Neocon War Machine Seduces Morgan Freeman to Attack Russia

We now know who his bosses are.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Morgan Freeman is a well-known figure in Hollywood. He played in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and he has been in the film industry since the 1960s.

But the “Driving Miss Daisy” actor has been coopted lately by the Dreadful Few to attack Russia. Director Rob Reiner, flaming Neocon Max Boot, American Enterprise Institute representative Norman Ornstein, and the Atlantic’s senior editor David Frum have recently launched an organization called “Committee to Investigate Russia,” and they have managed to con Freeman into this diabolical activity.

Reiner says of Freeman: “People always joke that he’s the voice of God.” Freeman was chosen, says Reiner, because of the “weight and gravitas” of his voice. He continues to say:

“We’re trying to break through and explain to people why this is important and that there is a serious problem here that people don’t seem to really grasp. I’m trying to shine a light on all this and, using him, I think it helps people stand up and take notice.”[1]

“To understand the gravity of Russia’s invasion of our democracy,” says Reiner, “today we launch Committee to Investigate Russia.”[2] According to CIR, “The Russian Active Measures campaign aimed at the United States has been exposed. Using hacking, Twitter armies, and fake news, the Kremlin engaged in an aggressive effort to subvert the American democratic process.”[3]

CIR, we are told, seeks to “help Americans recognize and understand the gravity of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.”[4]

The interesting thing is that CIR, like the Jewish Neoconservative establishment and any war machine in the United States, will never “help Americans recognize and understand the gravity” of the Neoconservative ideology in America, the Middle East, and much of the West. That the Neoconservative movement has morally and politically weakened much of the West can no longer be disputed. The scholarly literature on this very issue is just an embarrassment to riches,[5] and CIR will never take the time to look at this abundance of evidence precisely because it would literally destroy the very principle upon which CIR is operating.

As we have repeatedly argued in the past, covert organizations like CIR will never examine the US’ diabolical operation in Iran in 1953, the destruction of countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. They will never talk about how Jewish Neocons like Max Boot himself supported the NSA’s covert operation around the world.[6] And now those same people are mad and sad because somehow Russia “hacked” the election?

Complete balderdash. Tucker Carlson once told Max Boot that he needs to change his profession and try decent jobs like changing tires. I think he needs to listen to this good advice.


Right after Rob Reiner released his movie A Few Good Men, he told the Los Angeles Times:

“This kind of sanctimonious crap that all these Republicans running around, right-wing, moral majority, these people are fu$king destroying the country… They get these people all twisted around with ideas about how morality should be. How about just be decent to the other guy, huh?”[7]

The million-dollar question is simply this: Why all of a sudden Reiner has joined Neocon Max Boot? Why is he embracing the ideology of people like Lindsey Graham and John McCain, who are so-called Republicans? If you think that you can answer these questions by analyzing the “Left” or the “Right,” then you are mistaken. Reiner and Boot had to join forces because they are both working under an essentially Jewish ideology.

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  1. I listened to the Tucker Carlson – Rob Reiner exchange. Very interesting, esp. starting at about 4:20 mark, where Tucker lays into him about China hacking us, rather than Russia. Rob Reiner is so pathetic in his responses. I remember him as Meathead on the sitcom All in the Family during the Vietnam War, a show that my dad and I watched together. Frankly, Reiner makes less sense the older he gets. He’s still a Meathead.

  2. If actors keep selling their influence to self defeating causes, it won’t be long before I cut movies out of my life entirely. No more Morgan Freeman movies for me. No more al Qaeda Clooney. No more Dicaprio. I haven’t watched a dicaprio movie since he sold his soul to speak about global warming at the UN, after he flew there in his private jet. Ever since Clooney endorsed the al Qaeda White Helmets, he became dead to me. I don’t care, less time on movies means more time on books

  3. PEACE IN…
    Morgan Freeman is responsible for what he does just as we all are. The question is – Is he just simply ignorant of truth or is he in the enemy camp knowingly and willingly??? Whatever the case, he has positioned himself to be legitimate target of disgust and not a friend of justice. He must be DIRECTLY called out for his stand against right and justice. Some people do anything for money, position, and empowerment, and with all the death and destruction caused by these psychopaths, Freeman’s actions are more then a disgrace – his actions are traitorous to humanity and measures up as war crime.

  4. So what’s the Neocon grand plan then? a little mini movie with an actor reading his lines and we’re all supposed to be terrified and rush to war against Russia?

    Does this kind of movie propaganda actually work? It’s pathetic!

    Whatever you may think of the Iraq war, the single good thing to emerge out of it is that the MSM and the entire Hollywood cabal connected to it is now totally discredited. And anyone, actors, journalists, you name it, who support or align themselves to the Neocon agenda is tainted and will be remembered for being a total asshole.

  5. Guilty or not Morgan Freeman is an actor in the Jewish movie industry. Fame is addictive. Mel Gibson had to do a lot of repenting to produce another movie after his Anti Semitic escapade “the Passion of Christ”.
    Do not bite the hand that feeds you, isn’t that right Morgan?

    • You have a point about Mel Gibson being hounded for the movie, which he got no funding for, so he had to fund it himself, but that meant he got to keep the profits, and that’s what got some people upset, as it made lots of money. However, you are mistaken about this part: The Passion of the Christ was not anti-Semitic, and it’s not because of the obvious, that almost all the characters are Jewish so it’s more of a family argument. If you look at what Semite means, you begin to understand… One of the real reasons that some people’s panties got twisted, is that Gibson hired a lot of Middle Eastern locals on film location, as extras, and they spoke in Aramaic. So think about it… He hired REAL Semites who have lived in the area for generations, and some of them may or may not have been Mizrahi Jews. I believe they were hired on the basis of being a local and speaking the language, rather than religion. So it’s Gibson’s critics who are the real anti-Semites.

  6. Over the last year or so I have heard Freeman doing radio clips for “shock jock” radio shows. A lot of very outrageous stuff. Freeman may very well have thought it was one of these prank spots he was recording. He was played for sure, but was he a willing and knowing participant? Perhaps not.

  7. What was that nickname Archie called Reiner in “All in the Family? “Meat……d? Where was All in the family staged? The cesspool New York the same place which trained Trump to be a lying bully, con artist and cheater no? Why does New York have such a bad reputation for such a long time? Would it be because of a particular group who allegedly belong to a particular religion live there and make it that way? Have you ever noticed how easily the authorities in New York overlooked the crimes of 9/11, never questioning the quick removal of evidence from the crime scene or never questioning the vast profits of Lucky Larry Silverstein of about $4.5 billion or never questioning the federal judge who prevented any questions from any of the claimants of 9/11 and how eagerly everyone enjoyed the enormous government profits given to New York for all that “suffering”? Lots of easy money eases pain in times of massive planned false flag events like 9/11.

  8. It seems that when America’s war drums beat, the first music is to de- humanize the people of the country that is to be invaded. First it was the Native Americans then Mexicans/Latinos,Germans, Japs, Koreans, Vietnamese , Muslim and the list goes on until now its the –Russians. Except now we can see just who is in the War business club and Hollywood, Main Stream Media, Wall Street, the US House, Senate and Congress with their Neocon sponsors along with the DOD etc. are all getting real bold and telling the World – we don’t care if you know anymore ! The Empire has been exposed and I hope one day that they end up like the tortured traitors did after WWII.

  9. Ha-haaaaa….. Another ex-respected actor from Hollywood (we really respected Freeman in Russia for his arts) entered the dirty doors of politics. Clooney was respected, too. But after WH deal – he’d better never come to Russia. Well, in general, it is always bad to see how people change masks under different obstacles: fame, money, political order and etc. But anyway – there is one useful thing: we start to realize who they are indeed. We just showed irony about his pathos speech (no compare to our Levitan at all) – let this oldman go. No anger. Just sorrow and misunderstanding.

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