Israel will set up a terrorist state in Erbil, Duff on Press TV



  1. The farce of Israel supporting the Kurds while they kick Palestinians out of the homes they have lived in for decades.

  2. A recent news article about Turkey’s strident objections to the Kurdish referendum was accompanied by a photo of a man looking at a copy of Israel Kurd magazine. Looking for more information, I came across this news item from 2012: The title describes part of what the article is about, the apparent kidnapping of the editor of Israel Kurd magazine, but the article also pushes a narrative that seems to be unfolding now with the Kurdish referendum.

    Another article mentioned that about 10,000 Jewish Kurds, driven from Iraq during the false flag bombings that drove many thousands of Jewish Iraqis into Israel, have now increased to about 200,000 people. Hence the magazine – Israel Kurd. How this population may or may not be integrated into a Kurdish state is open to speculation and interpretation, but it is interesting that the Neocon proposal for Kurdistan appears to be located to the east of the Euphrates river, creating a very wide buffer zone on the eastern border of Eretz Israel.

    Wish more time could have been given to this interesting and informative interview.

    • Turkey has decided. They will not be buying oil from the KRG.

      To demonstrate this irrefutably they should remove 100 metres of the pipeline so that it can easily be inspected from the air.

      All Iraqi oil should exit via Basra.

      That will be the end of this CIA/Mossad balkanistaion project.

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