Duff and Press TV: Tillerson Exposes Trump’s Pro-Terrorist Policies




  1. Ninety-six percent (96%) of ALL western-world media, major TV networks, major radio networks, major newspapers and subordinate chains, major publishing companies are contained in six companies that are owned by families of the “Jewish apostasy“. Added thereto are the 51 organizations that constitute the Conference of American Jewish Organizations – including several “universities“ such as Harvard – whose purpose is to manipulate, via community organization, the American public to provide material aid to “Israel“ and support its government´s policies, as well as certain influential individuals. Considering the influence of these organizations and their elite, how are average Americans supposed to be aware that they are manipulated by a historical tribe of nomadic terrorists? How can Americans know that the progeny of the Khazarian Empire are neither “Israel“ of the Old Testament or the New Testament, possess no Hebrew blood and are not “Semites“? Regardless of his expressed desire to “drain the swamp“, how can the average American learn that the success of president Trump is based on the financial network that owns and maintains “the swamp“? How are Americans supposed to understand that if president Trump should discontinue support of the fraudulent “Israel“, the Khazarian financial network could “wipe him out“ within two weeks?
    The .001% elite who control the swamp and the U.S. government are neither “Americans“ nor do they constitute “the U.S.“

  2. Very well put. America has dug itself another deep hole from which it cannot extract itself without causing further damage to its already damaged credibility. The rest of the world knows this. The rest of the world considers the U.S. to be the greatest threat to world peace and as long as U.S. foreign policy is run by the deep state and israel it will continue to do so until some one decides that it is better to eliminate the U.S. as a threat and allow the rest of the planet to live in peace. The destruction of Washington and the government there would be a small price to pay.
    Trump has proven to be no better than any of the previous presidents. Even worse, he has embarrassed America in front of the world and he continues to do so.
    America’s insouciance will be its own self destruction. The American people are by and large clueless idiots who have no idea what is going on in the middle east and in particular Syria. The presstitutes and media whores remain either silent or spew the latest propaganda.

  3. Well spoken Mr Gordon Duff – your logic is impeccable. The Truth of your analysis shines forth and reflects your well established thought, partly formed as the bullets flew in occupied Vietnam. Congratulations for you and the team as a shining light of Reason in a world where the Power is in unsafe hands and the lunatics seem to be in control of the asylum.

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