Trump NOT Iran Deal is the “embarrassment”


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The only person who has ever made a fool of himself at the UN the way Trump just did is Benjamin “Wile E. Coyote” Netanyahu. Remember that cartoon bomb?

Donald “We Will Totally Destroy You” Trump just bombed even bigger-time than Bibi. Maybe that was why Bibi was gleefully chortling and smirking during Trump’s speech: The Israeli PM will no longer have to go down in history and/or the Guinness Book of World Records as the most hilariously idiotic speaker ever to disgrace the UN podium.

Is Trump going to “totally destroy” North Korea with a cartoon bomb like Bibi’s? The people of South Korea and Japan, not to mention China and Russia, are not amused; they’re all thinking Trump is Loonie Tunes. The only question is whether Kim Jong Un is Bugs Bunny or the Roadrunner.



  1. In his semi-autobiography, “Profits of War within the secret U.S.-Israeli arms network”, former MOSSAD agent, Ari Ben-Menashe reveals that Iran has cooperated with US Government representatives for over fifty years. Take the “October Surprise of 1980” for example. (p. 75) The subversive, CIA zionist, George H.W. Bush presented himself as representative of the USGovernment. Iranian leadership cooperated, and held USEmbassy staff captive until Hollywood star, Ronald Reagan was declared to have won the presidency. Bush and other zionist CIA stooges arranged massive transfers of weaponry to Iran, some of which Iran attempted to return but were rebuffed. John Loftus reveals NAZI infiltration in the USGovernment in “America´s NAZI Secret, and “The Belarus Secret”.
    Iranian leadership cooperated more recently with alias Barrack Hussein Obama, 2-term, illegal occupant of the POTUS slot, signing the agreement that president Trump criticizes. Iranian leadership has consistently assisted to fight ISIS terrorists, one major reason B. Netanyahu proposes to destroy Iran. Former USArmy Psychological Operations officer, Scott Bennett documented that the zionist CIA funds ISIS mercenaries via thousands of Swiss bank accounts. See “My Story” for details. Veteranstoday com, and other organizations, have documented that ISIS is the mercenary, proxy army of the CIA/MOSSAD, assisting “Israeli“ leadership to encroach on Syria´s territory.

  2. The Award for the Most Back Asswards speech at the United Nations goes to . . . . . .dumb roll please . . . Melania “That’s Why the (First) Lady is a” Tramp . . . err, I mean, Trump.

    Who could forget, much less comprehend, her highly accented Slovenian words? Yes, Melania . . . let’s stop all the “bullies” who say mean things, on the heels of your husband ex-spousing: “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” and “they will pay dearly,” ending with “believe me” spewing from his pie hole.

  3. Yeah Bibi the Nut has problems. When he recently visited Los Angeles they actually closed the Pacific Coast Hwy for him. No other traffic was allowed along a 5 mile stretch from Santa Monica to Malibu. Snipers everywhere is what he sees. Hell is where he is going. And what’s so bad about being assassinated in LA. It was good enough for Bobby Kennedy, it’s good enough for the likes of him.

  4. Howler monkey is the best description of Trump so far. Although orange Orangutan was a good one but I hate to cast any aspersions on Orangutans as they are generally quite peaceful and mind their own business. Haven’t seen any of them build ridiculous hotels.
    Trump’s buffoonery and bluster are backed with nothing more than hot air and of course the Likudniks. After all these years of lies and propaganda from Nuttybombyou, no one is listening to that zionist psychopath any more, except of course the Howler Monkey in the White House.
    The question raised as to why nations such as Russia and China continue to go along with the U.S. is very puzzling indeed. Is trump a defacto jew? Hard to say at this point but he is a defacto zionist and like all zionists, is evil, corrupt and psychotic.

    • mmmm, I dunno, Howler Monkeys are way cooler than Trump. They sound like Lions in the trees. They do sound bigger than they are, and it’s a good relate, but the power of the howler monkeys going off in the morning, sends a truthful message to the entire jungle. Trump causes laughter as much as fear. Not so , the Howler Monkeys. Guardian of the canopy, Trump is not. There is no foolish animal for Trump except human. But he is the blind who claims he can see, and the one legged man who claims he can walk. No Howler Monkey does this, no dog, no bird, no insect, no fish, or any other creature that dwells in the real world. Trump is the product of pretend. Hedley Lamar of blazing saddles. He is on a crusade to stamp out runaway decency in the west. It’s a human thing.

  5. North Korea said Trump’s UN speech was the sound of a dog barking.

    It was also reported that Netanyahu has a large security detail guarding him. When he was in NY before the number reported was 40. Why does he need all this security protection? What does he fear if he abandoned them? Is he a chicken…? Why is he so unpopular? Do members of his security have expertise in food poisoning and check each dish before any of that food touches his lips? He should have his U.S. citizenship revoked because he aided and abetted Israel when they attacked the towers on 9/11 with the aid of the Mossad and Bush and Cheney and the corrupt traitorous four star generals. In fact if the Justice Dept. were doing their job this would be a good time to arrest Bibi and prosecute him for his crimes against the U.S. on 9/11 and other evil plotting continuously going on in the squeaky wheel of the middle east Israel who can’t get along with anyone.
    All dual citizenships must be abolished.

    • The regime in Washington being so corrupt and evil, nothing will be done. Washington is too far gone and filled with the worst that humanity has to offer….no one whose job is inside that cess pool is innocent.

    • How can the average American learn that the financial success of president Trump is based on the financial network that owns and maintains “the swamp“? How are Americans supposed to understand that if president Trump should discontinue support of the fraudulent “Israel“, the Khazarian financial network could “wipe out“ his major financial organizations within two weeks?
      The .001% elite who control the swamp and the U.S. government are neither “Americans“ nor do they constitute “the US“. Nor is it accurate to blame “America” or the “US” for the subterfuge of these foreign agents, who are the tail that wags the dog.

  6. That is the best Bibi picture I have seen ever. Thank you guys for not loosing your humour.
    The only thing Trump will totally destroy is his own country. For his own profit naturally.

  7. Thanks Kevin for an excellent summary of the situation. I think I could post the same comment here that I posted for Jim Dean at his piece on this subject but people can just read it there. Kevin, I believe the world humanity must pull out the stops on both Israel and the US bullies. I also believe Trump is a converted Jew if not one to begin with. Has anyone ever looked into this? After all if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck at some point isn’t it a duck? I believe Trump is a Jew or a defacto Jew. He just wants to fool the voters because he knows that if he admits to being one. or had admitted to being one, the outcome might have been different. He is a liar, cheater, bully, con artist fully documented by the late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist in New York for most of his life. Trump first tried to bribe him into submission but when that failed he threatened him. Nothing worked on Mr. Barrett because he had scruples and guts and personal honesty and integrity and could not be bought or intimidated. Trump has been given a chance, he has failed and if anyone needed more proof, we now have this moment of world failure at the UN. The world must remove this mentally impaired person from this office before some irreversible disaster is ordered by him under orders from the U.S. masters in Israel. Ben Franklin was right after all: Corruption has destroyed the great promise of America having been attacked by Israel on 9/11.

    • wjabbe, I agree, Trump must be impeached and removed from office. He is nothing more than a howler monkey. Unfortunately this howler monkey has a massive military at his disposal and is crazy enough to start another world war. Worse still are the ignorant and stupid Americans who support this howler monkey’s call fro war on North Korea.
      Trump and Pence both need to be impeached and removed.

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