ISIS now defeated – what’s next?

These ISIS boys look like a rowdy bunch, hiding behind religion to be street gangsters
These ISIS boys look like a rowdy bunch, hiding behind religion to be street gangsters

by  Preston James

ISIS has been the secret mercenary army of the World Zionists through their cutouts Israel, Saudi Arabia, the CIA and the Pentagon. ISIS has now been defeated by Assad’s army and Russian Federation precision air power. This is the biggest defeat for the CIA since the bay of Pigs fiasco and Israel’s biggest setback ever.

To say that the Likudists are more upset than any other time in history would be an accurate statement. Their whole world is now crashing in on them ever since Alan Sabrosky, Ph.D. a well respected professor at the War College went public that the Mossad ran the attack on America on 9-11-01.

And Steve Pieczenik a well known and respected former Deputy Secretary of State and high ranking Intel official also disclosed that 9-11-01 was an inside job and named the actual stateside perps who were PNACers, top NeoCons and Israeli-America “dual citizens”.

Most Americans have no idea that it is the same world’s largest organized crime cabal who created, armed, and paid ISIS that also planned and executed the attack on America on 9-11-01, the World Zionists, also known as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Yes, it was the World Zionists led by the Israelis and assisted by the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Saudis who created, trained, supplied, deployed, and paid ISIS, ISIL, Daesh (best referred to as ISIS et al).

These mercenary army groups ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, etc. are all extensions of the same private World Zionist force. Top generals and officers in the US Military, the Pentagon and CIA know that ISIS is an extension of the Mujaheddin just as MS-13 is an extension of the Contras. The CIA and Pentagon go along with this creation and support for ISIS et al because they have been deeply infiltrated and hijacked by Dual citizens whose first allegiance is to Israel and the “Greater Israel Plan”.

“PNAC Gallery”

American traitors who assisted creating ISIS et all have been described as PNACers, top NeoCons and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who helped Israel attack America on 9-11-01. This attack was a classical false-flag attack designed to blame this well planned and executed attack on Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden.

We now know for certain and have indisputable evidence that Afghanistan had no part in the attack on America on 9-11-01 nor did Osama bin Laden or any Mideast nation except Israel.

Bin Laden was a Saudi from a wealthy construction family was actually a high ranking CIA man whose trade-craft name was Colonel Tim Osman. Colonel Osman was seen going in and out of the Pentagon numerous times in the months before the 9-11-01 attack. He suffered from Marfan’s, a genetic disorder that President Lincoln had. This is a fatal disorder marked by being tall (over 6 feet) and developing Kidney failure, the usual cause of death.

After the attack on America, Osama bin Laden was shocked that the Pentagon and the US Administration turned on him and set him up as a “Lee Harvey Oswald” type patsy to blame as the master planner.  He publicly denied having any part in 9-11-01, but few major media outside the Mideast Islamic nations carried this.

Almost immediately the CIA put out an order to assassinate Colonel Ossman in order to tie up a major loose ends. Either he died of Kidney failure or was killed by USAF bombs while hiding inside a cave. Either way his death was announced in several Mideast newspapers and he was buried in an unmarked grave as is Islamic custom.

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And yet the Pentagon continued the hunt for him even though they knew he was dead. After all they needed to continue pushing this false narrative in the Major Mass Media in order to keep the American public and the soldiers being used as cannon fodder bamboozled.

Later this nonsensical mad hunt for an already dead Colonel Ossman ended up using Navy Seals to assassinate one of his doubles. Sadly this was followed by two sets of murders of all the Navy Seals involved so they could not talk, now known to most other Navy Seals.

Special ops and spooky teams are now betrayed as standard operating procedure.

It is very dangerous to do these “spooky team type” special ops because in most cases those involved will end up being “sanctioned” by the CIA in order to tie up loose ends. This was done to 11 of the 12 spooky teams in South America who were good men murdered by the CIA by planting explosives in the radios and ordering them to gather close for their orders. Only one team failed to do this and escaped South America alive. One wrote a book about it.

Men who were lost that day on Gander Canada Arrow Air from Egypt

Many covert operators and special ops in general are beginning to catch on and no longer trust their superiors at all. This growing distrust that could easily turn into several serious coup d’etats and /or result in major leaks of some of the most sensitive Intel secrets imaginable.

This 9-11-01 false-flag attack on America, according to its planners at PNAC and within the Likudist Party, was directed by Netanyahu. The attack was felt necessary to activate the PNAC plan as a stepping stone to attaining the “Greater Israel Plan”. It was believed that a Pearl harbor type attack on America with at least 2500 dead was necessary to transform the Pentagon war machine into the direct military agent of Israel in the Mideast.

The rest is history.

It’s taken almost 16 years for all the truth to come out that Israel and the Mossad planned and ran the 9-11-01 attack on America with stand-down and cover-up assistance by the Pentagon, USAF, FAA, NORTHCOM, and the administration.

It’s a sad fact that the PNACers and top NeoCons were involved in planning 9-11-01. They worked hand in hand with the Mossad. When the NYCPD Officers arrested the Dancing Israelis with bombs they were going to blow up the George Washington Bridge with, these agents of espionage were released and the records locked down under national security.

PNACers and top NeoCons believe that this new Mideast War strategy is necessary to contain Russia which they have been mind-kontrolled to see as a continuing threat even though the cold war ended in 1990 and the Berlin wall and the Iron curtain came down.

But what is the root motivation behind this Zionist obsession to terrorize the world with false-flag terror, and by continuing perpetual wars in the Mideast that have already murdered millions and wounded and disabled thousands of good American soldiers who were sacrificed for World  Zionism?

The perps motivation for creating hell on Earth in the Mideast and everywhere else they infiltrate and hijack is the “Greater Israel Plan”.

The Greater Israel Plan is a concoction of the non-Hebrew Khazarian Zionists and is the root motivation behind 9-11-01 and all the false-flag terror in America, Europe and the world since the end of World War II.

Mideast Map of the WZs’ intended Greater Israel Plan

The Greater Israel Plan and is known to be the secret wet dream of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM), also known as the World Zionists, “moneychangers”, international City of London pernicious usury debt-based FIAT Banksters.

The actual leaders of this occult network are known to insiders as Baal worshipers who practice Ancient Babylonian Talmudic rites that include child sacrifice and pedophilia (best described as inter-generational satanism).

These Babylonian Talmudic Baal Worshipers (aka the Satanic Pedophile Network)  are obsessed with attaining their Greater Israel Plan in the Mideast and then globalizing the whole world in order to dominate it and use it to create a NWO one-world government run by them. This was their main motivation for attacking America on 9-11-01. It has also been their motivation for creating, training, arming, paying ISIS, ISIL, Daesh and the rest of these so-called Islamic State Army forces which many believe were called ISIS to represent Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.

The vehicle for the World Zionists (more accurately Sionists, as in Priory of Sion) to make progress toward attaining their NWO  one-world government run by them goal, has been to deploy numerous Gladio-style false-flag terror attacks all over the world. Note that these are all linked to the Gladio terror operations of the Nazi “left behind army”. And we know for certain that the Nazi party itself as well as post war Gladio were secretly started by the World Zionists. Others have called this Nazi/Gladio Left Behind Army that typically works out of NATO as the DVD, such as disclosed by author and Intel insider Michael Shrimpton.

World Zionists are the main force behind Globalism and have used their City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private FIAT Banking system to infiltrate and hijack almost all banking in the world. That is until recent efforts of Russia, China and the BRICS nations attempts to set up their own reserve currency system without the US Petro Dollar. Any nation that tries to have its own independent banking system is always targeted for take-down or destruction by the WZs.

How could the Zionists have anything to do with the Nazi left behind army stationed inside NATO when they pretend to be so anti-Nazi? This seems counterintuitive.

But on deep examination it does make sense because both Nazism, Israeli Zionism as well as Soviet Communism and Maoism were all started by the same folks who run World Zionism, the Babylonian Talmudists. And after WWII the Mossad in fact formed a working partnership with Nazis in South America to share in the vast revenues of the massive trafficking of illegal narcotics, along with the CIA (all equal partners in crime).

The small number of very top leaders of this whole evil World Zionist hierarchy are known to insiders as the several top Old Black European Nobility. They hide in the shadows and pull the strings of the Jesuit Superior General who runs the Vatican/COL/DC complex.

The Vatican/COL/DC complex is comprised of three very small three independent nation-states that run the world right now. They have their own diplomats and often work in secret through the various mystery religions and occult circles including a worldwide satanic pedophile network and High Freemasonry which they hijacked.

Israel, the Likudists, and the Mossad are major action-agents for the World Zionists and have been assisted by American traitors such as Israel-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who are called PNACers and Top NeoCons.

Now with the defeat of ISIS et al, what’s next on the World Zionist’s agenda?

Now that the World Zionist mercenary Army of the Israelis, the CIA and the Saudis has been crushed by Assad’s military and by their strong ally the Russian Federation and Russian precision Air Power, what is next for the World Zionists and their action agents in their quest to create Greater Israel followed by a Globalist NWO one-world government run by them?

Adept researchers now understand that this Greater Israel Plan of the World Zionist is nothing less than an inter-generational commitment by Babylonian Talmudics to establish a Globalist NWO pure satanic one-world government with a takeover of the whole Mideast just one step along the way.

According to reliable and direct reports by insiders, these top World Zionists are pedophile satanists and practice secret occult Black arts which include child pedophilia and child sacrifice. Sometime they participate in blood drinking and cannibalism too as a part of their satanic rituals they believe are necessary to obtain more anointing, more power, riches and status from Satan.

One part of their infamous Samson Option (first identified by respected investigative journalist Seymour Hersch) is to create Hell on Earth for any nation that bucks Israel’s “Greater Israel Plan”.

And that plan includes harassing or attacking any group or nation that supports Palestinian freedom and the end of Israeli genocide of Palestinians and massive land theft of Palestinian land.

The transport of war displaced immigrants to Europe and the mind-kontrol of European nations’ leaders is the new tactic of these World Zionists to punish EU nations for not supporting the Greater Israel Plan and for recent major efforts to establish Palestine as a legitimate independent nation.

When the Europeans started adopting the Boycott, Divest, Sanction movement (BDS) the World Zionists came up this this new strategy. It is based on this kind of thinking:

“Oh, you like Islamics so much because you won’t help us eradicate them and take over the Mideast so we can establish our Greater Israel in the Mideast and then take over the whole world after that. Therefore, we are going to help you understand how these Islamics are enemies of your various nations and cultures. We are going to flood you with the worst of them and mind-kontrol them to rape, riot and destroy your nations. And we will also mind-kontrol your leaders using the same advanced psychotronics to believe that Islamic culture and law is superior to their own.”

This is likely just one variety of the Israeli Samson Plan to take everyone down if they feel their Greater Israel Plan is thwarted, especially those nations who support the Palestinians and who have had a Christian and Deist national heritage.


These World Zionists are not likely to abandon their main agenda to establish the Greater Israel Globalist one-world NWO pure Babylonian Talmudic (satanic) world government. So now that their ISIS et al mercenary army has been defeated, they have shifted gears to a higher order Gladio operations. They have used ISIS et all to spread the chaos of war in the Mideast to displace millions of civilians and transported them to Europe, then mind-kontrolling the young mentally unstable males to rape and pillage.

And these WZs are using their vast  American political power to create massive immigration into America, both legal and illegal. This is being done to destroy American borders, language, and culture and the economy. The intended goal is to Globalize America and bring it into their NWO one-world Government System.

Not only are more and more Americans finding out each day that ISIS was also an inside job created by Israel, the CIA, the Pentagon and the Saudis (like the attack on America on 9-11-01), but they are also understanding that all this uncontrolled toxic immigration into European nations and America is just another ploy of the World Zionists to destroy America and every European nation.

Sadly the leaders of the European nations and America have been deeply mind-kontrolled by the World Zionists to support this destruction of America by using very sophisticated means including psychotronics, psi-power, chemicals, biologics, cultural warfare methods, and old fashioned bribery and human compromise (best known as the plain manila envelope on the desk with compromising photos inside for any elected official who goes outside allowed parameters).


Numerous researchers and insiders expect a lot more false-flags inside America and Europe to be deployed by the World Zionists. They also expect the WZs to use the FBI and CIA to create increasing amounts of racial and class conflict inside America, perhaps leading to a civil war and the deployment of more and more police state power in America. This may lead to perhaps even martial law in the street as the Banksters threatened congress with to force the massive bank bailouts after 2008.

The WZs’ object of all this is to: keep folks conflicted and distracted by their psyops; to use this major conflict to justify the build up and deployment of more and more police power; and to justify the use of IDF anti-terror training for American Police Departments like that used to tyrannize the Palestinians (this itself creates more racial conflict and hatred for the police by many non minorities).

Never forget the deep commitment of the WZs and the Israelis to deploy the various different Samson Options if they feel that they have lost control and cannot restore it and Israel is going to become “Lebanized” or “Balkanized”. Remember, America has been hijacked by the WZs and is now a WZ occupied state.

One thing Israel did preparing for future Samson Options involved stealing over 100 Davy Crockett tactical nukes from Pantex, approved with a wink and a nod by the CIA, reconditioning them and then storing them in the basements of Israeli embassies. This was stopped in America when the NEST teams (“Nuclear Snake-Eaters) forced Israelis to close the embassies in America down for a while supposedly due to labor problems. The nukes then were allegedly removed and disposed of by NEST tactical teams.

Other versions of the Samson Option may involve crashing out the American economy through their Babylonian Talmudic Banksters to force a new Globalist electronic monetary system based on Block chain technology.

But the Israelis have other means too like their 600 nukes and numerous missiles which have targeted London, Rome, Paris and Moscow with. It is believed by some insiders that the Russians now have the electronic warfare means to deactivate these nukes soon after launch or even detonate them upon launch or at any time in flight.

When Israeli was found out by top the US Navy Admirals (Greybeards) for running the attack on America on 9-11-01 and using one of their Dolphin Class subs bought from Germany to launch a cruise missile which hit the Pentagon at the Naval Intel section, the USN sunk two of the Israeli Dolphin Class subs as revenge.

I have heard reports that a certain cadre of America Patriots in high US Command positions have already made numerous quiet but powerful covert moves which will completely geld Israel and the Likudists quite soon for attacking America on 9-11-01. What goes around comes around (back at you) all in due time, and these Israeli Likudists never seem to get this.


Israeli Likudists are refusing to stop stealing Palestinian Lands to which they have no legal right under international law and genociding the Palestinians. Here’s why. They have been completely mind-kontrolled by the World Zionists who are using them as disposable cutouts and action agents to infiltrate and hijack the whole world. This is now beginning to fail and the defeat of ISIS et all is the proof of this.

And here is another reason many (but not all) Israelis do not want to stop stealing Palestinian land. Approximately 80% of Palestinians are true Semites that carry ancient Hebrew Blood, while approximately 97.5% of Israeli Jews carry absolutely no ancient Hebrew Blood at all and are not even Semites. Inside Israel, this knowledge is spreading by the day and many Israelis are now aware of rampant organized crime corruption in their nation and are beginning to demand reform.

The ongoing and accelerating Israeli tyrannizing, genocide and Palestinian land theft make Israelis the world’s biggest anti-Semites. And the fake Hebrews of the SPLC and the ADL should stop accusing everyone of being anti-Semites for being angry at their tribes for all their anti-social acts and crimes when like 97.5% of Israeli Tribalists, they are Khazarians and carry no ancient Hebrew Blood at all either.

Another possible WZ option is to manipulate the American Dual Citizens in the Pentagon and Administration into attacking Syria, Iran or North Korea and try to start a full scale nuclear WWIII.

After all, it was the NeoCons in the Pentagon and CIA that armed North Korea in the first place and are responsible for his arms build up and missile navigation systems. And it was the Israelis that used their advanced psychotronics to entrain Kim Jong-un’s brain to act in the way he is trying to establish parity with American weaponry.


Thanks to all the  continuing disclosures from Intel insiders and legitimate investigative reporters and journalists, the truth the Israel did 9-11-01 and the USG stood down to assist and helped cover it up is slowly diffusing to the masses. Soon the breaking point will occur unless the WZs can create an adequate masking event or events.

Major WZ funding of Antifa and other new secret mercenary movements in America are likely one effort to mask this coming full exposure as is the psychotronic/geopolitical creation of the North Korean issue. Remember, the WZs installed Mao, split Korea in the first place in advance to set up the original Korean civil war and this current crisis with North Korea.

Just recently US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ask that Israel return part of the America aid given it. This along with all the recent BDS actions in Canada by the largest union and throughout Europe seems to suggest that a major turning point has been reached for the Khazarian Mafia and its days are numbered. especially since ISIS has now been defeated.

The Mossad and the FBI and CIA are now deploying lots of new small scale terror attacks and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is proclaiming that ISIS has claimed responsibility. The CMMM is comprised of six international media corporations that are all controlled by the World Zionists. They actually comprise a virtual News Monopoly and violate anti-trust law and are at the beck and call of the World Zionists.

What is the saddest part of this is that so many US Military officers and enlisted men are still mind-kontrolled psychotronically and by the Major Mass Media’s big lies, false-narratives and propaganda to believe that ISIS just spontaneously occurred from radical Islamic extremists. They do not understand that ISIS was created by the Mossad, the CIA and the Saudis from the left-over of Al Qaeda (aka al CIA-duh) and that this is a deeply mind-kontrolled private mercenary army that has now been defeated.

In mainstream America, if one openly proclaims the truth that 9-11-01 was an inside job done mainly by the Mossad, or that ISIS was created by the Mossad, CIA, and Saudis, they will usually be immediately fired from their job, rejected by friends and even family in some cases.

Same goes for anyone that proclaims at work that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing which has now been proved behind any shadow of a doubt because the evidence that no one died there is so strong. You can download the banned book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook as a free .pdf download here.

This societal adherence to the BIG LIES of the World Zionists is just starting to change very slowly as the truth begins to diffuse to the masses. But for right now if anyone decides to proclaim openly that the King is naked, they will pay a terrible price of a ruined life and total rejection. And in many cases the full weight of the USG will come down on their heads.

Doubt this, then just ask Russell Tice, Bill Binney, Thomas Drake, Mark Klein, Mark Novitsky, Susan Lindauer, Scott Bennett, and hundreds more. The whole Congress and the DC administration as well as the Pentagon and all Intel Agencies are living this big lie believing that the King’s New clothes are always beautiful when the King is actually naked as a jaybird.

When members of American Society can openly proclaim the truth about 9-11-01, Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing (that all were World Zionist False-flag operations) without being fired from their jobs, investigated by the FBI or DHS, or shunned by family and friends, then we will know that the evil World Zionists’ reign of terror, mass death and suffering and hell on earth has been stopped cold.

Until that day. May God Almighty bring it about soon.




  1. Excellent article! Thank you Preston.

    “The Greater Israel Plan is a concoction of the non-Hebrew Khazarian Zionists and is the root motivation behind 9-11-01 and all the false-flag terror in America, Europe and the world since the end of World War II”

    I would take it further back and suggest that the ‘GIP’ was a root motivation for both WW1 and WW2, as well. In short, WW1 resulted in the Balfour declaration being addressed specifically to lord baron Walter Rothschild, after the Zionists made good on their end of the bargain and delivered America into WW1 on Britain’s side. The redefining of borders that took place at the Versailles “peace” conference, helped set the stage for WW2.

    • The Zionists knew from the beginning that the majority of European (Ashkenazi) Jews had no interest in moving to Palestine. This much was evident when the first Zionist conference had to be moved from Frankfurt Germany to Basel Switzerland, because of large protests by the Jewish community. Theodor Herzl himself said he would induce “antisemites” to persecute Jews into fleeing to Palestine for refuge. This was the role of Hitler and his NAtional ZIonist (nazi) party. Since the foundation of the apartheid state, Israeli leaders have openly admitted to persecuting Jews in foreign lands to facilitate Jewish immigration to Palestine

  2. I spoke to a guy who had been in and out several times as a low rank officer with the UN contingency there. I was then shocked to hear that the UN troops were not very popular with the Israelis. For example, when they visited discotheques, they clearly felt rejected by the local girls. He also told me that in those southern countries everything was «Yalla» ( a new word ), and that they had to carry a loaded semiautomatic rifle wherever they went, so that they might quickly shoot back at people sending them some surprise bullets – the only thing that helped, he said. And this was 25 years ago!
    What a difference from the earlier accounts by our Lieutenant, who had served in Gaza, maybe in the fifties. He held the Arabs for lazy crooks, whereas the Israelis had made the land green and caused everything to thrive. What a turnaround in a mere 30 years or so – as experienced by UN soldiers doing their duty down there.

  3. In my browser copy&paste from SciAm worked okay :
    «Enter desalination. The Ashkelon plant, in 2005, provided 127 million cubic meters (166 million cubic yards) of water. Hadera, in 2009, put out another 140 million cubic meters (183 million cubic yards). And now Sorek, 150 million cubic meters (196 million cubic yards). All told, desal plants can provide some 600 million cubic meters (785 million cubic yards) of water a year, and more are on the way.
    The Sea of Galilee is fuller. Israel’s farms are thriving. And the country faces a previously unfathomable question: What to do with its extra water?»
    Enough rain obviously is a problem in the ME. Just look at all those videos from Syria we can see nowadays, where huge areas are just deserts. Might this perhaps be better in those regions where they are planning the new Kurdistan ? It seems to me sort of crazy to plan huge new population centers where sufficient natural fresh water sources are not found.

  4. We have the historical dote to be connected to answer the Titel :

    Each nation going behind the oil under eufrate will be sent to hell fire !

    This is not written in the Basel Confrence, this is the Lord god promisses. Daesh defeated, now remains Kurdistan and erDOGanistan , both behind oil , erDOgan the Smuggler and the Kurds the supplying Corp of the Smuggeld oil, both Annunaki Reptilien race , elong to hell fire , this includs american and USraeli as well as Jordan and all thos Zionist Muslims and Zionist Jews and Zionist Christian !

  5. The whole system is not just a Zioinist one but “more like a bib bowl of spaghetti, something that came out of the Middle East” and has been going on for thousands of years now, maybe canaanites and Baal worshipers. Jesus was onto them. The End Game is in sight and China and India is the next big dialectic with Russia at the Fulcrum and hopefully the way to break free as they have been in the past e.g. the USA Civil War. However, each of these three countries has been infiltrated by the International Bankers for decades, if not hundreds of years and we have no great certainty that banker controls are not in place. Princelings from the “Eight Immortals” for China, Anglophile Freemasons and Divide and Rule for India, and the Jewish Oligarchs for Russia if Putin goes.

  6. A lot of information, sadly all true. The anti-trust violations ain’t shit. Try RICO statutes, and the zio-nutzies pseudo 501(c)(3) think “tanks” (as in “tank” your country, “tank” your monetary fund, bring in the “tanks”). This is where they create the controlled opposition . . . the divide and conquer. I’m so sick of CMMM. All they feed us is the pablum of very cruel gruel from their death culture. Who ran airport “security” at Logan on 9/11? Why, ITCS. A company that started up at the Schipol international airport in the 1980’s . . . primarily to guard all them Hasidim blood diamond brokers. Blood diamonds just don’t walk themselves passed airport security, you know. The diamond brokers meet in Antwerp, flip off the assholes at the Hague as they drive past unchecked, board flights in Schipol, under the watchful all seeing eye of ITCS, and flood the market with blood . . . diamonds that is. Swimming pools, movie stars . . . When they had that down, they expanded their operation. Funny how ITCS has all their top dogs as former Mossad, and former Shin Bet. They made dead their 9/11 boss, Ezra Harel just a short while later. Found that POS floating around on his yacht, in the Mediterranean, the Diamond card holder of Club Dead. Now, how can these highly trained airport “security” men happen to miss what was boarding at Logan on 9/11?!? They murdered innocent U.S. citizens/civilians . . . and boy howdy what they did to those in Iraq, and Afghanistan . . .

    • There are 65,000,000 displaced persons in the world today.

      65 MILLION, who are NOT in their homelands. NOT in the land of their family. DISPLACED. And these POS in Israhell have a hand all up in that. They started all the wars in the past 100 years. ALL of them. That’s what they do . . . flick shit, and run behind their drunk Uncle Sam for protection.

      I saw a man in the park today. His right arm was gone, I reckon above the elbow. I asked him “What happened to your arm?” He said, “I lost it in Iraq.” I said, “You shouldn’t have been there. Sorry.”

      This man didn’t lose anything. He gave it up. He donated it. I wonder if he can deduct his blown off limb on his taxes as a 501(c)(3) donation to ADL, or the CNAS, or the PNAC?

      Ah heck . . . the poisonous toxic venom is so bad now . . . they’ll just make a movie about it. Oh wait. They did! “STRONGER” — tagline “Strength Defines Us” . . . hmmmmmmmmm . . . no it doesn’t. Believing BULLSHIT defines U.S. Boston Marathon bullshit at its finest.

  7. As a corollary to the above comment Israel should be forcibly prevented by the UN from allowing any new settlers and settlements built due to the acute fresh water shortage there proved by their dependence on water desalination plants a very expensive and unreliable water source. This is another reason their country must be occupied by a UN armed force.

  8. Here is a quote from an article about water desalination:
    Quote: “Some countries, like Israel, already rely heavily on desalination; more will follow suit.”
    Have the many evil folks in Israel who plan and execute their many dirty tricks around the world ever contemplated this dictum: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” How difficult would it be for terrorists to blow up some of the water desalination plants in Israel? Would that be any worse than what they do every day all over the world especially blowing up the towers in NY on 9/11 but then lying about it all? “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”. The fact that they have many desalination plants means they are in trouble. Water is basic to everything. This is a very expensive way to produce drinking water. This also means the Palestinians are likely being deprived of it by the Israelis. This is a fundamental vulnerability of Israel which they seem to have over looked. They had better put some of those many armed guards guarding Netanyahu around these water plants instead and pronto. They have produced many people in the world who justifiably hate them due to their dirty tricks and false flag attacks blamed on others.

  9. This is a truly great article, Dr. James. While there are things in this article (including some unfortunate spelling and grammatical errors) that will surely annoy or outrage some people, you’ve put together a remarkable collection of facts that can serve as starting points to learn more, for those interested in learning the truth rather than ingesting more RKM controlled MSM (RKM-CMSM) propaganda. In that regard a bibliography would have been helpful, although I know from my own research that a bibliography for this article would probably be quite a bit longer than the article itself.

    What’s next? ISIS may be down, but is not yet out. As you note, the IS action will now move to Europe and the US, so we can anticipate many more events along the lines of the recent London subway bombing. Attempts to balkanize the Middle East – war through proxies and deception – will continue. Israeli attacks on neighboring states under the guise of “self defense” will continue. And unquestioning USG support for Israel at the UN will continue. The good news is that thanks to the internet more and more people do seem to be breaking free of the RKM-CMSM narrative. The not so good news is that tens of millions of Zionist Christians will continue to put support for Zionist Israel before their Christian faith. Interesting times, indeed.

  10. This article is one of the best. Everything here well said. What should be next? For one: a cordon sanitaire established around the state of Israel, nothing gets in or out until Israel withdraws to its pre-1967 borders and Palestine is recognized as an independent, fully sovereign state. This followed by a massive round-up of the Zio-criminals who did 9-11 and who manipulated the US into a series of horrible, but pointless wars. There’s more, but this would be a good start.

    • As I said earlier, let them build their wall and then put guards at ever entrance around Israhell and let none in or out. and put rocket lauchers around the walls to keep them from flying away

  11. Excellent overview of the deception America has been blinded to for decades.

    Would you care to speculate as to the significance of blue ties worn by both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when delivering their respective speeches this week at the United Nations?

    • You raise an interesting point here PAUL LEO FASO, something I hadn’t noticed. Insiders use strange symbols to communicate unity like medallions on their suit coats, secret handshakes, etc. I never heard of this one but it makes sense.

    • Blue is in symbology the colour of war. See NATO-Emblem – Blue, see UN Embelm – Blue, see Israhel flag – Blue

    • Please reference the Israeli Flag. Two blue border strips, top and bottom framing the Star of David.
      Some believe this is the hidden symbolism of the Zionist expansionist intent of “Greater Israel, with the horizontal blue lines representing the rivers between the land, The Nile and The Euphrates (Greater Israel).
      When you compare the speeches given by Trump and Netanyahu, they appear to come from the same word processor running in an office in Tel Aviv, which also likely programmed the dress of the day, right down to color of the ties to be worn before a world audience.

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