with it.
    Why can Israel get away with behavior like this? The same as the Federal Reserve; they can’t be audited.
    Iran has never said anything remotely close to what Israel has. Yet our slimy politicians, backed by the slimy media demonize, and sanction countries like Iran, N. Korea, and. Venezuela. Recent polls suggest a majority of us Americans support an attack against N. Korea. Is this who we are?
    A case can and should be made against Israel, and certain high level Americans (George Bush senior is one), for supplying the DPRK with the goods needed to make a nuclear weapon.
    Obviously we are not the most intelligent folk. We are too easily led to war by slimeball politicians, and an insane media. Maybe it’s time to censor irrational news speak. How to do so is mind numbing. But something has to change.

  3. Even before Trump and for decades the Jews controlled US foreign policy through its dominant influence over the Executive Branch, the Congress and Media. In a sense, we are practically indistinguishable from the “Captive Nation” sobriquet used during the Cold War and sometimes used to describe Israel’s treatment of the people of Palestine. Another way of putting it is that the idea of a free and independent US is become a fiction. Trump is but the latest evidence that the Jews are in charge and for the benefit of Israel exclusively.

  4. Our country has obviously been illegally hi jacked by Israel while our totally corrupt Congress and president look on and allowed it to happen. Yet we lowly citizens are expected to correct this wrong using only legal means. This is likely impossible. Since it is virtually impossible to compel the Justice Department to prosecute and arrest all the perps in Israel who did 9/11 as well as Bush, Cheney and the four star generals, what legal recourse is there for citizens? Basically all the Congress and president must be replaced by new blood who are convinced that Israel did 9/11 and will expel all Israeli influence from our government by prosecuting and convicting and jailing all those involved with the crime against America of 9/11 by Israel. After that the armed forces of the U.S. can be dispatched to Israel to enforce the law on trespassing just like any federal judge would do here in the U.S. if the same crimes of trespassing happened here and the same crimes against humanity which happen to the Palestinians daily, happened here. Other than this scenario I see no legal way to resolve this problem. I do not advocate illegal means because the ends do not justify the means as is the dictum followed by the evil criminals in Israel..

    • “Basically all the Congress and President must be replaced by new blood who are convinced that Israel did 9/11 and will expel all Israeli influence from our government by prosecuting and conviction and jailing all those involved with the crime against America of 9/11 by Israel.”

      YES!! That is what we must do and the only way we can do that is to get rid of every corrupt Representative that votes as directed by Israel and replace them with people who will vote as directed by the people of the district. Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney have #UNRIG that is a plan to organize people in each Congressional District to INSIST that our Representatives do JUST THAT! They MUST vote as we say or they are OUT OF OFFICE. We CAN and MUST do this.

    • @JohnZ

      On the topic of the 1st Amendment, a recent WaPo survey (for what it’s worth) found almost 20% of US college students support the use of violence to curb free speech they don’t agree with. And 51% (including 62% of self identified Democrats) approved the use of heckling and shouting, noisemakers, etc. to drown out speech they don’t like. The USA we grew up in no longer exists.

  5. The flow of money from upstate to the city has irked New Yorkers for years. Sheldon Silver was loaded into a police car in front of his office building with hands behind the back and cameras at the ready. Now he is free and seeking an appeal. Would any of this change if folks knew the Old Testament is not originally a Hebrew book ? I see no reason for the US to maintain friendship with Britain or Israel. Where is the trade ?

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