Russian-Chinese Mukden Day exercise preempts Trump False Flag


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Wikipedia exposes false flag!

9/11, or September 11th, was a staged event engineered by Israeli military personnel as a pretext for the subsequent US invasion of the Middle East. -Wikipedia

Well, not quite.

The actual Wikipedia false-flag-exposure entry reads:

The corporate fake news media has been breathlessly reporting the escalating, increasingly insane insults flying back and forth between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. But what they aren’t telling you is that Russia and China sent an unmistakable signal to Trump exactly one week ago. NOTE: We did cover this at False Flag Weekly News!

September 18, 2017 marked the beginning of joint Russian-Chinese military exercises in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk. The closest the corporate media came to acknowledging its significance was this line from an LA Times story:

While Russia and China have been holding joint military exercises since 2012, the timing of this part of the Joint-Sea 2017 drills is significant.”

That is a considerable understatement.

Unfortunately the LA Times fails to explain the date’s significance. September 18 is the anniversary of the Mukden Incident, the most important false flag in the history of East Asia. By choosing such a significant date, the two biggest Eurasian Heartland powers were warning Trump against staging a false flag pretext to attack North Korea.

The simple, obvious, mainstream-unspeakable logic goes as follows: Trump cannot possibly attack North Korea unless he can make a case that North Korea attacked first. Why not? First, China has warned the US that it will defend North Korea against US aggression. Second, the international community, which already loathes Trump, would be horrified and disgusted at the mass carnage that would likely ensue, and would blame it on Trump and the US, leading to a rapid unraveling of US prestige, and a precipitated collapse of the Unipolar Empire.

So openly naked aggression against North Korea is a non-starter. But with a false flag fig leaf to cover the aggression’s nakedness, Trump – or any sufficiently crazy military advisors around him – might think they could get away with it.

What kind of false flag might Trump stage? There are basically two options:

  1. An attack on an American ship. This is the time-honored method for a sea power like the US to start a war. *In 1898, agents of the American War Party blew up the battleship USS Maine, killing 268 men and providing a pretext for a US war of aggression aimed at stealing Spain’s colonies. *In 1915, the Anglo-American War Party packed the Lusitania full of passengers and British-destined armaments and sent it straight towards the German U-Boats, with predictably disastrous results, preparing US popular opinion for entry into World War I. *In 1941, the same Anglo-American War Party implemented an Eight Point Plan designed to force Japan to attack the US – then stood down and intentionally allowed 2402 American sailors to be slaughtered in a supposed “surprise attack” they knew about in advance. *In 1962, every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on the Operation Northwoods proposal to “sink American ships” and blame Castro to start a war with Cuba. *In 1964, the War Party engineered the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident, a nonexistent “North Vietnamese attack” on a US ship. *In 1967, suspected lifelong Israeli agent Lyndon Johnson, a key party to JFK’s murder, conspired with Israel’s leadership to murder more than 200 American sailors in a false flag attack on the USS Liberty designed to be blamed on Egypt. (In the event, 34 died and 171 were wounded when the plot failed due to heroic action by the Liberty crewmen.)  So today, in late 2017, will Trump and the War Party behind him try to blame North Korea for a naval attack?
  2. An act of “nuclear terrorism” — possibly blamed on Iran as well as North Korea, giving Trump and the neocons their chance to fight the huge two-front war they have long been yearning for. (Trump has no geopolitical ideas of his own, but as a macho narcissist he desperately craves the adulation, and absolute power, that a huge war could bring him.) *The “minor nuclear terrorism” option would likely involve a so-called dirty bomb, which would spread radiation and terror but do relatively little damage. *The “major nuclear terrorism” option could involve a sizable nuclear weapon going off in an American city. Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu faction, which a VT investigation blames for using mini-nukes to demolish the World Trade Center in 2001, probably has nuclear weapons already planted in America as part of its “Samson Option” strategy to destroy the world if the liberation of Palestine ever looks imminent. Such weapons could also be used in a nuclear 9112B.

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Russia and China’s September 18 joint exercise is a loud-and-clear message to Trump and his handler Bibi: “Don’t even think about it!”

But the Zionist-dominated, War Party Owned-and-Operated mainstream fake news media won’t tell you that. Nor will they tell you the truth about any future attack on an American ship. Even less would they ever report honestly about any future nuclear attack on America.

So we would be left with MSM warmongering propaganda lies blaming North Korea and/or Iran for the big smoking radioactive hole in the ground where Trump Tower used to be. (In which case NFL players would probably return to snappily saluting the flag and kowtowing to Trump…unless 9/11 truth-seeking Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has managed to spread false flag awareness through the league.)

In that scenario, how could Russia and China fight back? The War Party might be tempted to calculate that Putin and Xi would roll over and let the US fight it out with the two lesser “rogue states.” But by staging those joint military exercises that began on Mukden Day, September 18, Russia and China are telling Bibi, Trump, and the War Party that they are not about to let another big false flag do its evil work. (The Mukden incident led to unimaginable disaster for China; Xi is telling us, with his 9/18 exercise with Russia, that he will not let it happen again.)

Would RT wake from its former pro-Trump torpor and expose a big Trump false flag? Quite possibly. Would Americans blame their own government for such a horrific attack, in sufficient numbers to make a difference? Perhaps – polls show that a majority is suspicious about 9/11. No wonder the War Party has declared war on RT and is desperately seeking a way to censor the internet in preparation for their Next Big War.

In this uncertain world, there is only one political certainty left: If there is a Peace Party, it should be expending most of its efforts on raising false flag awareness.




  1. Re Option 1. Reports today in MSM that NK is beefing up its coastal defenses. Obvious location for an anti ship missile launch.

    Alternately, rather than a ship how about downing a B-1 flight that are conveniently being flown nearby or even using the lessons learned from the MH-17 or 370 (method used in earlier false flags) and down an airliner but that might be more difficult to pin on NK as they don’t overfly NK.

    Lots of options for the evil bastards.

  2. The individual Patrick Pimp who espouses the use of False Flag Operations is One Sick Bunny. How can the audience take that stuff seriously and sperson of color in all the “right” places. It is not quite as sick as POTUS43 saying “no Weapons of Mass Destruction under here”, because that symbol of American Exceptionalism is a Genocidal Maniac and an Aggressive War Criminal.

  3. Organs such as Russia Today do not even need to pump out propaganda, because the Truth stands out in such stark contrast to the Fake News of CMMM organs such as the New York TImes. I buy lots o second hand books and any one that is recommended by reviews from the New York Times is discarded. An old university friend got very good grades for both English and Maths and I always respected him when we were younger. Now that he takes his news from the New York Times and is a Mainstream Movie Buff, he has lost all my respect.

  4. Trump, Netanyahu, May, Blair, Bush, or whoever are all fourth or fifth level players in The Big Picture. The real string pullers will probably never be known and are at a higher level than International Bankers.

  5. It is a well known fact that Pump And Dump Trump is a well known Reality TV Actor. When I was Economist at the Broadcasting Corporation the Screen Writers shut down Hollywood by going on strike. I read somewhere that the 200 Geniuses of our age were Ashkanazy Jewish Script Writers in Hollywood. We might not quite know who is outlining the plot, but we have a good idea about who the speechwriters are and most likely not in Israel – sorry Kevin. Horses for courses.

    • It is a tribe and it does not matter where they live or where they are from. What the rabbis order is done. This why it is called the International. Palestine is providence’s way of gathering them all in one place.

  6. Some speculation, warranted or not, exists that our nuts have been given the green light for a small action on N. Korea. The two large powers will need to stand firm together. These goons never like to abandon their terrible ideas.

  7. Allowing falsehoods to creep into the pride building structure of nationalism provides fertile ground for the success of false flags. The US is still not willing to admit things that are extremely obvious. The process and structure of our history is very similar to Palestine. This country was claimed on a religious edict and the continuance depends on maintaining the slow eradication and assimilation of the indigenous population. False flags and false reports were and are a major part of the past and present genocide of the original people of North America. Too many to list. The latest being Standing Rock. The Doctrine of Discovery is still used by USSC. Truth be damned.

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