3,000 US troops headed to Afghanistan—to die for Israel



…by Jonas E. Alexis


Donald Trump hasn’t learned a damn thing about the past. And here we are talking about recent history, specifically the recent wars in the Middle East. He knows what happened when Bush sent thousands upon thousands of American soldiers in places like Iraq to die for Israel.

If you remember correctly, between 300,000 and 360,000 veterans returned home with brain injuries,[1] many of which went untreated.[2] By 2005, more than 6,000 soldiers serving in Iraq committed suicide.[3] In 2012, more soldiers committed suicide than died in combat,[4] making it the year with the highest suicide rate since 2001.[5]

In addition, a debt ceiling was rising every six months or so.[6] The US national debt had reached $16 trillion by the end of 2012.[7] Because of this wrecked economy, suicides in America’s civilian population have increased at an alarming rate as well.[8]

And if you are a student trying to get a decent education in order to get out of this economic sinkhole, the government is going to profit from your student loan. It was reported that the government made a profit of $51 billion in 2013 off student loans.[9]

So, what is the Pentagon’s solution to all of this? Well, they decide to send more troops to Afghanistan. Get this:

“US Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed that over 3,000 new US troops will be headed to Afghanistan as part of President Donald Trump’s new strategy to win the war that has dragged on for almost 16 years.”[10]

3,000 new US troops in Afghanistan will help win the war “that has dragged on for almost 16 years”? Isn’t that worse than stupid? And who are those puppets fooling this time? “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described the new strategy as a ‘dead end,’ while Pakistan and China were critical of Washington’s approach, noting there was ‘no military solution’ to the situation in Afghanistan.”[11]

No politician has been able to tell the American people why more US troops need to die in Afghanistan—for Israel. Keep also in mind that Trump himself railed against US troop engagement in Afghanistan long before became president. Here is what Trump said back in 2012: “Afghanistan is a complete waste. Time to come home!

In March of the following year, Trump tweeted that U.S. troops “should leave Afghanistan immediately. No more wasted lives.” In January of the same year, he declared: “Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we wasted billions there. Nonsense! Rebuild the USA.” Trump again couldn’t resist stating:

“I agree with Pres. Obama on Afghanistan. We should have a speedy withdrawal. Why should we keep wasting our money—rebuild the U.S.! We have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan. Their government has zero appreciation. Let’s get out!”

And then this:

“Do not allow our very stupid leaders to sign a deal that keeps us in Afghanistan through 2024—with all costs by U.S.A. MAKE AMERICA GREAT!”

So, why can’t Trump look at himself in the mirror and simply ask himself basic questions about perpetual wars? Why can’t he give the American people a solid foreign policy? He obviously has the answers to these questions, but he will never flesh them out to the American people because Israel is the only reason America is still finding monsters to kill in the Middle East. As Jim W. Dean has recently put it:

“Trump has obviously made a deal with Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia, with their Syrian plans failing, that he would try to make it up to them by sticking it to Iran with more sanctions.”

Trump is causing trouble in the Middle East because the Israeli regime tells him what to do. If fighting terrorism was his main goal, he would almost certainly go after terrorist states like Saudi Arabia, which destroyed Yemen and imposed a blockade on Qatar.[12]

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  1. Yes, Don’t take it personally. I got hauled up by Jim Dean once for using the F bomb. So keep it somewhat civil. We don’t resort to using the kind of trash talk 13 year olds on Youtube use.

  2. The Spice must flow!
    Even if it takes 3,000 more troops to maintain security around the poppy fields from the evil Taliban(Fremen), then Baron Trump commands it.
    In reality Trump is owned by israel and Saudi Arabia. He is owned by the MIC. He is owned by the Russian Mafia. Those who voted for this presidential disaster are getting what they deserve: more dead and wounded American soldiers. More suicides. More war debt and of course the final destruction of America’s credibility around the world. America is a big lie. It is the evil empire that must be brought down before it devours all. Washington, the most corrupt government on the planet is the greatest threat to world peace. Those who serve there are all equally guilty of vast crimes against all of humanity.
    Afghanistan will be the graveyard of America’s army. However, it won’t be the people of Afghanistan, resisting the invading American army responsible for the deaths of U.S. troops, it will be Donald Trump who will be guilty, just as George Bush, Dick Chaney, Barack Obama are.
    America is now self destructing at an even faster rate. Within a decade, it will cease to be anything but a chaotic, state so fractured and divided and so bankrupt that the inevitable will occur: a dictator will arise and America will plunge into its worst nightmare.

    • China will help the Talibans wipe out the popy crops as they once did. Banning drugs is for the Taliban as fundemental as banning alcohol.

  3. Israel is a puppet of the City of London and the International Bankers. Control of Afghanistan as part of the Great Game In Asia by the Brits has been contested since at least the 1840’s, when in the famous retreat from Kabuul only one person was reported to have returned to India. “Three thousand Pounds of education fell to a ten rupee Jabaal” (musket – Kipling). I have a good book on the Khyber Pass and it has featured prominently since at least Alexander The Great. Apparently about 16 metres wide at its narrowist point.

    • After he became president, Trump was pushed into a corner by those who would rather have had Hillary. I do not think many would dispute that.
      It is then not unimaginable that the only way he saw as escape from the corner he is in – is by outdoing his oppressors by beating them at their own game. And it seems to me that that is what is happening now.

    • CP… The narrowness of the Khyber pass is a classic for matching an inferior force to a superior one. The superior force can only present what the pass will allow which can be matched all day by the inferior force. When Alexander met the Afghans they where inside a fortress with very high walls for Alexander’s ladders. So Alexander built a dirt ramp to effect the use of the ladders. As usual Alexander was the first on the ladders and so many of his personal guard followed. The ladder broke under their weight and Alexander found himself alone on top of the wall. So what should he do? He jumped of the wall, not to the outside but right into the deffenders. Due to his legendatry reputation and that boldass move, they panicked and only a few engaged him. This day was the beginning of his demise due to a spsar stab which broke his ribs and caused lung problems latter.

  4. Trump is the liar in time for mentally impaired Americans who love to be lied to and had by their own government and Israel. There is a mountain of evidence and facts that Israel did 9/11 along with Bush, Cheney and the four star generals yet they continue with their stupid heads in the sand. Americans deserve to be had and conned and swindled by Trump and Israel because they are so stupid and ignorant and lazy and most, like Trump can’t read.

    • Indeed. Mentally impaired Americans also listen to Rush Limpballs, believe every word the government says, support all wars, and continue to believe the rubbish that America is the shinning light of human rights, freedom and prosperity. The brain dead America citizenry are clueless. But that’s what happens from a lifetime of television, too much beer and being lazy. I know people with engineering degrees who continue to live this way.
      Educated yes but not entirely so.

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