We’ll celebrate fall of Daesh in 2 months: General Soleimani


 by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

The truth has become the modern kryptonite of contemporary geopolitics, something to be avoided at all costs

[ Editor’s Note: Corporate media avoids covering General Soleimani much. He gets the silent treatment from them, other than the occasional pot shot so there is something negative to find for newbies doing internet searches on him.

And the reason for that you will see a very good example of below. The man is walking kryptonite in terms of destroying the Western continuing hoax of Iran the big threat, and even more ludicrous, the main supporter for terrorism in the region.

The contempt this shows, by all those involved in this mass disinformation crime, including many parts of the American government against the rest of the world, and especially the American people, is beyond the pale.

Soleimani has a concise and bullet proof message… and you will instantly understand the reason for his “light coverage”.  Standard current US geopolitical propaganda psyops focuses on framing anyone being able to defend themselves from American domination and aggression as a threat, so they can be subjected to financial sanctions and military action, as an intimidation to others.

I view this simply for what it is – an intense form of disinformation terrorism in itself. The right to all nations under the UN charter to self defense is simply waived away via the US preemptive strike doctrine, which says the US reserves the right to attack anyone that it feels “might” become a threat in the future. Such a policy can only be desired by a rogue state, one that is a threat to everyone else.

Not many Americans have much of a clue about this. When I talk to otherwise intelligent people about it, 95% of the time I get no reaction at all. We know with the perennial low approval ratings on Congress that Americans don’t trust the government and politicians in general, but when it comes to national security, they will swallow anything that mother bird will put into the mouths of its new babies.

The unholy trinity

One of the depressing parts of doing this work is this never ending “whatever” response by the majority of Americans to having the Fake threat scam fed to them in a steady diet.

Even worse is the officer corps, whose attitude is “it’s none of our business”, “it’s above my pay grade”, and “the military has to accept authority from civilian leadership and do whatever it is told”, etc.

When I ask how they feel about the military as a whole, specifically its failure to live up to the part of the oath dealing with domestic enemies, I can always tell that the topic has never come up in a discussion before. I see a blank look on their faces.

I have to recite “and to defend the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic“, then a little light comes on, a faint one… but they really don’t know what to say. It is completely off their radar screen.

As you will see below, General Soleimani does know what to say, as he wears no rose-colored glasses, and his brain has all of its cylinders working. When listening to speeches from our own top command, if we close our eyes and forget they are wearing a uniform, we would think we are listening to a politician, and all the baggage that comes with that.

“Perception management” is a big thing in the military now, and has been for some time. If you want proof, count on your hand how many top commanders have warned about the threat of Israeli espionage in the country, currently and historically.

They won’t even discuss this after they retire. They are afraid of being punished; so they give themselves permission to abandon us, when a lot of them know how pervasive the espionage is. And some will even work for the Israelis. It is one hell of a sad state of affairs, and I see no changes coming on the horizonJim W. Dean ]


ISIS’ days are numbered says Iran’s General Soleimani

–  First published  …  September 22,  2017  –

A senior general with Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the Takfiri Daesh terror group will be uprooted in two months.

The countries fighting Daesh will in two months celebrate its collapse, said Major General Qassem Soleimani, who commands the IRGC’s Quds Force, the IRIB reported on Thursday.

“Iran, Russia, Syria, and Iraq should hold this celebration,” said the general at a ceremony held in memory of an Iranian military adviser martyred in Syria.

The commander further slammed the US for its inaction in the face of Daesh terror activities and said Washington “has made no move to eradicate” the terror outfit.

“How can an administration, which created Daesh itsef, claim to have played a noticeable role in fighting the outfit?” asked the senior general. “The US’s defeat in the region is rooted in the lack of a wise leadership and having ignorant rulers.”

In recent months, the Iraqi and Syrian armies have been dealing heavy blows to Daesh, ridding the terror group of its main strongholds in the neighboring Arab countries.

At Baghdad and Damascus’ respective requests, Iran has been providing military advisory support to the countries’ militaries in their counter-terrorism operations.  Russia has also been providing the Damascus government with military assistance in the face of terrorists.

Soleimani further said there are three reasons why Iran is standing by Syria in the fight against terrorism.

First, he said, the Takfiri outfit – which brands those not subscribing to their radicalism as “apostates” — “consider killing us to be an imperative.”

Secondly, the general said, the terrorists seek to use Iraq and Syria as a bridge leading to Iran, noting, “We could not sit around to see Iraq and Syria fall, and then they reach us.”

And thirdly, the Islamic Republic has to defend itself against the enemy’s goal of obliterating its independence and existence, he added.

On June 7, Daesh gunmen mounted almost simultaneous assaults on Iran’s Parliament and the Mausoleum of the late Founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini. The twin attacks killed 17 people and injured over 15 more,

In response, the IRGC fired six ballistic missiles into Daesh bases in the eastern Syrian province of Dayr al-Zawr later in June, leaving at least 65 terrorists dead.

In August, General Qassem Soleimani said Iranian forces would not rest until they have taken out every last terrorist from the face of the Muslim world after Daesh reportedly beheaded an Iranian military adviser in Syria.



  1. Jim, thank you for sharing this article, and that amazing editor’s note. General Sloeimani is the real deal, not like the pretenders we have on our side of the pond. My skin crawls when I hear western blowhards accusing Iran of supporting terrorism, while Iran is effectively cleaning up the mess of terrorism created by the USG and Israel.

  2. The truth is a stranger in America. It is viewed with suspicion and greeted with indifference and animosity while lies, deceit and propaganda and its purveyors are held in respect and awe.
    I believe it was George Orwell who described a nation without morals as one who revels liars and reviles those who tell it the truth. Nowhere is this more apparent than in America today. The liars and media sycophants who tow the line drawn by the CIA and its deep state owners willingly do so as it pays so much more.
    Iran shows the true face of courage, truth and fortitude to stand against American/israeli aggression. The CMMM in the west may be able to get away with their lies for only so long.
    The most discouraging aspect is the recent poll which indicates Americans approve of a war with North Korea by 58%.
    The blind are leading the blind. Or more precisely, evil has total control of America now, even so called Christians can’t see it. They are blinded by lies and a false sense of patriotism.

  3. All here at VT know how depressing it will be trying to shed light on people who live in the dark and do everything they can that this dark habit never changes. To be afraid of the light of truth is thankfully not on General Soleimani’s agenda even though the enemy of us all project their own malice and treachery on their true opposition. Google is a Zionist propaganda machine and tool which is hooked permanently into their user through manipulation of facts and deceit.
    Jim it might seem as Ground hog day all over again in your/our fight against an almighty shadow dimming truth but it is not. The shadows only substance are the lies we have consumed and lies are based on illusions which in reality never had any substance at all. If, one day we all can wrap our mind around these fantasies the nightmare of suppression would be over in an instant.

  4.      Jim, General Soleimani. I appreciate reading about this man. That he remains alive is amazing, and fortunate. I would have liked more news from him, but it is what it is. How many attempts have been made on his life?
         Whatever morals we Americans have expressed to possesing seem lost forever in today’s atmosphere. Lies, deceit and murder rule. Morals and logic, if  ever of any importance, are now MIA.
         Aside from a true biblical shift, or miraculous shift in the attitude of man we are doomed.
        We are raised on a daily diet of manufactured fantasies. An example, as you pointed out, is to google Iran and one will get a river of negatives regardless of subject.
    I appreciate your dedication to offering readers a separate view of what’s going on.
    Where in hell did we find Nikki Halley? She is giving “woman” a bad name. Is she a mother? Can we trade her for anything? A sack of flour? Just saying.

    • Joe, Soleimani and his peers are Iran’s Vietnam generation, in that they were forged in the crucible of the terrible Iran-Iraq war where American chemical weapons were used on them. During the Bush Iraq war, when the heat was on our military to find anything to justify the fake claims made to go to war some chemical weapons were found, of course. But when the old dust was brush off them an American company’s name was on them. The search plan was then altered, when the order went out to find all of these old chemical weapons we had given Assad, and they were all flown out of the country to make sure they were never seen again. As Gordon would say, “Welcome to how the world really works”.

    • Jim, You mean like the TOW missiles discovered after ISIS was either eliminated or buggered off?
      How many other American made supplies and munitions have somehow made their way into the hands of israel’s head choppers?
      At least those TOW missiles were sent over there and not given to the police here in America.

  5. Don’t forget during celebration in Syria, Iraq and Iran to create instruments for awareness and preventing future chaotic western attacks, like independent war tribunal, black lists, major national holidays marking the days of liberation, tourist boards and tours to witness US war machine atrocities etc. This sort of non-traditional remembrance is only a game for the west but don’t let them have it afterwards again and again and again.

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