Russians will “suppress” all Kurdish firing points shooting at Syrian-Russian forces

“using all means of destruction”

Russia to strike immediately  US-backed forces if they try to attack government forces near Deir Ezzor – Russian MOD

… from  Southfront

General Konashevkov

[ Editor’s Note:  This is game on now.  Not bolded or put into quotes below is a critical term, where the Russian command refers to the SDF forces, who thought it would be cool to shell the Syrian or Russian positions, they have now been described as “militants” for their efforts.

Hello SDF, you just screwed up big time. Did you not hear what happened to HTS in their “big mistake” offensive in Hama yesterday? Did you not realize there was a message for you in there? If you were too stupid to see it then your American handlers should have pointed it out to you.

As for your commander who publicly state that the SDF was going to come 150 kms into Arab territory, into the middle of a very successful  Syria-Russian campaign against ISIS, and then tell them you were going take all of eastern Deir Ezzor, I would suggest that you go back to selling hashish instead of smoking it.

You are going to lose people now for no justifiable reason… but on the contrary, due to your poor leadership. I can only hope you reap the proper reward for that. You need to go back to your traditional land and not burn any bridges that you might find you need someday, after the Americans have gone home. Joining with ISIS to fight the SAA…was a really bad idea Jim W. Dean ]

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The Kurdish SDF put on a big display with their big equipment convoy going into Deir Ezzor

–   First published  …  September 21,  2017  –

Russia has officially informed the United States via a special communications channel that Russian forces will strike immediately US-backed forces if they attack or shell Syrian or Russian task forces operating near Deir Ezzor city, Russia Defense Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Thursday.

Konashenkov emphaseized that “any attempts of shelling from the areas where the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces are based will be immediately curbed.” Russian forces will supress “firing points in these areas” using “all means of destruction”.

The general added that 85% of Deir Ezzor city is liberated and Syrian forces will fully liberate it in the coming week.

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Since early September, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have repeatedly claimed on an official level that the SDF would not allow Syrian governent forces to cross the Euphrates River and is ready to fight Russians and Syrians if it was needed.

However, it seems that making statements and attacking assault forces assisted by the Russians are two very different things. Syrian government forces have already crossed the river and now are developing momentum against ISIS on its eastern bank.




  1. I have no doubt that ISIS = ISISrael = USrael ! I think most of you are with me and if I am right , so why the Russian S weapons are silent against jew Jets !?

  2. Unfortunately this will do nothing to quiet the howler monkey’s, as Gordon put it, deep state drool, about North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Trump’s recent U.N. speech exactly mirrors the deep state’s plans for world wide domination is a winner take all or die trying. Trump has betrayed his supporters. Even worse, he threatens to start wars that can only lead to Armageddon. Trump’s ignorance and bellicosity are in plain view. Labeling these three nations rogue states all the while it is America that is the rogue state.
    The Russians are calling his bluff and at this point they mean business. Trump had better be paying attention. So should those inside the Pentagram. Syria has become a disaster for israel’s oded yinon plan and as the rest of the middle east has caught on to it, it is becoming evermore clear that israel is now on the losing side which makes the Likudnik crazies even crazier.
    Worse still are those Americans who approve of trump’s willingness to start a war with North Korea. Ignorance, stupidity and insouciance have become the mainstay of the American body politic.

  3. Where will Trump aim its overbudget tomahawks now that the western Syria calls are all out of the game. Shooting the Russian ambassador to Turkey showed all the desperation of western world and their agenda and both Turks and Russians proved smarter than that.

  4. Syrian Democratic Forces – another kite in the wind heading whichever way the wind blows reminding me of another acronym for SDF, ‘Sans domicile fixe’ French for ‘No fixed abode.’ Except for the nomads in their midst – maybe a few Bedouin entrenched among them, the homeless wayfarers comprising the bulk of their forces will have little to look forward to by way of permanent digs – (or maybe so as ‘permanent digs’ is an apt metaphor for the grave) hounded by Syrian and Russian forces every foot of the way. Bunions, blisters and chaffed buttocks will be the least of their worries, and deservedly so.

  5. Finally, straight talk from the Russians. Its a damn shame the US is supporting terrorists in Syria. It ought to be against the law… wait… it is!

    • America no longer follows the rule of law. It is a rogue lawless state, ignoring all international laws concerning human rights, waging war and openly threatening every other country with destruction if they don’t comply.
      America has become that which it once condemned in other states. The hypocrisy of Washington has filtered down into the general population to the point where there is no longer any peace movement not even within the liberal Democratic party . Liberals are the new war party.

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