CyberPol President announces cancellation of CyberPOL SoC with Protecting Tomorrow USA


CyberPol President announces cancellation of CyberPOL SoC with Protecting Tomorrow USA

The President of CYBERPOL Ricardo Baretzky announced today that the deal to host CyberPOL SoC with Protecting Tomorrow, a nonprofit company in the USA, has been declined and suspended. He stated that the decision was made under Art. 18.5 of the CyberPOL organizational statutes granting the President full and complete powers to veto rights in all cases with regards to all decisions made by the general assembly that is not in the organization interest.

To many in the USA this might come as a surprise as the cyber security organization CyberPOL was expected to host its first SoC in San Diego, California the USA in partnership with Protecting Tomorrow. The president Baretzky said in a conversation with the news today that it still hope a suitable public private partnership partner in the USA can be found.
It is believed that Jamaica, Poland, Israel and Russia are current candidates to bid in hosting a CyberPOL SoC -Security Operational Centre but no information was as yet made public to date. The President of CyberPol said: “all options are currently on the table but it will take more caution with choosing any candidates in going forward as the Brand of CyberPOL is unique and needs authentic protection”

The International Cyber Security Organization CYBERPOL is currently the fastest growing international cyber organization in the cyber security industry.

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