Is our increasingly-automated society becoming SELF-SATIRIZING?!


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Our whole country – our whole world – is freaking out.

The narcissistic nutjob in the Oval Office tweets “total destruction” threats. Worse, he wants us to boycott the NFL and NBA.

How are we going to forget about impending nuclear holocaust if we can’t watch the NFL and NBA?

Seriously: We are supposed to give up football and basketball because a handful of the players occasionally protest something? Doesn’t a President who is Tweeting his way into World War III have anything better to worry about?

“Bannon” rallies his constituency.

The root cause of all this madness is automation. Ordinary jobs for ordinary people are being taken over by computers and robots. The formerly working class survives on food stamps and opioids. Trump tells them to blame Muslims and Mexicans…and gets elected President.

I even lost my University of Wisconsin teaching job due to automation. I questioned the pre-fabricated version of 9/11 that was coming down the assembly line, rubber-stamped by mindless androids posing as university professors. By engaging in critical inquiry, I rendered myself obsolete. I was expelled from academia for thinking.

With mindlessness engulfing the known universe, I figured there was one job that would never become obsolete. I would become a social and political satirist!

Unfortunately, new breakthroughs in AI (Artificial Idiocy) may soon send satirists to the unemployment office. As even a cursory look at FaceBook and Twitter makes clear, the world is becoming increasingly self-satirizing.

Jim Dean says it best: You just can’t make this stuff up. What passes for reality today is far beyond the wildest imaginings of Swift, Orwell, even Philip K. Dick.

So I will keep right on reporting what’s going on in the world…and keep on wondering whether I am a journalist or a satirist, and whether there is any difference. Every week with Professor Tony Hall (suspended from academia for thinking) I will report on 30 or 40 news stories at False Flag Weekly News. Watch the latest version above, and drop by the youtube comments section to let us know what you think.





  1. Another excellent report Kevin. President Twitter’s performance before the U.N. must have people around the world feeling that Americans have finally flipped out and elected a real nut job and a dangerous nut job at that.
    Of course we should realize that his speech was written by zionists and they probably have a gun held to his head at all times or they promised him some under age girls as a reward for obedience to zionism.
    Either way if Trump gets his way, we are all screwed.
    Those Americans who continue to support this sorry excuse of a human being need to look them selves in the mirror and question their own judgement and mental health.
    The really sad and disgusting part of all this is that so many Americans support trump’s war on North Korea. This is how far the zionists have gained control of Washington and. America. Another unfortunate thing is that Americans by and large continue to believe everything Washington and the CMMM tells them.
    So now all we have to do is wait for another Gulf of Tonkin false flag and presto another war.

  2. Twitter is a bad habit I picked up recently. I wouldn’t create a Twitter account, but it is interesting and educational to read some of the timelines (stream of tweets). I usually avoid the celebrities, trying to get a better read of the average person, Lots of wackos, occasionally some thoughtful comments, although it’s hard to be thoughtful in 140 characters or less. From what I see on Twitter I’d have to agree that we are becoming self-satirizing. In fact, one of the timelines I enjoy reading posts examples of just such self-satirizing.

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